I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-84-03-B: The Uncertainty of Good and Evil, the Anomaly That Cannot Be Shaken (4/5)

“How should we…”

“I do this all the time, and every single time I can’t help but doubt my own humanity.”

With a face devoid of expression, Shinichi clicked his tongue and muttered that to himself in displeasure.


“To save the irrelevant many or neglect your own companions.”

The decision he made was purely based on the priority of threat.

The difference between those that could still be saved later and those that couldn’t.

As he said that to himself, he spread out his arms. In between his fingers could be seen several skewers.

With a swing of his arms, those skewers covered in mana shot out like bullets in a fan-like manner, tearing apart any and all that stood in their way.

“But what’s really annoying is that this decision isn’t a mistake. Lilisha must have believed that the safest place to send them to was to me… Well, she’s right. Ignition.”

Anywhere else was a death sentence, but over here, there was him.

Shinichi made a glum face as he thought of how Lilisha had taken that into her calculations. Meanwhile, the scattered skewers simultaneously exploded.

Every one of them wiped out a 10m square area, and with there being over 10 skewers, it was all too easy to imagine how devastating that attack must have been.

Moreover, when the shockwave was added, the extent of the damage far surpassed that.

Youko and Shinichi both had good eyes even in the dark, and they could see even further than what the balls of light summoned by the soldiers could cover.

“…Masterfully done.”

Youko found herself praising Shinichi for his masterful work.

Though the enemy was yet to be wiped out completely, they no longer appeared to be a unit.

Not one of them came out of that attack unscathed, and even the ones better off among them at most had only half their body intact.

“Leave the remaining enemies to me, Master. Go ahead and help those girls.”

“Not yet.”


Not long after, however, several creatures covered in the light of teleportation appeared on top of the creatures they just defeated.

Golems, automata, chimeras…

Shinichi had just weakened that last horde, but now, new forces have appeared to reinforce them.

“Looks like they get reinforcements every time a certain number of monsters is defeated. An automatic Formation of Summoning has been put in place with that kind of setting, huh… Above all…”

Shinichi sighed as though the new enemies that came were nothing more than a hassle.

The material of the golem changed from black steel to a blue crystal like material, while the automata now moved smoothly, and the blades embedded into their limbs were now made of Silverganth, and lastly, the chimeras were bigger and appeared more draconic.

“It appears that they’ve leveled up too.”

“Seems like it…”

It would likely be difficult to wipe them out with a simple mana explosion or magic bombardment now.

Blue Crystal was a kind of mana crystal highly resistant to magical attacks, dragon scales were non-conductors of mana, and though the automata could still be affected by magic, they were now agile enough that they could probably just dodge.

“Youko, I give you permission to adopt your human form… For the meantime, let’s split them up.”

Shinichi briefly said as he tapped the ground with his toes, and Youko nodded.

“As you will.”

The three-tailed beast transformed into a voluptuous beauty, and despite how alluring she was, a ferocious smile surfaced on her, and with clenched fists, she slammed the ground.

The earth split, and with the speed of lightning, cracks spread throughout the land, forming chasms that swallowed the second wave along with the survivors of the first.

Without even being able to offer any resistance, they fell into the seemingly endless darkness of the abyss.

Some of the chimeras flapped their wings to try and get away, only to be struck down when Youko called down lightning upon them.

In the end, they too disappeared into the abyss.

“…As you were. Earth(Gagon).”

Shinichi chanted that, and without any regard for those that fell into its maws, the earth restored itself to its original shape.

The sound of things being crushed resounded in the process, but that was neither Youko’s nor Shinichi’s business.

No matter the form, shape, or kind, nothing made by humans could possibly endure the pressure of being crashed by the enormous mass of the land itself.

“And then comes the third wave.”

“…Your heads are too high! How dare you look down on my master!”

The light of teleportation shone once again, and this time, the enemies appeared in the sky.

Chimeras made up mostly of birds, golems with wings, and automata clad in the wind.

They were all able to fly now, but unfortunately for them, their position pissed Youko off.

It was a trait of the Tenkorius to have a short temper when it came to the treatment of their master, and she took their formation in the sky to be an act of condescension toward her master.

Thus, she attacked with great fury, and in the next moment, lightning shot out from her whole body like a spider’s web, seemingly covering the air space in capillary vessels as streak after streak of lightning scorched everything up above.

Unable to endure or dodge the onslaught of her wrath, only a few unburned pieces managed to make it on the ground.

“…How is it even possible that your control is better when you’re angry?”

It was a masterful display of her powers, but it was a level or so better than what she could normally do.

“It comes from my instincts to bring divine punishment upon any and all who dare disparage you, my master.”

Youko smiled like a blooming flower, and Shinichi found himself coming up with a headache, but of course, this was not a situation where he could allow his head to rest.

“Anyhow, the members of the fourth wave are beginning to appear as expected, but…”

The light of teleportation once again appeared on the land, and from out of it emerged golems crafted from greater materials than those of the third wave.

But Shinichi was not ‘looking’ at something so shallow.

“…I don’t know if I should say their maker is meticulous, bored, or just annoying, but not only is the structure of the Formation of Teleportation for every one of those things different, they’re coming from at least 37, no, 38 different locations.”

Given such circumstances, interrupting the teleportation process or destroying the source would prove ineffective.

Or at least that was so if the goal was to quickly put an end to this endless wave of enemies.

No matter how many there were, in the end, such foes were but insignificant insects before Shinichi and Youko, but this could continue for dozens more times, and even then they wouldn’t be any closer to concluding this battle.

As such, it wasn’t hard to see what the purpose of the man behind this was.

“A plan to stop the tenkorius, huh. Well, everyone knows that there’s a tenkorius here, so it makes sense.”

“Well, how dare he!”

Shinichi had expected the enemy to come up with a plan to deal with the tenkorius, but when he made a face that seemed as though nothing could be more annoying, Youko’s ears, tail, and fur all stood up on end as she howled.

In the next moment, all of the fourth wave that filled the earth were turned into sculptures of ice.




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