I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Transition Chapters – 03-23: One Conclusion (2/3)

“Sowwy, I, I! I wanthed to ju sumthin, but! Mom and onee-shan were in tatters! So I!”

Yousuke continued to talk incomprehensibly while crying as if he did not hear Shinichi’s conversation with the fox-like creature on his shoulders

“I know. You were protecting them, right?”

“I’m all jhey have. Jer are no other men left in ja house. You told me, so I thought I had to ju something!”

‘That’s what I thought,’ Shinichi told himself internally.

Shinichi recalled putting on airs and telling him just as his dad told him.

He told him that if either he or his dad weren’t around, and he was the only boy left, then he had to protect their mother and sister.

With their parents divorced, and him being taken in with his older sister by their mother, and both women being insecure, as the only man of the household, Yousuke desperately protected their family’s heart in his own way.

That’s why he couldn’t reject their feelings.

Although part of that was because the information they had also left him with no choice but to agree.

“You did really well, Yousuke. Thank you.”

“U, uu, onii-chan!!”

Shinichi spoke gently to this younger brother of his who did his best while enduring everything by himself.

Although Yousuke had also given up on Shinichi surviving, somewhere in his heart he had been waiting for these words, and now that he finally got them, he couldn’t stop crying.

Shinichi held his younger brother and patted him on the back just like old times. He didn’t mind that his uniform would get dirty.

But because of that Yousuke couldn’t see the complicated color that surfaced on Shinichi’s eyes.


“Have you calmed down? Come on, wipe your face. It would be a waste of your good looks if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Who knew how much Yousuke had cried before he finally stopped crying and Shinichi handed him a handkerchief.

Yousuke accepted it and wiped his tears and snot with it.

There was still quite a bit left despite that, but it was still a lot better than before.

“If you’re done wiping, have a drink and calm down. We’ll talk after.”

“O-Okay… Ah, you remembered that I like apple…”

“Of course,” Shinichi nodded, and Yousuke’s whole face bloomed into a smile.

The can of juice that Shinichi threw earlier was a 100% apple juice beverage.

Shinichi watched Yousuke happily drink that while he drank his own can of beverage as well.

“…So, onii-chan. Since when did you notice me?”

“Hmm? Are you talking about your stalking habits in the male dormitory? Or the fact that you haven’t really rejected me?”

“S-Stalking? …Ah, but I guess that is how it is, huh. Both. I feel like you knew from the start, though…”

He was full of emotion after being shown that brotherly face and called by that brotherly voice in a long while.

When he’d calmed down and thought about it, he found it surprising that Shinichi had noticed both.

But as far as Shinichi was concerned, Yousuke’s behavior was too easy to see through.

“Well. If you stare at me like that from behind just like you did in the past, it becomes clear as day that there’s something you want to say.”

“Huh, really?”

“Yeah. That’s why I immediately noticed both. And when I think about it, you were acting weird during our reunion too. Your attitude was a little weird compared to mom’s or Youko’s.”

At first it looked like he was keeping his emotions in check and choosing his words.

The second time he didn’t waver at all and focused on calming down his older sister.

With all that it wasn’t hard to imagine why he was always looking at Shinichi with those clinging eyes whenever they were at the male dormitory.

What’s more was that face he made when Shinichi talked in that distant manner when he called him out.

With all that there was no need to think so hard about what he was thinking.

“You were probably thinking that as long as it’s in the male dormitory, Youko won’t find out, right?”

And if it was here, then they could easily get in touch as long as they’re able to do something about the other students.

Although not correct strictly speaking, but Yousuke is recognized as a ‘Supplementary Public Morals Committee Member’, so no one would find it strange even if he were to be caught loitering within the male dormitory. And even if he were to be found near Shinichi, at most people would just think that he’s keeping an eye on him. And even if Youko were to get wind of that, it still shouldn’t be a problem.

“A ha ha… You really saw through everything.

I was so anxious wondering how I could get you to understand and forgive me, but in the end, I guess I really can’t win against you, Onii-chan.”

These past few days, his head has been full of nothing but this talk with his older brother, but when he finally got down to it, this was the result.

It was anti-climatic but at the same time he was glad.

“As expected, onii-chan is still onii-chan,” he happily smiled.

“I was your onii-chan 8 years ago, so of course I could tell this much.”

“You’re still our onii-chan! To me and even to nee-chan.”

When Shinichi started talking as if he wasn’t their older brother anymore, Yousuke immediately refuted him and started talking to get him to understand his real motives.

“That’s why… Can’t we go back to the way we were before? I’ll mediate for you and nee-chan. Nee-chan is also just being stubborn. I’ve been doing well these past 8 years. So I understand where nee-can is coming from. If I go about it well, I’m sure I can get her to loosen up…”

“Stop it.”


Yousuke said it was possible to mend their relationship, but Shinichi told him to stop.

Just like that, a voice without any intonation and was somewhat cold cut down Yousuke’s proposal.

“Perhaps one day that might be possible, but now’s not the time. I’m sure you know better than me why, right?”

When Shinichi said that, the dream Yousuke saw of the siblings being together again crumbled.

He was being too rash after seeing his older brother come back and even enter their school.

“How was mom and Youko since that time (my return)?”

And then Shinichi asked that question that anyone in his position wouldn’t want to ask the most.

Yousuke found himself at a loss what to say but he still replied.

“…I think nee-chan is still forcefully trying to maintain her composure. She’s my big sister, so she says she’ll protect me and mom. She’s protecting herself by being strong. As for mom, she was shaken after the reunion and remained so for a few days. She’s calm right now, but she’s not at a state where we could talk about you.”

Yousuke tried to word things to make as little impact to Shinichi as possible, but there was no hiding the fact that Shinichi’s return was the cause of all these.

Yousuke felt bad, but Shinichi just readily replied, “Figures.”

“If that’s how it is over there, then you can’t ally yourself with me or try to mend relationships.”

“…Because one of them will end up alone?”

“Only if you succeed, but regardless, if either one of them were to lose you as their ally, then they’ll become needlessly insecure.”

That’s why Shinichi told him to just act as he always has. Yousuke bit his lips.

Shinichi was right. The timing right now was bad.

But in that case, he’ll end up relying on Shinichi again in a bad sense.

And this time while the person himself was alive and everyone was aware of that fact.

“You don’t have to make a face like that. They just need time is all. And that’s true for both me and you too. Until then we should avoid making contact as much as possible.”

“…Even in the male dormitory?”

“The reason you couldn’t be proactive was also because you were afraid of hurting them, right?”

Even if Youko couldn’t see what happens in the male dormitory, there were other male students.

No one could say for sure that word won’t reach her.

Once or twice, and they could still shove it under the rug by saying that Yousuke was just keeping an eye on Shinichi, but if it continues for a long time, then anyone would think something was up.

“Could you really fool her if she were to pursue the matter?”

“T-That’s… Fine… I got it… You’re right, Onii-chan.”

Although Shinichi had struck a sore spot and Yousuke didn’t want to agree, he didn’t have the words to refute or another plan to propose.

But despite that he still changed his mind and asked something else from this older brother of his instead.

“But we can at least mail each other, right!? Let’s exchange address!”

Shinichi had some thoughts regarding Yousuke’s expectant eyes, but he nodded with a sigh and told him to disguise the messages in case someone saw the recipient’s name and the contents.

Of course, Shinichi already intended to do some hacking in the shadows, though.

“Sure, I got it! I’ll also tell you nee-chan’s schedule, so I’m sure this messaging thing will be really useful to you!”

After exchanging addresses, Yousuke happily registered the fake name into his foster.

“Thanks… But it’s almost time. If you don’t go, it’ll be bad.”

“Huh, ah, that’s right! I have to patrol today too!”

When Shinichi said that and Yousuke realized the time, his countenance fell.

He didn’t appear concerned how Shinichi knew that when he was unrelated.

Yousuke rushed back in from the roof, but then suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Onii-chan, if there’s something troubling you, anything at all, be sure to tell me, okay! I’ve gotten really strong since then! This time I’ll be the one protecting you!”

“…Y-Yeah, thanks… But you better hurry up or you’re going to get killed, you know.”

Shinichi’s already saved them once actually, but he could never say that.

That’s why he spoke in a way to urge him to go.

“Ah, darn it! See you tomorrow! Good night, Onii-chan!”

Sure enough he became even more panicked and ran down the stairs.

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  1. It’s nice that shinichi can still get along with his brother at least regardless of how awkward having to manage his family issues will get

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Shinichi has godly powers, probably he could gibe easily a cure to her mother for her mental issues……

      1. Not cure, change her personality as he sees fit. Which is why Shinichi won’t even try, because he is afraid of his own power.

  2. Hey, can anyone tell me what happened between the mother/sister and Sinichi? Was it mentioned before? Is it that he took his fathers side or something?

    1. I also dont understand much but basically bcs mc suddenly disappeared it caused a trauma to all family member which then cause a rift between parents which lead to a divorce. Since then the mom has to support both children financially by herself while still trying to accept the fact tht mc died, ofc both siblings also tried to help their mom to overcome the trauma which is really hard. And then after 8 years, she managed to slowly be normal again but unfortunately mc came back which then causing her to be emotionally unstable. The sister also get mad to mc as his return cause their mom to go back to trauma again after all their work trying to calm her. Their dad tho is different, he cant accept tht mc has died and so still grasping the hope which is also the reason for the divorce. But bcs of this hope, when mc came back, the dad can happily accept him. It seems tht the mom tried very hard to accept mc’s death but shortly after she manage to accept tht, she get hit by the fact tht her son survive and so making her emotionally confused and so causing her to deny mc returns. Again i just dont understand how the mom and the sister think. Its just stupid for me

      1. ok, so, basically a bad mother and sister… I mean, mc when trough hell, losing people he loved, becoming vessel for an evil god and living a life no apt for a teenager… but the mom is “confused” and cannot happy that his son is alive? really makes no sense… whatever

        1. Not a bad mother per say just unstable its understandable the sister how ever is bad. her thoughts are basically how dare you be alive.

        2. Ok, I know this come late but here is my two cents to your concern, his mother gave up on MC been alive after while, she always saw him as a child and in her mind he wouldn’t be able to survive living in Garesto alone, now this conclusion of hers wasn’t fast she keep the hope alive for a while but the main reason for the divorce was that Mother and Father had different expectations of the news they were waiting to recieve, the father was the always optimist that expected the miracle for his son coming back alive, while the mother was expecting just to know about his fate she was the realist of the two. His father missunderstood her awaiting the bad news and mentally preparing for it as a sign of lack of love and she understood the father waiting for the imposible as how little he actually knew his kid. Both were wrong by the way they just had different expectations, besides MC has been missing for 8 years with out any type of news about himself appearing. Now for the mother acepting the lost of her child (because in her mind she wouldn’t see him alive again) was hard it took her years to grieve for him, and only now after all those years she was recuparating a little, she is still affected by it, him reapiring alive was a major chock for her again, even worse when he came back with such a poor status, her fragil mind can’t accept this truth, she is afraid of opening her heart again to him and proven to be an ilusion, his sister well she is just freaked out by the situation, she saw how his dissapearence affected the family, and is seeing now how his return is affecting their mother and has no idea how to fix things, so she lash out to the supposedly source of the problem but is mainly because she scared of things going to deteriorate again and her inabilty to do somethign about it. Look it like this imaging a couple losing their kid one day, not kidnapped, murdered or even running away, the kid just dissapear, and they go for years with out recieving any news about him or his whereabouts, after a couple of years everyone that knows about situations like this will tell you that the kid is problaly dead, as painfull as it is the mother accepted that reality and it broke her, while the father hidded from it and kept the hope alive, and they continually saw in each other the relfection of what has been lost.

    2. Basically the mother’s been having issues while having to support the twins. On top of that, she and imouto Youko have fallen hard into trap of higher stats make right, . This coupled with Shinichi’s apparent all ‘D’ status ended up causing a breakdown and fight during the reunion.

  3. I’m not sure if this is a Japanese thing, or just a story thing, but there’s seems to be a lot of emphasis placed on the sister being older, like it was several years or something. In reality they’re twins, and she’s only “older”, because she came out first right?

    1. It’s fairly common in most Asian cultures, since they tend to be hierarchical in nature, especially within the family structure. Each sibling has their defined place in the family, usually with a base determined by age, even when it can only be counted in a matter of minutes or less in the case of twins– there’s ALWAYS an older sibling and younger sibling.

      It’s because in Japanese there’s not really a generic, non-hierarchically-indicative term for “brother” or sister,” it’s either “兄 (nii)” or “弟 (otouto)” for male siblings or “姉 (nee)” or “妹 (imouto)” for female siblings. Same with Chinese (from which they borrowed the Kanji (ge, di, jie, and mei respectively)).

      That position determines your role and relationship with your siblings with that particular culture. To use an IRL example, a relative of mine from that culture had fraternal twins (a boy and a girl). Since the girl came out first, she was immediately designated the older sibling and that established the relationship between the two ever since, since culturally an older sibling has a certain amount of obligations to their younger siblings which is more or less set in stone within that culture.

      So the girl is now saddled with all the responsibilities and privileges of the Onee-san just because she was the closest to the exit (the boy popped out pretty quick afterwards, but still, hierarchy matters in those societies).

      tl;dr: In Asian cultures, there’s a heavy emphasis on family hierarchy, relationships, and differences between older and younger siblings, even if that difference is measured in minutes or even seconds. Of course, things can happen to disrupt that hierarchy, but for the most part, it’s the cultural norm.

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