I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-83-04: The Unreasonable Palm (4/5)

The Undead King gulped. This was an enemy. Without a doubt, this was his enemy.

This existence that he thought was merely a tiny bug was in fact an existence that he ought to direct his killing intent to.

“But the development is just too boring. The royal road(stereotypical) might be in demand, but there’s still a limit to how hard you can play the tropes. There’s no originality, so 14 points.”

The Undead King’s skeletal body shook. He had to kill this boy now. Anyone who knew that had to be erased.

For what reason did he become undead? For what ends did he burn his country?

There was only one thing to do.

“In the first place, you haven’t changed much in these 300 years. Your curiosity runs deep, but you lack concentration and persistence, so in the end, your knowledge ends up half-baked. Wasn’t that the assessment that all your private tutors gave you?”

Those that heard must be erased too. The plan to use them was of secondary priority. Everyone, all of them here, had to be erased to be safe.

But how to accomplish it? What was the best and most complete method? The enemy possessed an unknown number of threats.

With the boy’s knowledge of necromancy and his skill in magic, it was highly likely that he has already made preparations against him, so a half-baked method wouldn’t work.

If so, then there was only one way he could win.

All plans were meaningless in the face of ‘power’.

“All of you! Attack that bastard like you’re about to die!!”

“…They’re already dead, though.”

Only three had been crushed by his gravity magic.

There were still plenty of skeletons under the lich lord. Enough to destroy the ecosystem of an entire corner of the mountain.

There were over 30 skeletons, and they were light and agile for they lacked both flesh and life.

They feared no death, and though their original species varied, they could work together to answer the commands of their king.

Under the influence of necromancy, they were even stronger than when they were alive.

Normally, so many against a single person was overkill, but the enemy was this weird boy, so the Undead King was actually anxious.

Regardless, they should do more than well enough to serve as decoys.


As expected – though still not without surprise – a large number of skeletal monsters suddenly became bogged down in the muddy earth and sank.

Was that an earth spell? Or was it a fusion of earth and water?

Even the undead wouldn’t be able to move upon being dragged so deep underground that he couldn’t sense them anymore. Eventually, even the spell that kept them alive would wear off, and they would be buried in the depths of the earth. A truly fitting end for a clatter of bones.

But the fact that the Undead King could think such idle thoughts meant that he had bought just that much time.

It had only been about ten seconds, but Gulde smiled from within his expressionless skull.

“Masterfully done, brat, but in the end, your power only amounts to a single person. Behold!!”

Filled with evil, he unleashed his vast powers.

As that power erupted from every bone of his body, the dark night was covered in its dark mana.

From the entrance of the forest where they were to the foot of the mountain from which Gulde descended, murky blackness tinged the night.

But there seemed to be a barrier of sort, for the darkness couldn’t extend past the boy’s eyes, but Gulde did not care.

Because there was no point in blocking it.

His true intentions, the true fear, would appear only after this darkness has cleared.


“No way…


Voices of surprise and despair leaked out from the maids and the hero, while Gulde, who dared pull open the curtain, laughed in satisfaction.

That was exactly the kind of response he wanted to see. Filled with his sad*stic joy, he stretched out his two arms and proudly said.

“Behold! The skeleton army created by none other than my very own secret arts!!”


The scream-like gulps were so refreshing.

This was an army of skeletons that served only him.

The night that had been dominated by darkness was now dominated by an eerie whiteness.

The 30 skeletons just now were nothing in comparison.

So large was his army that it was as if the entire land had been filled with bones.

If not for the mountains behind, their numbers would have filled the horizon.

“Behold my loyal and elite army born from three hundred years of collecting the corpses and bones of mighty warriors and ferocious monster beasts!”

There were 10,000 fully armed skeleton soldiers, thousands of giant skeleton warriors wielding great swords, and five hundred skeleton in artisan armor riding on skeleton horses.

There were gigantic skeleton birds that soared through the air on wings of bones. There was enough of them to fill the skies.

And there were also hundreds of skeleton dragons with maws that could swallow human beings whole.

Yet that wasn’t all. There was no end to the variety of skeleton soldiers and monster beasts under Gulde, and all of them served him as their king, awaiting their orders.

In the end, he was a lich lord that has lived for 300 years.

It wasn’t difficult to use a summoning spell that has been prepared before hard.

Gulde had already prepared the summoning technique in case the populace resisted before he could finish his business at the royal capital of Kulash.

The problem was that there were so many of them that he could only summon all of them at once, and he couldn’t send them back. However, before an army of this size, the strength of an individual was meaningless.

“Behold my army 35,000 men strong! Fearing neither death nor wounds, they will attack all of you relentlessly! Indeed, in a contest of one against one, I might not reach your feet, but how could you resist this? Consider this my gift for your trip to the underworld! Learn with your body the power of numerical superiority! Fu fu fu, ha ha, ahahaha!!”

Gulde laughed as though it was already over for them.

They could probably take down some of his soldiers if they desperately fought since there was no one among his soldiers that was stronger than them individually, but no matter how strong they were, they could not triumph against this endless sea of white.

The girls, who were wounded all over, were speechless as they imagined themselves being devoured by his army of undead.

But then───

“Gulde-kun… Don’t you remember what I told you at the start?”

──The dumbfounded voice of a person that mocked the Undead King filled the area.

It was of course none other than the boy that he had to kill.

Not a hint of surprise or fear or recklessness could be seen on his face.

He just looked at Gulde with a calm face and a contempt so obvious that anyone could see it.

“What you said at the start? Are you messing with me even with my army in front of you?”

“I told you, you were late. As expected of a skull, your head is empty, so you’re slow to pick up.”

He had already won, but the boy remained arrogant.

That talkative mouth of his continued to laugh at him as though he didn’t hear a word he said.

Gulde had the upper hand after summoning his army, yet abuse kept raining down on him.

The boy didn’t appear to have lost his mind from fear either.

The boy truly felt nothing despite standing before his army. His eyes were saying that his army was trash.

But rather than question why, Gulde was just furious. That’s why he failed to realize it.

“…He’s late? Ah, d-don’t tell me that you knew that that skeleton would appear here!?” Kite said.

The one who noticed it first was none other than the hero who was still buried in the ground.

The boy’s words were only something he would say if he had an appointment or knew someone was coming.

The boy smiled in response as though to prove his words correct.

Meanwhile, the Undead King that was being looked at directly felt chills run all over his body.

He had a bad feeling about this, as though he was about to hear something he shouldn’t hear.




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