I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-83-03: The Worst Encounter III (2/3)



The hero grit his teeth as he remembered those days where he left everything to the girls, while the princess lamented how her plan to renounce her succession rights backfired, and the conscious maids regretted not being able to reject the princess or being able to predict that something like this might happen.

The maids had believed that the situation wouldn’t get too bad as long as they followed along, but alas, they had been too optimistic.

“The results of your choices led to this – the murder of a Tenkorius. It would have been better if it was just some VIP that you killed. Can you take responsibility for this? Can you prevent the casualties that will occur in the future because of this?”

“Huh? Future casualties?”

The boy scolded them, but Kite failed to understand what he was getting at.

As someone who killed a divine beast because of his own misunderstanding, Kite had already resolved himself to accept punishment.

But what did the boy mean by future casualties?

“Hah? Are you stupid!? Even if no problems concerning the country arose, you can’t just offer your head and say sorry after killing an existence of that level and expect everything to be okay!”


But that pissed the boy off and made his expression change.

Until now, he has been talking nonchalantly, but now he looked like he could glare him to death, causing Kite to tremble.

The boy openly sighed.

“Haa… Fine, let’s talk about Lillisto, which is just over there. They’re making a killing as an inn town right now, but that’s only been the case for the last few decades. Until then, this area has been left alone for being a worthless land not worth cultivating.”

The boy looked at Kite and Lilisha to see that they were keeping up, and the two of them nodded.

It was surreal considering one was buried in the ground with his limbs all broken, and the other one was being held up by her hair, all battered and bruised, but regardless, they had no choice but to nod.

They were terrified at what the boy might do to them if they failed to understand, so they desperately listened.

“About a century ago, the Tenkorius inhabited the area, and the lord then noticed that and negotiated with them. As a result, they got permission to build a town just outside of their territory with a promise that they would make their presence known and not interfere with them. Lillisto was born about a decade after that, and since then, this land has been at peace. All of that is thanks to the Tenkorius.”

“What do you mean it’s thanks to them?” Kite said.

“H-Hero, they do not like to fight, but they are the strongest beings in Falandia, so…” Lilisha said.

“The only reason you were able to kill them was because the stars aligned. You took them by surprise, you had a weapon with a special effect that made killing them possible, and they’d let their guard down. Normally, in a fight against a married pair like that, even I would have to resolve myself for death. Even if you can’t imagine that, I’m sure you can understand with your own body just how strong they must be, right?”


Kite gulped at the example the boy provided and drew cold sweat.

The boy had crushed them like a bug, and yet the same boy had to resolve himself for death if he were to fight them.

It was a such a creature that he challenged and unfortunately managed to kill.

“The wilder a monster beast the more sensitive they are to the difference in power. The reason there are no dangerous monster beasts in this forest or in the mountains nearby is because of that.”


How does Lillisto make its wealth? Even if he didn’t try to find anything out about the mountain they were planning to climb, the few hours spent in the town was enough to enlighten even him.

That’s why his whole body trembled.

“It’s not just here. I told you they referred to them as guardian gods. The Tenkorius have long life, they rarely leave their territory once they’ve settled down, and they really hate their territory getting messed with. They say that some hundred years ago, a great army tried to pass through a Tenkorius’ territory and brought the wrath of the Tenkorius upon themselves, wiping them out,” the boy said.

“That’s a story anyone born in Falandia would know. It’s even said that the anger of the Tenkorius is greater than the anger of the king, and that the will of the Tenkorius ought to be prioritized over the king,” the princess said.

“They may not be aware of it themselves, but once they’ve settled down somewhere, the people in the vicinity will no longer have to fear war or hordes of magical beasts for at least a few hundred years. I’m sure even an ignorant otherworlder like yourself would understand just how valuable that peace is in this world.”


Monster beasts and monsters.

Kite did not even know the difference between the two, but that did not mean that he’s been ignorant of the people frightened by them or those suffering from the effects of the war.

He has seen villages on the lookout for monster beasts night and day.

He has seen towns and villages destroyed by a creature of some sort.

He has seen people become exiles after their homes were destroyed in the war.

But just with the Tenkorius living nearby, the threat of such misfortune was greatly decreased.

Lillisto was a town under the protection of the Tenkorius.

But that shield was now gone, and it was all too easy to imagine what would happen.

“A-Aaaa! D-Did I just… Sentence all these people to die!?”

“So you finally realize the weight of your sin.”

Kite’s face became deathly white as he let out a scream of astonishment, and the princess too looked similarly weak.

But the boy wasn’t done, and as though to give the finishing blow, he mercilessly continued.

“This town had no defense other than the Tenkorius. And now that they’ve lost that shield, it is impossible for this land to remain peaceful. If you cover it up well, you might be able to buy some time against the humans, but the beasts are sensitive. The remaining scent will only fool them for about a month at most. After that, the offspring of the monster beasts that had been driven out and those wandering in search of food will pour into this vacant zone that was created after the disappearance of the Tenkorius.”

Could Lillisto come out of that safe?

The boy didn’t say that out loud, but that question weighed heavily on the princess and the hero.

The hustle and bustle of the town, the people that lived here, the travelers that stayed here, the innkeepers that took good care of them, the many stalls and the smiling shopkeepers that tended tot hem, the lively laughter from the taverns… It was all too easy to imagine what would happen to all of those.

Even if they didn’t know much of the workings of the world, even if they didn’t know common sense, the future of all of that couldn’t be any clearer.

“The neighboring nation of Kulash also only didn’t attack because of the mountain range and the Tenkorius, but it was mostly the latter that kept them docile.”

“T-The current king of Kulash would never do such a thing!”

“Oh, I’m sure. The current king hates wars, a wise king in his own regard. They don’t need the land on the other side of the mountain range, after all, since it’s just too much trouble to govern. But he’s not young anymore. Would the next king think the same? What of his retainers? What of the people? Who can say for certain that no one among them would hold such ambitions?”


No country continued forever, and that was true for their relationships as well.

History is replete with examples of wise kings succeeded by fools.

That should be something she knew very well as someone born to royalty.

Though of course, that was only something she knew in her head.

The problem was that such knowledge was currently in the process of becoming reality.

“Furthermore, a troublesome organization has been active globally. A decline in the power of Earthgant, which has the national strength and standing to compete with them, would allow them to rise to power. It is likely that those without power will suffer on a global scale.”

“What? An organization that only our kingdom can contest?”

“I’m sure you know of the Rimoa Church, right, princess?”

Lilisha was in disbelief, but as soon as that name was mentioned, her face froze.

That was the name of the largest religious organization in this world and the enemy of Earthgant.

For a long time, Earthgant and the church have been engaged in a cold war, for they believed only in their own magic and saw no need for the grace of the church’s god.

“There sightings of Chief Priests recently… Don’t tell me!?”

“They seem to be laying the groundwork for some plan. They’ll probably make their move in the next few months. If Earthgant’s reputation plummets before then…”

“No one will be able to stop the church!”




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