I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-90: Prayer to Schemes, and Wishes To… (4/6)

She then leaped and gracefully delivered a series of kicks in a dance-like manner. The girl’s right and left legs sliced through the air like sharp swords, but the boy deftly evaded them with minimal movements. Despite her demand for a punch, the boy just responded with an amused smile.

“Hmm… I have some things I’d like to ask you, but why do you have my foster? Why would the amaryllis give you my foster?”

“Tch, what pisses me off is how well you suit each other! Fine! Just go and play with that unhealthily voluptuous woman your whole life!”

“Ah, she got found out… No, in her case, she probably exposed everything. That perverted fox!”

“Ah! You made a perverted face just now when you thought of her!”

“That’s an unjust accusation!?”

As though the kicks were not enough, punches and knife-hand strikes were added into the mix, and their conversation transformed into a heated quarrel. The Sister almost found herself cheering, fortunately, no one noticed her.

In fact, everyone was too engrossed in the brawl between the boy and the mysterious girl. The people here were not used to such violence, but it was still captivating.

The girl’s slender arms cut through the air, and kicks soon followed, yet the boy nimbly dodged everything. However, there was no stopping the attacks of the girl, and she continued to give chase.

The movements of the pair were straight out of a scene from an action movie. In recent years, high-profile movies would promote themselves by showcasing such acrobatic moves without CGI or stunt doubles, but their performances were nothing compared to what the boy and girl were doing right now.

Above all, all of this took place in the house of god. Alas, the Sister was not devoted enough in her faith to find fault with that.


The battle between the girl and the boy was impressive in its own right, but what fascinated the Sister even more was how they managed to avoid causing damage to various parts of the chapel and remained cautious not to get too close to where the children were. Furthermore, even the girl, who appeared to be emotionally invested from Sister’s perspective, wasn’t entirely serious, and the boy seemed even less so—This could be useful.


The moment that sinister thought crossed her mind, the Sister raised her voice and clapped her hands. The girl and the boy came to an abrupt halt, their gazes and postures poised as if they were about to pounce on the Sister. That alone made it worth her throwing her killing intent at them.

“…Icchi, who is that old nun?”

“Don’t know, but it looks like we’re bound to be involved with each other… There doesn’t seem to be any problems with me.”

Myuhi and Shinichi both noticed that the Sister had interfered to stop their fight, so they released their wariness, though everyone else was understandably alert.

Shinichi striking such a pose caused the Sister to smile at him both for how scary and how reliable he was.

“The young lady over there.”

“W-What is it?”

The Sister asked with a smile, while Monica was twitching all by herself in a corner.

“Where did you come from, and who let you in?”

“Huh? …Ah.”

“Oh, my. We have an illegal trespasser here.”

Despite the gentle voice of the Sister, she mercilessly declared that with a smile, and the girl, upon realizing that, began to sweat buckets.


“You even threw a hard object from out of the blue. There are a lot of kids here, so I’m sure you won’t be able to get away if we accused you of attempted assault.”


She knew that she was skilled enough not to cause any accidents, but it still couldn’t be denied that she’d caused an incident in a place full of children.

“Above all, isn’t that a foster? So, you must be a student of Garesto Academy. I’m sure it would be difficult for you if word were to get around that you caused a commotion in a church.”

“H-How might I be of service to you, Sister.”

The children tilted their heads, while Monica’s eyes swam, and the boy’s shoulders quivered. Such a smart child, the Sister thought as she directed a gentle smile toward the girl.

“Oh, that’s simple—You need to work.”

“How did it end up like this, nyaa!”

The sound of rain had weakened to some extent, but it could still be heard through the wall. Myuhi Ruona grumbled to herself while polishing the lamp lighting in front of her. She then opened it and replaced the bulb. She did all of that while hanging from the ceiling.

“Yoh, hoh, toh!”

Then with a burnt-out light bulb in hand, Myuhi skillfully hopped down to the floor by jumping off the wall and a pillar, eliciting a burst of cheers from the children. She accepted their applause with a hint of embarrassment.

“Take this to the staff.”

“Okay, I got it!” Myuhi said.

“Myuhi-nee-chan is amazing!”

“Ahaha, I can do this much.”

The impression of her battle among the children was apparently along the lines of ‘I didn’t really get it, but it was awesome.’

“M-More kids were taken from me again… How frustrating!”

Meanwhile, Monica glared at her with frustration and tears in her eyes, but Myuhi just pretended she couldn’t see her.

“L-look, he’s amazing too.”

But even then, painful things were still painful, so she pointed at the boy who was carrying a bench all by himself, while kids cleaned the ground below with a towel cloth in one hand.

“Wow, Shinichi onii-chan is amazing!”

“Onii-chan, so strong!”

“Just like Masquerade!”

Monica glared at him with even more hostility than before, but Myuhi just chuckled to herself. As suspected from his interactions with the kid from the inn, he indeed knew how to deal with children, and he also didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding that degree of ability from them. It was a rare sight nonetheless to see Shinichi so triumphant, so Myuhi couldn’t help but smile.


“Ah, yes!”

The Sister appeared as though on cue. When she saw Myuhi jolt, an amused smile found its way on her face.

“Thank you for replacing the light. Can you take a look at the roof too? This structure of the church is a bit old, so it’s a bit worrisome when it rains so hard.”

“Y-Yes, ma’am!”

Despite the age of the woman, there was an oddly imposing pressure about her smile that made Myuhi feel as though she couldn’t resist. It was not because of guilt, but whatever the reason was, she did as instructed and stepped outside through the front door.

Rain was still falling from the sky, though it was no longer as intense. To remain dry and avoid slipping, she used a skill that allowed her to move in rainy weather.

As a layer of energy was erected, Myuhi was protected from the rain and from slipping. This skill fell under Non-Combat-Skills, and upon confirming that it was working correctly, she easily climbed up to the roof by jumping off of the irregularities on the wall. There was no need for a ladder.

The children cheered as she ascended. Their enthusiasm was tickling, but there was work to be done.




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