I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-84-08: The Trap of Not Knowing (2/3)

Or to be more precise, he turned his attention to a pair of girls who happened to be twins, the only difference between them being the color of their short hair, one being bright green, and the other bright orange.

“Miya and Kaya are twins as their appearance suggests. Both are small and mischievous girls, and they would sometimes take advantage of their hair colors to cast an illusion among themselves and pretend to be the other. Miya likes to prank everyone, while Kaya nonchalantly pushes her work onto Miya.”

“Fua!?” Miya and Kaya cried.

The twins were understandably petrified when their pranks were exposed, but Shinichi just continued and turned his attention to the girl with light blue hair arranged in twin side ponytails.

“Sela is the middle child of the group, so she’s always working hard. While everyone else is expressionless, you can see her anxious, but she’s surprisingly shrewd and when no one’s looking, she slacks off too.”


Sela turned into a flustered mess, and as amusing a sight that was, Shinichi continued to the maid who had her red hair woven into a three-strand braid.

“Alisa is a cheerful girl. She’s an energetic and lively girl when she’s with her family. Because of that she makes a lot of mistakes, and when no one is watching, gets depressed a lot as a result, but she’s also quick to get back up on her feet. In that regards, she’s an enviable and gutsy girl.”

“How do you know that!?”

“Because I was watching,” Shinichi revealed, leading to even more shock before he continued with a smirk and turned his attention to the girl with her gray her tied up.

Her face was already twitching in anticipation.

“Cattleya is the quietest but easiest to get along with. She’s a caring girl that takes good care of others. She also loves little monster beasts(animals), and you can sometimes catch her watching Youko intently when Youko’s out sunbathing. Cattleya looked so adorable then that you could have mistaken her for a small animal.”


Cattleya let out a strange voice, and Shinichi continued.

This time it was the maid with semi-long violet hair. She was shaking her head, as though to say that he didn’t have to, but Shinichi was relentless.

“Despite her fluffy appearance, Clara actually has a sharp tongue. She really knows how to get into your guts with her words, but apparently, she’s a natural airhead in that regard, and she would apologize whenever she hurt someone, so really, she’s actually a gentle girl.”


Clara vehemently denied being sharp-tongued, but Shinichi already turned to the next maid, meeting the gaze of the maid with pale blonde hair styled in a somewhat messy fashion. She trembled a little.

“Robelia has a rough temperament, but she likes cute little things and likes to collect them into small treasure boxes, occasionally gazing at them with a smirk. She thinks she’s kept that part of her a secret well, but it’s actually a well-known fact among us.”


Shocked, Robelia looked all around her, and everyone related looked away.

The maid with long cream-colored hair met Shinichi’s gaze.

“Hannah is a thoughtful person who notices the little details. Baking sweets is her hobby. Once, she ended up giving away even her own share and became down, so I gave her some of mine, and she got all excited and cheerful. It was quite fun to watch.”

“Ah! So that’s the story behind those sweets I suddenly found!”

Hannah turned beet red at the thought that he’s been watching, but Shinichi moved on to the next maid, a maid with semi-long pink-blond hair, who let out a small scream, upon sensing that it was her turn.

“Louise might look like a sheltered young lady, but she’s full of initiative and never gives up even in the face of failure. When no one is looking around, though, she tends go crazy and go to some equally crazy places. Once, when we were looking for food, she climbed up a steep mountain all on her own, and for a moment, I wondered what I was to do.”

“T-That’s, umm, uuu…”

Shinichi laughed as he recalled that time, while Louise just hung her head in shame.

Then finally, it was the head maid’s turn, and she glared at the boy with extreme displeasure, wondering what he would say about her in this kind of situation, but he didn’t even glance at her and just turned his back to her.

Then while keeping Johann down with his gaze, he focused only his attention behind him and spoke about everything that has led up to this day.

“…Stella is more expressionless than anyone else, but her thoughts actually show up a lot on her face and her actions. She loves her sisters and her master, and from her actions, it’s evident that she’s an admirable older sister. That’s just how deep their bond runs… She’s a good maid and a good woman, and I’m sure any master would be pleased to have her service.”

It was curious if they’d noticed the minute difference behind his tone, but the blushing maids all looked at that older sister of theirs with a meaningful gaze.

──What’s the meaning of this, Head Maid?

“…You girls, what are those eyes supposed to mean?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Nothing worth mentioning.”

“Yep, nothing at all.”

“Like it’s a bit unfair.”

“Like it’s a bit vague.”

“Like you get along well.”

“Like I’m sure it’s the chest, after all.”

“Like you sure get special treatment.”

“Yep, nothing of the sort. Nothing at all.”

“Elder Sister.”

The ten maids spoke in succession as though they’d planned to.

As expected of sisters who grew up together, they were in perfect sync.

Though from the perspective of the elder sister, it was just an annoying display of their coordination, and she struggled to place their feelings.

But of course whatever it was, it was still too young to be called jealousy.

If anything, they were likely embarrassed by the boy’s acknowledgment of how much she cared for them.

“That’s nice… I’d like some comments for myself too.”

Meanwhile, the princess found the boy’s revelations surrounding them enviable, leaving the maids unsure how to react.

“Ku, ahahaha!! You’re the best! I can’t believe you’re actually picking up girls at a time like this! As expected of you, Shinichi!! Ahahaha! Owww!? My wounds opened, ha ha! It hurts, but it’s funny! Ahaha!!”

Meanwhile, there was a hero that was laughing all by himself while slapping the floor.

“…What’s your point?”

For some reason, Johann just listened to all that and asked for a summary.

“Nothing. I was just talking about Stella, Frau, Miya, Kaya, Stella, Alisa, Cattleya, Clara, Robelia, Hannah, and Louise.”

“You spent all that time talking idly in a situation like this!? Just how stupid are you!!?”

Johann had been so tense wondering what the boy was up to only for him to reveal that he’d merely wanted to engage in some gossip. Understandably. the old alchemist couldn’t help but blow his top.

Meanwhile, no one realized how Lilisha was looking at him in confusion.

“He doesn’t understand? I see… So he really doesn’t know.”




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