I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-88: The Fox Beauty Speaks (1/5)

Everyone responded differently to the fox’s greeting.

“So it really was you,” Frire said.

“Uu, she’s definitely an enemy,” Myuhi glared at her as though she were her archenemy.

“To think that she could be this beautiful in person…” Aristel said, mesmerized by the beauty that surpassed anything she’s seen on video.


She was so beautiful and aromatic that Ryou couldn’t believe his eyes.

“How could someone be so beautiful?”

While Tomoe was indignant just to behold a beauty she couldn’t possibly match.

Save for one person, all of them were drawn by her beauty and fragrance.

That’s why only one of them was able to notice the problem of her being so beautiful.

“The fact that you were able to respond so well while like that really makes one lose confidence, though.”

Frire said as she dropped her shoulders.

“Y-Yeah! What is it with this double humiliation!? And what the heck is up with that excessively violent body!” Myuhi said.

“Indeed… How could one’s body be so… Sensual?” Aristel said.

It was strange for various reasons. The girl before them was tall, and perhaps because of the fox ears on the top of her head, she seemed even taller than Frire who should have been the same height.

Shinichi was shorter than both her and Frire, yet she was dressed in his clothes.

Understandably, neither of the hems of his pants nor the sleeves of his shirt were long enough for the girl’s limbs.

In fact, his shirt struggled to contain her bountiful peaks, such that she could only button it up to the second button. Really, it was to the point it seemed as though she just put his shirt on top of her, leaving her smooth and white velvet navel exposed, as well as the lower half of her chest.

Of course, the boy’s pants didn’t fit her either, and while her waist was slim, the fullness of her hips could be seen fully from her contours, the fabric seemingly on the verge of bursting.

The belt was loose as well, and it was worn low on her hips.

A part of her butt could also be seen because of her tails,

In the end, not only did the clothes fail to rein in her beauty, they even amplified it.

If she had been fighting them while in that state, then just how much did she hold back in their fight?

Understandably, that weighed heavily on them, but her otherworldly beauty still bothered them more.

“…Who would have thought the day would come when I would find a school uniform hot?” Ryou said.

“Don’t be stupid, that body is cheating!” tomoe said.

Ryou was the only man here, but perhaps due to his exorcist lineage, he seemed to have an instinctive resistance to the woman’s bewitching beauty.

Though it could have also been because he thought beforehand that he must not be bewitched, or it might have been because he found himself admiring such otherworldly beauty like a piece of art.

Regardless, Ryou did not seem overly affected and just muttered those words, but his childhood friend, Tomoe, immediately snapped back.

“You’re making too much of a commotion. Safina and Shinguuji might not know, but you two do, so calm down! We need to hear about Nakamura first,” Frire said.”

“Uu, I understand,” Myuhi said.

“She was just so beautiful and enticing that I actually forgot…”

The one who straightened up the other girls was none other than Frire, who did not care for her own appearance and was their teacher.

At her behest, Myuhi, who was inexplicably hostile, and Aristel, who has been charmed, fell quiet.

“Safina, Shinguuji. This person protected the academy from the shadows during the last incident, so on behalf of those students you protected, thank you.”

Frire explained the situation to the two students and thanked her.

“Fu fu, oh teacher, you really are an upright person, but you needn’t mind. I simply did what my master asked me to. If you must thank someone, then by all means, please direct it to my master. That would make me happiest too,” she said.

“I see… In that case, I’ll do just that. Uh…”

Frire nodded, but midway through she found it hard to ask the question she had on mind.

Perhaps it was because they were acquainted, or perhaps it was because of the excessive gap in strength, but regardless, Frire didn’t know where to draw the line.

Meanwhile, the servant asked a question of her own.

“But it’s strange… Didn’t I destroy the exoskeleton and their data storage devices?”

So how did Frire know about her?

In regards to that, Frire apologetically shook her head.

“It’s true that those have been destroyed, but not everything was destroyed to the point they couldn’t be repaired. We were able to salvage some video data, and we got the terrorists’ testimonies too, so we were more or less able to piece together everything that happened,” Frire said.

At the very least, the student council and the high ranking officials involved in Kutoria knew about her.

Upon hearing that, she appeared momentarily bewildered, then she quickly frowned and made a troubled expression.

“I’ve instructed my people to keep a tight lid on the information, though it has still spread to some extent,” Frire said.

“Oh my, you really are upright… Still, you people really are technologically advanced, aren’t you? Could you convey that message to my master as well? He’s probably in the dark as much as I am.”

“I understand… But when you say master, as expected, are you referring to…”

Up to this point, there was no reason to assume otherwise, but without any definitive statement from the other party, it was hard to make a judgment. The speculation that she might be one of Masquerade’s subordinates was merely a circumstantial guess.

The beauty seemed to find amusement in Frire’s cautious and somewhat timid attitude, but she nonetheless nodded.

“Yes, just as you imagine, I am indeed the faithful servant of my master, Nakamura Shinichi.”

No one had imagined that she would take it so far, but when the servant herself declared it, there could be no denying it.

An air of understanding lingered, then as though she had been aiming for that, she spread out her arms, then like an actress on a stage, she orated.

“Yes, only a person such as he! Could be worthy of every strand of my hair, every drop of my blood, every piece of my heart! Only to a person such as he, do I devote my flesh and my soul. He is my beloved master and the man that I love! Ufufu…”

What an out-of-place performance it was, yet just by virtue of her being so beautiful, it actually seemed apt.

With an enchanting and entranced expression, she declared her undying love for her master, and while her words and actions seemed theatric, no one here took that for merely an act.

Not one of them doubted it that this girl – right now – was in fact declaring her eternal loyalty and love for her master without any hints of reservation – and so out of the blue too.


But that shocked voice did not cry out because she was in love with her master.

Were she merely an unbelievable beauty in love with him, then they would have simply been surprised that there was another girl they didn’t know of, but she just had to go beyond that and declare that she had offered both body and soul to her master.

Above all, she did so with a meaningful smile, a meaningful look, and meaningful actions that emphasized her body.

That’s why her actions and words ended up insinuating that direction.

“U-Unclean!” Myuhi said.

“S-So in other words… S-Shinichi-san is a… Man!” Aristel said.

“So that’s why! That’s why he’s so used to women!” Tomoe said.

When the girls realized that, they were shocked.

Bashful, delusional, indignant… Their emotions and reactions were all sorts.

Meanwhile, the only male present, Ryou, quietly pondered to himself whether he could withstand this level of bewitchment, but regardless of his conclusions, he wisely chose to remain silent.




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