I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-84-05-B: That’s Why He Made It in Time (4/5)

That was not a star falling to the ground. It was a silver star, a silver falcon, shooting for the skies.

His body continued to move on its own, annihilating the soldiers of alchemy without pause, but already, his consciousness and gaze have been taken captive.

Was it because of its radiance? Was it because of the unknown? Was it because he knew who unleashed it?

“…Silver Wings? …Stella… But why? She should have known it wouldn’t work against him… Ah.”

When the shooting star rose to the heavens, it seemed to crash into something and fell back down.

It should have been a coincidence, yet as though by intention, it fell straight to where Shinichi was.

Youko realized what it was and allowed it to reach her master.

It was none other than Stella’s halberd, and in its descent, it gave rise to a small explosion that wiped out the soldiers all around him as it found its way into his hand.

Shinichi stood there at the center of the crater. His cloak was gone, having reached the end of its durability, laying bare his expressionless face.

It was only for a moment, but Shinichi stopped.

Because he could gleam everything that the girls went through from the weapon.


A smile surfaced on him. It wasn’t that of a crescent moon, nor was it that of a chuckle or a big laugh.

It was simply a satisfied smile, one that acknowledged something praiseworthy.

There was a painful aspect to those feelings too cast like a shadow, but it was not the time for it just yet, so he suppressed it.

Those girls once erred, but when it was pointed out to them, they didn’t run away from their mistakes and instead reflected on them and considered what they could do. Even when faced with the consequences of their own mistakes, they didn’t turn away but instead did their best.

Though still lacking and clumsy, they showed much promise.

That’s why──

“That brat of a grandpa.”

It has only been a moment since he seized it, but what appeared in his hands was no longer a silver halberd.

Already, it was a falcon with black wings, eagerly waiting to take off for the skies.

Shinichi looked up above at the now free sky, and with a crescent moon smile said.

──That’s the brilliance I acknowledged. Don’t you dare try to destroy it without my permission!

Then as though he couldn’t feel its weight or the density of the mana imbued into it, Shinichi easily swung those black wings.

A silver stroke clad in black was drawn. Nothing obvious was cut, but without a doubt, something was severed.

A level of destruction such that even Youko, despite being some distance away, shuddered.

Was it the earth that shook? Was it the sky? No, the whole world shook.

Youko’s senses clearly perceived that merciless slash that cut through space.

“116 locations… All destroyed.”

A devilish smile surfaced on Shinichi as he proclaimed those results.

In the end, it wasn’t a sense of justice, or possessiveness, or righteousness, or some twisted attachment that compelled him to act, rather he simply refused any harm to come to those that he acknowledged, admired, and deemed good.

He constantly belittled himself, but at the same time, he was more arrogant than anyone else.

He was so absurd, so full of contradictions, and so twisted, and yet even for someone as self-deprecating as himself, he did not hate that part of himself.

For was not such a trait very human of him?


Of course, there was also the happiness and sorrow for failing to come up with anything but that, but such anguish was only momentary.

The reinforcements have already stopped, and the remaining enemy forces were immediately dealt with by Youko and turned to ash.

Not even lifeless remains or pieces of flesh were left behind in her thorough clean-up.

Upon confirming that and preparing countermeasures, Shinichi turned around and ran.

“Ufufufu, as expected of my master!”

He was headed for none other than the excited fox girl.

Her five senses were exceedingly sharp when it concerned her master, and she could tell that his smell(presence) had been carved all over the world.

Being able to feel him from all over made her cheeks loosen and her voluptuous womanly limbs twist about while her expression distorted in ecstasy.

She was originally approving of everything that her master did, and now that it felt as though the whole world had turned into her master, she couldn’t help herself but drool as though she were faced with a sumptuous feast.



This has happened many times by now, perhaps a consequence of forming their master-servant contract too quickly, but she banished such thoughts immediately and turned her attention to her master with a serious expression just as a loyal servant ought to.

“Hit me with all of your strength!”

Upon yelling that, Shinichi leaped for Youko. He descended toward her faster than a gust of wind. From a bystander’s perspective, it would have looked as though he were attempting a flying kick on her, not to mention how lacking his explanation was, but a tenkorius that has become a servant could not possibly mistake the true intentions behind her master’s words.

“As you command!”

The sole of his foot was headed straight for her, but without any hesitation, she struck it with all of her strength.

Already, that was a blow that far surpassed the power of her flames or her lightnings.

And were it directed onto the ground, it would have been enough to destroy the entire area, yet he met such a powerful blow with a kick of his own.

Normally, that would lead to either one or perhaps even both of their limbs being destroyed, but with his Skill and her race’s special trait, all of that power turned into propulsion that sent the boy flying like a shooting star.

It was such an absurd plan, yet he pulled it off so quickly.

Shinichi had judged that he could make it that much faster doing that than by relying on teleportation magic, and in fact, he was already there at the count’s mansion.

“Every single time, I swear───”

“Ah… Ahh!”

As Shinichi spat that in frustration, he threw the halberd to shatter the blade that threatened Lilisha, while shattering a similar weapon that threatened Stella, then he glared at the armored puppet that housed the soul of the enemy.

“────Every single time, always this timing!”

Not one of his comrades was unhurt.

He had expected this, but the sight of the girls wounded and bleeding still worsened his irritation.

Lilisha might have been better off in regards to her wounds, but her body was already at its limits because of the delicate control she exhibited and her excessive use of mana.

She still had some mana left, but she was in a weakened state wherein the slightest impact could prove fatal.

This was the result of the choice Shinichi made, and while he neither regretted nor felt apologetic for it, what was unpleasant was still unpleasant.

“Hmph, well at least there’s someone I can vent on.”

That’s why his mood was the worst.

But just as he said, it was fortunate that the culprit was at least still at the scene.

After all, he could do however he pleased with him.




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