I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-96: His Invincibility (2/6)

“I can understand where you’re coming from, but do you mean to say that you can’t feel safe with just our guards, Monica?”

“There’s no harm in having more swords and shields, Teressa.”

“If they can’t coordinate, they might just become a hindrance, though.”

“No. You’re the shields, and they’re the swords. There’s a difference in roles, so that won’t be a problem.”

Monica just smiled in response to Teressa’s skeptical gaze. She avoided the argument itself, but the composed atmosphere she exuded seemed enough to compensate for that, making it seem as though she was pushing her way through.


Myuhi, who was now a blonde cat-eared girl, stood behind her, genuinely impressed.

──Impressive considering how much she hated the idea at first.

“I understand, thank you. Anyway, my business here is done, so I’m leaving.”


After Shinichi regained his senses, he quickly arranged for a room and began recounting to the Sister and Monica what happened. However, Shinichi only told them that a mysterious organization was targeting Monica and that he and Myuhi had thwarted them just now. He didn’t disclose how they’ve been hiding in the neighboring house for years now or how they were actually after her ability to sing. Shinichi refrained from sharing that much with them because he didn’t want to worry them needlessly.

But when the Sister suggested to hire them for tomorrow’s live performance too, Monica abruptly and firmly rejected the idea.

The Sister was understandably taken aback by such firm and sudden refusal, and Shinichi wore a puzzled expression, while Myuhi reacted with a regretful expression.

“W-What are you saying, Monica!? What are you going to do about tomorrow then!?” The Sister said.

“Those threats must have been meant to lure me out here today. If so, I’m done,” Monica said.

“It still hasn’t been proven that the people threatening you are the same people that attacked! And even if they are the same people, they might still have plans in place in case of failure!” The Sister said.

“But that’s not limited to the live tomorrow!” Monica said.

“Ooh, there’s still some anpan-bread left,” Shinichi said.

“Even if that’s the case, so what!? You’ve been acting weird since earlier, you know?” The Sister said.

“*Munch… Yep, even cheap bread tastes good,” Shinichi said.

“I’m not acting weird. I just calmed down is all. They might have been able to protect me this time around, but that doesn’t mean I need to rely on some kids to protect me. I can ask professionals for help if I want,” Monica said.

“Hina, can you give me your goodie bag too? Mine’s empty already,” Shinichi said.

“S-Sure…” Myuhi said.

“That would be fine if it were someone that could be beaten by an ordinary pro, but as you feared, you’re not up against normal people here! You need him!” The Sister said.

“Ooh, breadstick! How nostalgic!” Shinichi said.

“What do you want me to expect from a kid like that? —And what in the world have you two been doing since earlier!?” Monica said.

“*Munch?” Shinichi said.

Frustrated by the casual conversation that was taking place behind their heated argument, Monica slammed the table with an angry yell, only for Shinichi to look at her with a puzzled expression, a piece of bread still stuck in his mouth. Alas, that nonchalant face only served to pour fuel to the flames.

“*Munch *Gulp… Don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the food and drinks you’ve given me. Feel free to continue your mother-daughter quarrel as much as you like. It is quite entertaining.”

Shinichi said provocatively with a huge smile, while Myuhi quietly sipped tea with a wry smile as she uttered a brief prayer for the boy.

“Get out!!” Monica said.

“Monica! Why is this girl so stubborn?” The Sister said.

“I’m not being stubborn! Don’t treat me like a kid!” Monica said.

“Yet you talk as selfish as one…” The Sister said.

“If you put it that way, these two aren’t kids at all!” Monica said.

“That’s why you don’t want to rely on them? It’s okay for adults to rely on children, you know? I for one am always being helped by you all!” The Sister said.

“Uh… W-well, I’m glad you think that way, but…” Monica said.

Monica didn’t know what to say when the Sister puffed up her chest and boldly and proudly declared that. However, refusing to give in, she took on an overtly defiant stance.

“Wait, that’s not what I’m getting at! I-I-I’m saying that I can’t trust someone who offers to protect me just because I helped him get shelter from the rain!”

She’d clearly just thought of that just now, leading the Sister to hold her head. Myuhi continued to sip tea in the backdrop, but her fox-tail swayed quickly, as though intrigued. Evidently, she found this whole thing amusing, however…

“That’s true,” Shinichi said.

“Huh, Icchi, you think that makes sense?” Myuhi said.

The boy nodded, and everyone else looked at him with astonishment. Monica hadn’t expected anyone to agree with her, so when he did, she joyfully made her appeal. Though it was to assert her own selfishness, it wasn’t as though she lied.

“Sister, you know I’m a singer. I sing and earn a lot of money from that. I know some people talk behind my back and say it’s just singing, but I believe my songs hold that much value. There are also people willing to pay to hear them. That’s why my songs are valuable, and that’s why I sing with all my might.”


“I don’t deny the value of unpaid service, but I believe compensation reflects a person’s work, skill, and responsibility. I deal with something intangible like singing, so that’s the one thing I can’t compromise on. That’s why I can’t entrust anything to someone who says they don’t need anything in exchange.”

“…Sigh, well you’re not wrong…”

The Sister’s gaze wandered. She knew that Monica was resisting their assistance because of her fixation on something. But while those words just now were likely just an excuse, the underlying mindset itself might be Monica’s pride as a singer.

They couldn’t demand a low price either, as Monica was sure to see through it, so the Sister could only turn toward the boy for help.

“Honestly, I don’t mind at all. If you won’t ask us for help, then we’ll just take care of it on our own.”

But Shinichi just said that with an uninterested attitude.

“What do you mean?” Monica asked.

“I’ve said it before, haven’t I? This is my duty. I’m even surer of it after fighting them. They are enemies that I must defeat, so regardless of your circumstance or your feelings, I will go out there and crush them,” Shinichi said.

None of the casualness just moments ago could be felt when he said those words, causing everyone to have to catch their breath. There was no righteousness here or grand purpose, only a judgment that revealed his arrogant strength and cruelty, as though to assert that this was simply how things ought to be.

“That’s why there’s no reason for me to consider your feelings,” Shinichi said.


However, in the next moment, he laughed in a light tone, as if that had been a lie.

“But if so, I wonder what will happen to the live tomorrow. Some people must have put a lot of effort to get their hands on those rare and expensive tickets. There were probably those who adjusted their plans forcefully. I’m sure there are still a lot of staff members who are still working hard right now as we speak. What a pity,” Shinichi sneered.

And with a frivolous and gleeful smile, he happily declared that he would do something tomorrow, but it didn’t concern her since it wasn’t related to her anyway. Of course, everyone here knew exactly what he was getting at.

“W-Wait a sec!?” Monica said.

“Oh my, what a naughty child,” the Sister said.

“Icchi, your face and your words are completely that of a villain’s, you know,” Myuhi said.

All of the women were astonished, and wry smile surfaced on them as they expressed their exasperation, but Shinichi’s expression remained unchanged, and he grinned there like a crescent moon shining brightly.

“Rude. I’m actually being considerate here, you know? About 24.4% I’d say.”

“Isn’t that a bit on the low side? —Oh, but you do acknowledge that you look like a villain right now, huh,” Myuhi said.

But of course, Shinichi was aware that much. After all, this was no different from coercion on his part, as he was insinuating that he might just ruin Monica’s work tomorrow, a job she put her heart and soul into and took responsibility for, after receiving payment.

He even grinned at her as though to ask if she was okay with that, provoking her to no end.

“Y-You really are the worst!”




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