I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-61: The Mischievous Kid is Reckless (4/4)

However, there was a limit to how unexpected Frire could afford Shinichi to be.

“Wait, Nakamura. I’m begging you, wait. That’s not what I was trying to get at,” Frire said.

“You wanted a good excuse, right? Well, there’s plenty. For one, there’s an urgent need for Earth to develop equipment for Status, so you could just say that Tomoe was chosen to gather data for that. Though if you pick that for your excuse, you’ll need an exoskeleton that meets that purpose, which we don’t have.”

That’s why they needed to make one.

“A very simple logic,” Shinichi said as he grabbed a terminal from his pocket(・・・) and started messing with it.

The girls have already gotten used to his antics, but this time, even they couldn’t help but be stunned.

“W-Wait a moment, Icchi! I get what you’re saying, but what do you mean you’re going to make one right now!?”

“Exactly, we don’t have any material or facilities or data!”

“But we do.”

They panicked and pointed that out, but he just readily answered and left them speechless.

Because two more terminals appeared from his pocket, and this time, they weren’t the ones from school.

His foster was equipped on his arm right from the start, so just whose were these terminals?

Shinichi indifferently answered their questioning gazes.

“I still have the terminals I stole from those volunteer army guys. Of course, the exoskeletons and weapons they were using are inside too. So all we have to do is fiddle with them and repurpose them for Tomoe.”

Shinichi casually said as though he were preparing something as simple as supper.

He’d originally meant for them to be external storage for photon, so the internals have been left untouched.

There’s enough parts for three units, plenty of weapons, and Shinichi could easily tamper with the data part as well.

Though they’d need a facility if they were to develop something from scratch, what they did have was enough to alter an existing unit.

But that was only possible because he could freely manipulate photons at will.

“…So that’s why Tomoe says from time to time never to give you a foster. It turns out it’s not just common sense you’re good at messing with,” Ryou said.

Even the women that thought they understood him felt themselves coming down with a headache.

“I feel like the day is coming when our common sense will be completely destroyed by Icchi,” Myuhi said.

“I don’t want to think about it too much, but perhaps he’s actually been considerate until now!?”

“I think it’s wonderful how he doesn’t allow existing ideas to restrict him. That’s right, we can just make one! I can’t believe we didn’t realize something so simple!” Aristel said.

Only one among them took the situation in a completely different light.

But regardless, it was in this way that an exoskeleton made just for Tomoe was made without her consent.

What more, in the room of a Japanese-styled inn and by a boy with no expertise in the field.

The exoskeleton that put together the best of Garesto’s technology was gradually tinkered with.

“By the way, how are your own personal units?”

“Mine is known as Blue Flame(Souen)Type II, a support type unit meant to provide precise fire support through its ability to lead and grasp the battlefield, which it owes to its ability to gather information effectively.”

And the person doing that did so casually with one hand while asking for information he could use as reference.

Aristel was more than happy to provide that information, but the faces around them were twitching.

That was not because they didn’t want her to talk about it. After all, it was exceedingly likely that they would have to fight together in the near future, so it was only right that they learned their units’ traits and abilities.

That was also why Aristel didn’t hesitate to offer information about hers.

The problem was that he was casually modifying the exoskeleton at the same time.

Though they indeed came here with expectations for this sort of exchange, they couldn’t help but be bothered by how Shinichi maintained that casual attitude even after the topic took a serious turn.

What was frightening about him was that they couldn’t tell whether he was deliberately feigning insanity and enjoying the reactions of those around him or this was just his natural state.

But regardless whichever it was, and whatever they thought about it, the result would remain the same – the exoskeleton would be made here, and they would share information about their own units.

“Well, it’s Icchi,” Myuhi said.

“It’s Nakamura, after all,” Frire said.

“It’s this guy we’re talking about,” Ryou said.

That’s why they had no choice but to rely on those magic words and laugh powerlessly.

In that regard, Aristel, who could accept him so favorably, was someone to be envied.

“Kyu kyu kyu.”

The only one who found that funny and laughed from the bottom of her heart was Youko, who was already used to it(・・・・・・).

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