I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-51: Not Related to Wonderland (2/5)

“Ha ha, I know right… But wouldn’t it be better for her to just cut them off completely?”

Myuhi’s smile remained unchanging despite pointing out the cold truth that they would only get in Aristel’s way.

They were still following Aristel from behind despite their unhappiness, but with their egoistical and arrogant thinking, they saw nothing but themselves.

Myuhi was all smiles as usual even as she watched them, but her gaze was harsh and cold.

Shinichi could tell who she was thinking of first with those eyes, so he smiled and shook his head.

“It’s not that simple. They may be third-rate as far as servants go, but the families behind them are something else.”

“Ah, so it’ll be a problem unless they make an obvious blunder then?

Ari-chan is also just expected(・・) to be the next head. Getting entangled with another house must be a pain.”

That group was made up of mostly nobles too – most of which were either heirs to their respective houses or something close to that.

They might not have any authority, but if a mere next head like Aristel were to do away with them without any reason, she’ll face a backlash.

With her footing still insecure, she can’t afford to worsen their relationships.

“Having them seen as ‘obvious disappointments’ too would be problematic, though,” Shinichi said.

“It’ll be Ari-chan’s responsibility, after all… Though I think it’s just a matter of time,” Myuhi said.

“That’s not funny.”

Unfortunately, they haven’t even realized that their conduct could affect the relationship between their master and their houses, or their future.

They didn’t even realize whose neck it was that they were strangling.

“But that’s precisely why she stopped at a warning and is now trying to get them to know how good it is to have fun, right?”

“There’s that too, but… There’s something else that’s problematic.”

“Hmm… What do you mean?”

As she asked that and looked up at him, she saw those eyes that she hadn’t seen in a while – eyes belonging to that of a lost child.

Those eyes seemed to be saying that even he didn’t know what to do.

“They’ve known each other for a long time, so they’re basically childhood friends. There’s no way she would be able to cut them off… And there’s dependence there too.”

“Dependence? You sure she’s not just soft?”

“Well, a pinch of that might be needed too,” Shinichi said with a wry smile as he watched those three childhood friends that grew up together but came to hold different beliefs.

“They think they know each other well, so they cling to hope and think that maybe they can help each other, only for them to find themselves at a crossroad where they inevitably clash due to fundamental differences.”

Aristel’s words fell on deaf ears, while they never bothered to look at the real her and insisted on seeing only an idol.

Just where and why did those three become so out of sync when the world and time they lived in was the same?

In that regard, Shinichi had the excuse that everything was a mess for him, and yet between him and them, which one was truly better off?

Shinichi thought about it, but he realized his efforts could only be in vain and so abandoned the effort.

“…Despite knowing that much, you’re not going to lend a hand? Not even a word?”

The fox girl’s words seemed to criticize him, but that smile still didn’t leave her face.

Understandably, even Shinichi gave up trying to figure out her true intentions and honestly replied.

“It’ll just make things worse if I try to do something. And besides, she said she’d take care of it herself.

Interfering despite that would be rude to her, and in the first place, if she can’t even handle a problem of this level, then perhaps she was never cut out to become the head of a great noble family anyway.”

Though she would eventually have to take responsibility for this problem, it was still fixable.

And regardless of whether she succeeded or not, she needed experience solving problems around her.

But of course, if Aristel herself were to ask him for help, then he would consider that to be her judgment and responsibility, and he would be more than willing to help, but… Shinichi knew full well that Aristel wouldn’t ask for help until the very end.

And Shinichi himself believed that if she couldn’t do that much, then she wasn’t fit to become the head of her house.

“Icchi, you know you seem kind of overprotective, but you really just hate responsibilities, don’t you? The last incident too could have been wrapped up much faster if you just took care of everything from start to finish.”

She seemed happy, though it might have just been her expression, but regardless, Myuhi’s smile did not break as she said that with amusement.

Her emotions aside, Shinichi knew that she was really thinking that.

Shinichi looked sullen, but Youko nodded from atop his head.

“…Those involved should be the ones to solve their own problems. It’s not right for an unrelated passerby to be involved… Well, it depends on the situation, though.”

If the sparks come falling, then he would brush them aside. If the impact would be too great, then he would crush them.

If the situation was too much for anyone other than Shinichi to handle, then he would stand up and fight.

As for other situations, that depended on how he felt then. It’s a bit careless, but that’s generally how Shinichi did things.

As for the Kutoria incident, it checked all of the above by the end, so Shinichi had to make a move.


“I see.”

But for some reason, an unhappy voice sounded from above his head, while a dejected voice sounded from beside him.

In Youko’s case, she was saying, “Or so you say, but there’s far less cases where you chose not to involve yourself.”

As for Myuhi, Shinichi didn’t know why she was being dejected either and could only fall silent himself.

“────In that case, you need to get a good look of the current situation, don’t you think?”

It was curious if she had been waiting for this moment or it was merely a coincidence, but the moment they stopped talking, Frire looked down at them with a terrifying face and the veins on her forehead seemingly about to burst.

She was probably getting back at Shinichi for making her wear a suit.

But of course, Frire didn’t actually think this could actually affect Shinichi, but as a teacher, she still had to call him out.

“The two of you are last! Hurry up and get in line already!”

When they looked around them, they noticed that none of the students were left.

Of course, Aristel’s group was gone as well. Apparently, Shinichi and Myuhi had gotten into their conversation a little too much.




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