I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-92: Silver Bullets Are on Another Level (2/5)

“Yes, it was amazing. I’d seen it from the videos before, but still, I expected nothing less from the newage weapon that our organization spent centuries developing. It was really amazing. There might have been a limit to the area it could cover, but a sniper gun that could ignore all phenomena is still plenty impressive… With this weapon, anyone can become a first-rate sniper.”

The man referred to as Venom proudly and joyfully spoke about it as if it were his own accomplishment. His demeanor was almost like a child showing off his new toy. However, what he received from Six in return was nothing more than an exasperated look and sarcasm.

“You’re not wrong, but we had our own plans. Youth these days really have no patience, always chasing after immediate results. We’ve made plenty of preparations to try and use her, you know?”

“Sorry about that, Six. But it’s true that that sinister Songstress was in our way. Ever since I heard her sing from up close, I’ve always wanted to blow her up. It might not look like it, but you know, I’ve been holding back this whole time. There was also that plan to take advantage of that bombing plot thought up by some fool, but you can see how that turned out.”

That’s why he’d held back, but at the same time, he seemed to imply that he ended up doing this only because Venom failed. But Venom didn’t seem to care, and he just snorted.

“Well, sorry I failed, but in the end, didn’t you kill her? What kind of self-restraint is that supposed to be? Even I wanted to do with her as I pleased, but I held back too, yet you acted all on your own.”

“Even then, I managed to take out a problem all on my own. Even if I end up being treated as a traitor and executed, that’s still something to be proud of, right?”

It was curious what was so funny, but a strange light surfaced on his eyes as he calmly said all of that with a smile.

“This is why I hate people that are too loyal. They tend to rush-in head first and are hard to handle… Hmm?”

Perhaps, it was because this would be their last time talking, or perhaps it was simply because he’s had issues with him since long ago, but regardless, Six grumbled. Then he noticed the tanks connected to the pedestal and shook his head.

“Oh? You’ve almost emptied it. How many shots did you fire? I guess that old nun was the real thing, after all, despite her age.”

Those eyes narrowed as if to say that any secrets wouldn’t be tolerated. Venom didn’t have any problem with that, and he calmly recounted the facts.

“Ah, yes, she did a good job holding on up to the sixth shot, after which, she promptly ran out of strength.”

“Six? So the woman they call Storm is no slouch even in her old age. The Americans are certainly foolish. I can’t believe they pushed away someone that useful here to Japan just because of some worthless deal.”

“They might be a great power, but most of them are trash.”

“People tend to trip on each other in a salad bowl, after all. Though it’s hard to say if this country is better off for accepting everything and trying to come up with their own.”

“But if it’s us, we’ll be able to do it properly. She might be just a corpse now, but there’s still something that could be gained, you know. After all, she was a remarkable woman, powerful enough to once claim the title of the strongest among their nation’s exorcists. They said she was a troublemaker, but even in death, the power within her should be worth using. But of course, no matter how powerful, it was all meaningless in the face of our Apostle Armament.”

A smile surfaced on him, and despite how gentle he looked, there was an unmistakable sense of superiority reflected in that twisted smile.

While he acknowledged the abilities of the church’s sister, he took pride in the superiority of their weapon.

Venom’s lips contorted in a grotesque manner. The blessing she had received was not like theirs. Despite being neighbors for five years, and even interacting with each other, not a trace of guilt or remorse could be found on his face, only confidence and joy.

“We didn’t use the word apostle in vain. Pulling the trigger is like bestowing judgment from god.”

“It’s not like you made it yourself… Well, I do sympathize with those targeted by this thing. Where are your cleaners?”

“My friends and family(subordinates) are working as we speak. There won’t be any problems in the retrieval or falsifying of evidence. I’d be much obliged if you could show them amnesty. They were only following my orders, after all.”

“Hah, you’re hopeless, but the others remain useful. In an era such as this, what benefit would it bring me to cut limbs that can yet move? It’s truly a pity that that Mask going berserk has led to some of our tongues and eyes being crushed.”

“…I figured that would be the case, that’s why I did it, but… It’s definitely not a pleasant topic. To think that us proud Snakes would suffer so much in the hands of a lone person…”

Venom had successfully achieved his goal, but as his words suggested, his expression remained complicated.

For someone who was willing to sacrifice even his own life in the name of loyalty, it was unbearable to have suffered so much.

It was as if the Mask was mocking them, insinuating that they were merely insignificant beings.

After all, the mask’s actions, no matter how skeptically viewed, were nothing more than a showcase of his capabilities. That’s why no one could go against him.

Venom found it humiliating to incur damage from someone like that, who dared operate on such a ludicrous scale, yet as though the Mask had somehow read his mind…

『─────My apologies, but it appears your numbers are about to decrease again.』

Without any warning, the extortionist of the world, Masquerade, appeared with that white mask and crescent moon smile.

An unexpected third party had appeared. Above all, it was Masquerade the figure that has made a mess of the entire world.

But the response of the Snakes was quick. Without even waiting for any instruction, the soldiers formed a defensive formation around Commander Six, and they pointed their guns and blades at the mask.

They would shoot as soon as the order was given, but before that could happen, a shadow moved.


It was curious if it was out of surprise or joy, but Venom yelled as he pulled the trigger on the stationary gun.

Six clicked his tongue, but he nonetheless raised his hand and promptly lowered it, leading everyone to pull the trigger on their guns almost simultaneously.

However, for some reason, no energy blast or bullet shot out of their guns.

Venom hadn’t even aimed the pedestal-mounted anti-material rifle, yet everyone was convinced that the masquerade had been eliminated.

『Oh? 』

The Mask let out a voice of admiration, but in regards to what exactly?

Everywhere around him was a bullet of silver. Surely, there could be no other end for him than for those black clothes of his to be shred into pieces along with his flesh.


『Fu fu fu… Did you do something? 』

Yet Venom’s cry of astonishment said everything. As soon as those silver bullets approached Masquerade’s hazy form, they melted as though they were swallowed by his darkness.




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