I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-97: His Invincibility II (2/6)

Shinichi didn’t even so much as spare a glance for the woman that fainted, and he also didn’t seem to care about the screams of all those that saw him.

He stomped on the baggage she was carrying, and for a moment, electricity flashed, but no one could tell for sure if that actually happened or if it was merely them hallucinating from the fear.

“That’s him! He suddenly started attacking people!”

“Hey! What are you doing!?”

Security guards in dark blue uniform rushed in. There were three of them all in all, and the sight of them brought relief to those present, but the man still didn’t say anything.

In fact, he ignored them and continued thrashing the place. He even snapped an electric guitar that was propped up nearby.

The guards had meant for their yell to be a warning, but it fell on deaf ears, and the man just continued about his way destroying things.

The guards stood there frozen, caught off guard by the man ignoring them, while the man just continued to pull out cords and parts and crushed them all.

When the guards recovered, they took out their batons and attempted to directly subdue the man.


But then the security guard at the rearmost was sent flying.

The man had jumped at them before anyone knew it and sent a kick to that guard’s face, sending him tumbling on the ground many times until he stopped face up.

The man stood over him as though nothing could be more natural.


No one could so much as think or utter anything in response.

The man had just moved too quickly, and the results he produced too one-sided for them to comprehend anything.

But the man didn’t seem to care about them one bit, and he just casually grabbed the radio equipment from the security guard before crumpling it like a piece of paper.

“Hey, what’s going on here!?”

It was in that moment that Myuhi appeared with Teressa and Monica in tow.

The whole place was a mess. Staff and security personnel alike could be seen on the ground. Various equipment have been destroyed, and people wore eyes awash with shock and fear.

It was Myuhi, who was currently a red-hair dog-eared girl, who was the first to understand the situation.

No one would have blamed her, however, if she just pretended she hadn’t seen anything and left.

“W-W-W-What are you doing!?”

Teresa took longer to realize what had happened and belatedly pointed at Shinichi, who was currently a black man.

She was going to confront him, but Myuhi stepped forward before she could.

“Wait a moment!”

The voice that called out was loud, as though to get the attention of all those present.

But it was spoken in a deliberately childish manner, allowing the tense atmosphere to loosen some. It also took the wind out of the manager’s sails.

While everyone else stopped in their tracks, Myuhi seized that opportunity to close in on Shinichi.


Such a reaction might appear subdued on his part, but that was actually the biggest reaction he’s given so far.

At the same time, as though nothing could be more natural, he twisted the arm of another male staff, and with a swift motion, rendered him unconscious.

“What are you doing!?” The manager said.

“Work,” Shinichi said.


“I’m doing the job I got from the songstress.”

Shinichi calmly confiscated an object from the twisted hand and tossed it away.

It was a circular item about the size of a coin with a thickness of about 1 cm.

To a Japanese person, it resembled a small UFO model.

Myuhi caught it and looked down at it. Her eyes widened.

“An autonomous miniature surveillance camera!?”

Shinichi nodded in response, and Myuhi briskly moved, then she systematically inspected the things he had broken, identifying them one by one.

“Incendiary devices, listening devices, hidden cameras, communication jamming wave generators, and even sensor shields!”

In the meantime, Shinichi continued to destroy something or apprehend people, relentlessly and methodically, one after another.

“There are even pen-type stun guns and bracelet-type handcuffs. That’s quite the collection,” Myuhi said.

“These ones are illegal Garestonian weapons. They might be personal gear, but it’s illegal to bring them to Earth and/or sell them,” Myuhi said.

“This drink has a small amount of poison in it,” Myuhi said.

“A small holographic projection device? Oh, this one not only has the restrictions lifted but also contains images of a raybeast horde,” Myuhi said.

“Wow, these are hidden weapon! I’ve only seen ever seen these in historical dramas!”

“Homemade old-fashioned flashbangs? They sure put quite a lot work into these.”

It was in that manner that the dangerous items and individuals who possessed them were revealed one by one.

Myuhi meticulously collected the items, including the shattered pieces, and at the same time, apprehended the suspects in a professional manner.

No one dared to voice so much as a word of objection, but of course, most of them were simply too shocked to say anything.

“By the way, Partner,” Myuhi said.

“Who’s your partner?” Shinichi said.

“How about you explain before doing all of this?”

Halfway through her work, Myuhi asked that question. She was partly scolding him, but of course, she knew that it was pointless.

She was able to figure out what Shinichi was up to as soon as she saw the surveillance camera, but that was only because it was her.

That’s why she started speaking so loudly when identifying the items.

It was so that she could indirectly explain to those around her and avoid being reported as a criminal.

However, Shinichi didn’t seem to care about that one bit, and he just continued to use unauthorized force and investigated without the slightest hint of concern for the people around him or even the potential consequences of his actions.

Shinichi didn’t even spare her a glance as he gave her a firm response.

“No. We don’t have the time for that, and it’s pointless and unnecessary anyway.

Our enemies aren’t even really serious about any of these things. They’re just messing with us to see how we will react, but it’s still a problem to leaves things be, so I’m going to get rid of them all. As for you, just make sure you don’t stray too far.”

“Did you really think you could get through to me just by saying that? If so, you’d be right. It’s frustrating, though.”

It was such a one-sided explanation, yet it still got through to her.

After all, he was right. They were already on the defensive, and taking the time to explain to everyone not only put them at a further disadvantage but also opened up the possibility of an even bigger problem being created while they were busy getting everyone to understand.

Moreover, while the items the suspects had on them might appear low-grade, this mix of various items was a common tactic for those in their line of work.

After all, concealing the real threat among a variety of objects was one of their favorite tricks.

And even if they weren’t aiming for that, these items weren’t something to be overlooked either.

Moreover, the job he took from the Songstress wasn’t just to ensure her safety but also to ensure the success of the live performance, so it was even more crucial that he dealt with these things.

That’s why forcibly dragging out these people without any explanation and ejecting them, including the ones that brought these items, was the most efficient option.

But at the same time, Myuhi couldn’t help but think this to herself.

“I was too naive.”

───So he was still holding back when he was at school!

As it turns out, the students back at the academy had actually gotten off lightly.

After all, Shinichi just ignored them unless his name was called, or he would ignore them whenever he judged the conversation to be meaningless.

Such considerations seemed almost endearing in comparison to this situation where he’d decided to crush everyone right from the start.

At least with the students of the academy, he still treated them as people, but here, he was truly just all business. It was a difference like that of night and day.

“Nothing can be done about it now though,” Myuhi said.

There was no changing Shinichi’s mind, and in the first place, this really was the most efficient method. Besides, these people were just reaping what they’d sown.




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