I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-63: At the Open Air Bath (4/5)

In front of the bamboo fence divider at the men’s side was Shinichi seated on a rock, staring down at a pack of feral boys.

The three classes aware of his fearsomeness knew that it was hopeless, so they just enjoyed the bath and watched the show from a distance.

They were the first ones to calm down, but…

“M-Move it! Eden lies just behind you, and you’re blocking our way!”

“Yeah! It’s a custom to peep at the women’s bath during a trip, you know!”

“It’s just something that has to be done! A duty for those born as men!”

If someone calmed down first, then it stood to reason that there would be someone yet to calm down.

Perhaps it was because they were on a trip and their excessive lack of familiarity with such matters that ruined them, but regardless, the tension was needlessly high, and a portion of the boys were convinced that peeping on the girls during the trip was their duty.

It was curious where they could have possibly picked up such notions considering how removed they usually were from such media.

Shinichi felt like he was watching a memory from over 8 years ago, but regardless, the face he wore remained expressionless and his gaze overpowering.

In the face of that, even this pack of feral boys couldn’t help but cower.

“────Is that all you want to say?” Shinichi asked.

“Eek! D-Damn it! Why is he so scary!?”

“You’re the lowest ranked here!”

Yet despite knowing that with their heads, their instinctual fear kept them from attacking.

Honestly, though, Shinichi wasn’t behaving himself either, as this much aura really was unnecessary.

The reason for that of course was because he did not want to show his sister’s maiden body to others, but it was also because he didn’t want his intimate female friends to be seen.

Though he found it troublesome when Frire suddenly asked him to do this for them, when it came down to it, he was doing a proper job.

Despite that some 5 or 6 boys still refused to give up.

It was actually unhealthy how obsessed they were with the women’s bath.

“Enough already. Don’t you see how pathetic you’re being by being so obsessed about peeping?” Ryou said.

“I’m technically a public morals officer too, so I’m afraid I can’t allow any of you to do this,” Yousuke said.

It was then that a pair of powerful reinforcements appeared for Shinichi.

Ryou, who was physically the strongest top male student of the academy, and Yousuke, who acted as a supplementary member of the public morals committee despite not actually having any authority.

When the obstacles to their so-called Eden increased, the pack of feral boys had no choice but to understand.

But the way Ryou saw it, there was something else that came first.

“You guys do realize that the people behind this fence include the top two students that are stronger than any of us and the strongest female teacher of the academy. There’s also the well-behaved public morals officer who will probably kill you if you do manage to peep.”

Well, they probably won’t be killed, but they’ll definitely be lynched and then ostracized.

Ryou told them the future that most likely awaited them if they insisted on peeping, but…

“Even then! I want to see Aristel-sama’s beautiful body!”

“If anything, being punished by Teacher Doneju is a reward!”

“Kemonomimis are the best!!”

As expected of people who have persisted for so long, they were perverts.

“…Looks like there are still a few students that have been influenced despite most of them shying away from subculture.”

Shinichi wryly smiled when he thought of how Wernher was the one leading them.

Apparently, he was the formidable sort who could balance his training and his hobbies.

Unfortunately for him, he was currently one inappropriate comment toward Shinichi’s sister from death.

“A-Ahaha… For better or for worse, there are a lot of outstanding people…”

Yousuke knew that, so he laughed dryly while letting out a breath of relief.

He knew what triggered his big brother, and he also knew how unmanageable he was once angry.

Just the thought of those few times made him shudder.

“Or what!? Are you planning on enjoying them all by yourselves!?” One of boys accused.

But there was no way that these boys could have known that.

Shinichi sighed in disgust and tried to reason with them, but…

“You know, I’m a man too, so I at least understand how you──── Wait. Huh? Come to think of it, I don’t think I get it at all.”

Shinichi seriously pondered what he was about to say but then tilted his head.

No matter how he tried, the desire to peek on the girls bathing refused to surface.

When he inadvertently let that out, the other boys all slipped.

“S-Seriously!? I don’t want to peep on them either, but I can at least understand the feeling. Right?” Ryou said.

“Y-You’re asking me!? Unfortunately, the only future in that is pissing off my big sister!” Yousuke said.

Yousuke knew that Shinichi would scold him whether he agreed or not, but Shinichi just tilted his head as he concluded that he really couldn’t understand.

“I can understand wanting to see a woman naked, but wanting to peep on them isn’t something I can relate with,” Shinichi said.

“Huh? Is there a difference?” A boy asked.

“They’re completely different. In the first place, a woman’s nude form isn’t something you sneak a glance at. It’s something that has meaning precisely because she allowed you to undress her. Right?”

“I, uh… I don’t know, man…” Ryou stammered.

“We’ve never experienced any of that! And what do you mean undress!?” Yousuke said.

Shinichi turned to Yousuke and Ryou in search for agreement, but they didn’t have any experience in such matters, so they just blushed and became agitated.

It was partly because they were focusing their energies elsewhere, and in Yousuke’s case, he focused more on his mother and big sister, while in Ryou’s case, he was friendless due to always being at the center of attention, but regardless, it wasn’t easy for either to get their hands on relevant material.

It was curious if Shinichi knew about their circumstances, but regardless, he started explaining himself.

“Undressing a woman is like a reward. Something you can only get after improving yourself and succeeding at courtship. That’s why there’s meaning to it. What’s the point of seeing so many women naked when they’re unrelated to you?”

Every word of Shinichi was filled with sincere incomprehension, and for a moment, the air in the men’s bath froze, then it blew up.

“Y-You’re a D Rank failure! Why are you acting like a riajuu!?”

“I-Is this defeat!? I don’t understand, but… This air, this atmosphere… Is this defeat!!?”

“Damn it, you’re not wrong, you’re not! …But that’s exactly why it’s so frustrating!”

“Why? Why do you sound so familiar with women!? …Fine, if this is how it’s going to be, I’ll show you how stubborn unpopular men can be!”

Despite trembling from the natural atmosphere exuded by Shinichi, the pride of the feral pack was stimulated.

“Ah, you made it worse,” Yousuke said.

“Seriously, what are you doing? Or are you intentionally trying to piss them off to divert their attention?” Ryou said.

“…Actually, that was my honest opinion. I know peeping toms are a thing, but mutts like those are just cowards with no balls to talk to women. Surely, there wouldn’t be any in the academy, right?”

Shinichi asked the now hostile pack with a smile.

Ryou face palmed, while Yousuke was stupefied.

Most Garesto Academy students were prideful because of their standing.

They had to work so hard just to get in, and then they had to work hard everyday to compete for grades.

That’s why Shinichi’s question was akin to splashing cold water on them.

They hated how unaffected Shinichi was, and emotionally, they wanted nothing more than to beat him up, but they couldn’t because doing so was like admitting their defeat.

“Well, if you really do aspire to become criminals and insist on coming, then─────I’m going to have to crush those.”


When Shinichi lowered his glance and threatened them, the implication spooked even his reinforcements.

Some among the boys were so scared they covered their family jewels.

Perhaps in a display of resolve or perhaps merely because he was starting to get annoyed, Shinichi made his aura even stronger, and the boys all fled from the fence. They soaked themselves somewhere far away in the bath to soothe their wounded souls.

For some reason, Ryou and Yousuke saw them off with sympathy.




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