I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-83-07: The Unreasonable Palm IV (2/4)


Only the princess saw his proposal as an option. It would indeed solve most of the problems.

If it was known that the culprit was an otherworlder, the object of condemnation would move away from them, and it will become possible to inform the city and the country of the Tenkorius’ death.

Mayhem would still occur, but that was still much better than dying without knowing anything. Not only would they be able to react much better, Earthgant also won’t be blamed for anything. It wasn’t a bad plan, but only in the sense that they would be able to avoid the worst situation. No, in terms of feelings, it was just a step short of the worst situation.

Even though she was doing something as shameless as ask for his help, a plan like this was too messed up even for her.

“But you don’t want to do that anymore, right?”

Even a shameless fool had things she didn’t want to do.

The princess impatiently hoped to get another answer from him, but she made sure none of that showed on her face as her head desperately worked.

“Oh? And why is that?”

“It sounded as though you were saying it would have been fine had we gone down that route. So I believe that you must have another plan already.”

He had merely pointed out that they could have taken such a desperate measure, but he himself was someone in a completely different situation from them. He had great power and could gather information much more efficiently, so he must know another method, or so Lilisha insisted.

“Indeed… Huh, so you can think properly. Turns out you weren’t the world’s number one wizard for nothing… Maybe I can use you after all if I train you well.”

Though the princess couldn’t hear that last part well, he more or less confirmed her suspicions, and she was relieved.

On the other hand, though Stella could tell that the boy had other plans, she could also tell that he seriously considered the plan of making himself take the blame, causing her head to ache.

──Could this boy actually be stupid?

“You’re right, but… There’s something I need to ask first.”

It was curious if he noticed that or not, but regardless, he suddenly asked a question casually, and perhaps because of that, took the princess by surprise.

“What is it?” Princess Lilisha said.

“There’s one thing that’s bothering me.”

“W-What is it?”

That’s why she gulped and asked that question again.

Everyone else too was full of tension as they watched the boy and desperately thought back to what action might have offended him.

But before they could figure anything out, the boy stood up from the fallen tree and approached the princess, then he sat on the ground and met her gaze from the same eye level.

“Why are you acting as though I’m not going to be doing anything!?”


Upon a closer look, that face of his was just like that of the pouting face of a child being left out of a fun event.

It was such an unexpected sight to the princess and everyone else that they found themselves stunned.

“I’m the one who kept preaching about responsibility! I’m also one of the people related to this incident! If I don’t take my part of the responsibility, won’t that make me an irresponsible bastard with no right to run his mouth!?”

The boy pouted with fury, and everyone’s eyes turned into dots.

Not because they didn’t think of that, but because he was getting mad over something like that.

Despite having so much power that were irrelevant to him, and despite not caring about his own reputation, for some reason, this boy did not want to be thought of as irresponsible.

“Your responsibility?”

They didn’t understand what the boy meant when he said he was responsible, causing the boy to sigh as he scolded them.

“Make it a habit to think from the perspective of the person you’re dealing with. Or else you’re bound to make some dumb mistake and lose your footing.”


“…They were killed right in front of me, remember?”


Although these girls weren’t at the scene, they should have been able to imagine it.

Though they’d kept Kite ignorant by design, he wasn’t so bloodthirsty that he would jump at anyone he saw as a villain or a monster.

So what could have landed him into this mess? What reason could make his burning sense of justice attack a monster?

There could only be one, and that was none other than to save a person.

“I’m sure you know, but I’m more than strong enough to have stopped that attack. That’s why I’m partly responsible too. I thought for sure no one would be stupid enough to attack a Tenkorius, and anyone who approached would at most be some drunk or dumb tourist.”

He had been careless, so he was at fault too.

What made the situation even more tragic was Kite’s abilities and the special traits of his weapon.

It was Kite’s misunderstanding that led him to attack and kill a divine beast, so had the boy not been around, then that misunderstanding wouldn’t have even taken place.

“In the end, wrapping lousy goods in a nice package can only get you so far. Even with all my power, a life that’s right in front of me can so easily be killed…”

At the very least, the person in question believed that to be the case; hence, the person he found most unforgivable was actually none other than himself, or a least that’s how he appeared to these girls.

“That’s too much…”

“It seems like you’ve made some kind of resolve, but unfortunately for you…”

Lilisha thought that the boy was being too hard on himself, but before she could finish what she wanted to say – almost as if the boy was rejecting her consolation – the boy smiled mischievously.

“…It doesn’t matter. I will take responsibility for my own mistakes regardless of your resolve, so this problem is as good as solved.”

The mischievous face he wore as he said that they weren’t actually needed was just too rotten to liken to that of a child’s prank.

It could even be called evil.

He was clearly enjoying the reaction of the girls as they stood there petrified.



“No way…”


At that, they couldn’t stop their face from twitching anymore.

The boy had intended to fix this situation his way from the very start, but he still asked those questions just to get their response.

He never actually needed them to resolve themselves for anything.

“That being said… I’m not so cruel as to reject someone who went so far as to perform a dogeza. The more hands the better, and it’s convenient to have some official authority.”

But then, as though out of consideration for them, a vicious crescent moon smile appeared on him, causing everyone to draw cold sweat and break out into goosebumps.

“Of course, you’ll work as if your life depends on it, right?”

“Uh… S-Sure, of course… Ahaha, haha.”

They’ve been had.

Not only had they given their word, they never had the right to reject him from the start.

Of course, this was a situation that they themselves caused. If he wanted to help solve it, then they couldn’t ask better help.

But the way he took complete control of the conversation like this caused an unspeakable emotion to rise up from within.

Because of that they all thought the same thing.

──This boy has a terrible personality!



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