I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-82: Answer and Reason (4/6)

“Ah, come to think of it, who told you that we’re sisters? …I don’t think we look alike at all.”

But then the question begged itself.

They were indeed sisters, and they shared the same blood, but they didn’t look anything at all like each other.

They were all certainly beauties, but the direction their beauty took was different from each other.

Just of the four here, Stella was beautiful enough to make people gulp, but her eyes were sharp and scary.

Robelia was a vivacious-looking woman, while Clara had a fluffy image with drooping eyes.

Louise was frail like a calm, sheltered, young lady.

Other than their lack of expression, they looked nothing like each other.

Though they’d been together for about half a month already, them being sisters was not something he should have been able to tell without someone telling him.

Alas, his eyes were just that good.

“…Excessively high rank can also be a problem. I can know(・・) most secrets and emotions just by seeing… Really, it makes me sick.”

Shinichi said with disgust in his voice.

From time to time, he would show disgust for his own abilities, but the maids listened nonetheless to his explanation despite their doubts.

Apparently, he usually suppressed his eyes, but he would always look at his opponents thoroughly during battle.

With all the knowledge he had in his head, he could instantly analyze that information and understand.

In fact, with the right conditions, he could even see a good bit into the future.

Compared to that, their blood relation was a trivial matter.

“…S Rank truly is terrifying. To think that it could improve not only your observing eye and insight but also your predictive ability…”

Robelia was impressed by the power of such an extraordinary rank, while Clara just casually dropped a thorny remark.

“It’s frighteningly useless when it comes to housework, though.”

“Ugu! I-I’m sure it must have increased my inability to function in that regard! Sure, I was a mess at organization and cleaning, but it was never this bad! Probably!”

It was curious if he was serious or just making excuses after being struck at a sore spot, but the response he got was just that of skepticism.

“I’ve never heard of such a demerit from raising the rank of one’s Skill.”

“Sounds like excuses to me.”

“Probably? What’s that supposed to mean?”

They were sisters indeed.

Though it should be noted that they held no ill will in any of those remarks.

They were just suspicious, and Shinichi knew that, but…



Even then, painful things were painful.

Especially, since it was this aspect of him that was troubling the girls until just awhile ago.

That’s why he clutched his chest and fell into a crouch.

“B-But it really shouldn’t have been this bad…”

He was so terrible at it that he wanted to blame something for it.

The sight of him slumping his shoulders amidst his tearful voice was nothing short of pathetic.

The fact that he was someone who could easily crush them made him appear even weaker.

But for some reason, there was something else welling up from within that couldn’t be stopped.

“…W-What is this feeling?”

“That’s making me want to gently support that back…”

“And making me want to pour him the best tea…”


The sight of that despairing boy, for some reason, gave rise to an unknown feeling with the four maids.

An impulse that could be described as either elation or frustration that made them want to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Youko, who had been comforting her master, quietly made a small fist.

“Fu fu, good, very good, these girls are bonding nicely. As expected of sisters, they all conveniently have the same taste in men.”

Youko giggled to herself. After all, all the maids that have been working in shifts had the same reaction.

Since her master had such a strong sense of chastity, there was no other way to it than to try and crush it through the power of numbers… Or so schemed this vile girl(beast).

Youko quietly moved away from her master. Yes, she could see the ending. Just one more push, and her master was bound to fall.

There had been some reservation before due to their camaraderie from serving the same master, but now, all gloves were off.

“Please stand up, Nakamura-sama.”

“The princess and the hero are waiting for you at the dining room.”

“Your hand please.”

With the maids completely unaware that such a scheme was taking place, the maids offered their hands to Shinichi.

With his head down, he understandably couldn’t see that their was a tinge of happiness on the maids’ expressionless face.

They were still unsure, however, whether it was a blessing or a curse that he was such a handful.

“Ah, sorry. Thanks… Huh?”

He stood up as prompted and thanked them but then suddenly froze.

The gloom on his face instantly vanished as he scrutinized the faces of the four maids one by one.


“Umm… If you stare at me that intently…”

“I-Is there something on my face again!?”


This was not because of what he mentioned earlier, but he looked at them as though he could see through them completely, so the girls blushed – except for one – but Shinichi himself was just stuck in his own sea of thoughts.

“Hey, hey… It’s coming at a time like this?”

It was such a sudden change in attitude. One moment he was displaying such a shameful appearance, but in the next, he was all serious.

That’s why an air of tension too appeared on the expressionless face of the three maids.

After all, this was the kind of attitude he would adopt whenever they were entering some kind of incident, or whenever he was picking up on some ill-foreboding.

They have only been together for half a month, but they deeply trusted the frequency and precision of his predictions.

Shinichi organized his thoughts, while the maids waited for further instructions.

But of course, it took only 5 seconds at most before he could arrive to a conclusion.



“…Have this on you.”

As he said that, he removed his silver pendant from his neck.

Hanging from his hand was a cheaply made accessory fashioned after the crescent moon, but everyone here knew that that was something he deeply treasured and kept close to himself.

When they thought of how there was going to be an incident grave enough for him to hand that over, they couldn’t help but gulp.


“Yeah, because I think you’ll have it the worst… Well, it’s just for caution’s sake… By the way, I’m just lending it to you, okay? You need to give it back later.”

“In other words… Something will happen tonight?”

“It would be better if nothing happened, but you’ve brought too much gunpowder with you.”

The infamous second princess who also happens to be a famed wizard.

The strongest maid squad in Earthgant that served her zealously.

The hero summoned from another world that is known to be strong but a nuisance.

On their own, they stood out too much in a bad sense, but now, a mysterious boy with a Tenkorius has been added to that already problematic roster.

There have been parties of all sorts in Falandia, but never before has there been a line-up as infamous and powerful as this.

“…I see. In that case, I will have to take you up on your offer.”

Perhaps Shinichi’s fears got through her, or perhaps she simply believed in his predictions, but regardless, she took the pendant and immediately put it on, then she opened her collars a little and hid it inside.

“…I want it back eventually, but what face am I supposed to make then?”

It was all too clear where that pendant went, and Shinichi found himself at a loss.

Even the other maids gulped as they came to the same conclusion.

Though the glimpse of white revealed was plenty stimulating, what was more noteworthy was that the pendant found its new home right between that pair of bountiful peaks, whose volume was evident even through her clothes.

With it dyed in her own warmth, what sort of face should he make when it was time for him to retrieve it?




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