I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-99: His Invincibility IV (1/5)

『The merging of the two ‘Snakes’ sent shockwaves rippling through the heads of the many nations, including those in Garesto. I haven’t born yet at the time, so this isn’t firsthand information, but apparently, those who were familiar with the ‘Snake’ were all on edge.』

The people higher up knew that the Snake had leaked the information on purpose, so they couldn’t help but worry that the secret organization might be attempting a major undertaking.

『Don’t tell me – the various oversights during the preparations were because of…』

『I can’t say for certain to what extent, but it’s a fact that the two worlds had to accelerate their schedule, and the ‘Snake’ was undoubtedly one of the reasons behind that.』

The two worlds felt a sense of urgency to at least form a superficial alliance, as they didn’t know what the ‘Snake’ might do with their interworld operations.

Given that the motives of the ‘Snake’ remained unclear for both worlds, it was a natural concern; however…

『Oh, so that’s how it is.』

When Myuhi told him that, the Mask just remarked with a hint of admiration in his text(voice).

It was the most terrifying and spine-chilling expression she had ever witnessed.

A catering area had been setup in the backstage of the live venue, so that staff and other related personnel could find time between their responsibilities to sate their hunger.

The air was full of life. The people here were clearly unaware of the incidents that had occurred just some time ago.

That lack of knowledge allowed them to carry themselves without fear or caution.

“The change in plans sure was on short notice, but thanks to that I get to attend Monica’s concert! How lucky!”

That was the general impression of the new staff. While some might be skeptical due to how abrupt this was, most of the people in this industry were used to the unusual challenges it repeatedly threw at them, so instead of dwelling on idle suspicions, most of them chose to just diligently do their job.

Monica and her team were currently taking a break in the makeshift dressing room.

Contrary to Monica’s expectations, they barely had any interaction with the new production staff, as their current priority was to replace the damaged or lost equipment.

But then again, most of their equipment have been destroyed, so it was crucial that they replace most of them.

A group of managers have also been deployed to handle various adjustments and oversee on-site operations.

It was a bit different from their normal job, but so long as Shinichi was willing to keep quiet, they were even willing to beg for this opportunity.

However, that did mean that they’ve basically been forced into these jobs, leaving Monica to wonder if she should consider this as a kind of harassment.

Incidentally, any remaining hazards and suspects in other areas have already been cleared out, and Shinichi even approved the new equipment, declaring them safe.

Monica couldn’t help but feel a bit taken aback by that as she found herself wondering just who Shinichi thought he was supposed to be.


The dressing room was surprisingly quiet, a stark contrast to when Shinichi and Monica were quarrelling, acting like a pair of a scolding elder sister and her reluctantly compliant younger brother.

For a long time, not a single sound could be heard from the room. The excellent soundproofing and the multiple layers of barriers made external noises virtually nonexistent, so the sounds that would occasionally resound were a lot more conspicuous than usual.

The source of the sounds seemed completely absorbed, while the other people in the room were either frozen in shock or wryly smiling.

The former was Monica, while the latter was Myuhi, and the cause of the spectacle was of course none other than Shinichi.

Because he was consuming an incredible amount of food at a remarkable pace.

It was an amount and pace that no one could possibly expect from another human being.

“…Does he have the universe inside his stomach or something?”

After all, he could store so much inside him.

“I’d say it’s more like he has a furnace inside.”

After all, he could digest food so quickly.

“Mmm, leave me alone. I’ve expended more energy than I thought I would. *nom* *gulp* I need to replenish my reserves by eating a lot, or I won’t last. *gulp gulp*”

While Shinichi continued to eat, he complained about the unnecessary remarks from the two women.

But then again, his eating style lacked even the most basic of manners, what with that hearty approach that involved flipping over pots, directly scooping with ladles, and treating large plates as though they were spoons.

He wasn’t savoring the food at all. Instead, he ate as fast as he could to meet his nutrition requirements.

Dishes would clatter, and he wouldn’t even bother to close his mouth; however, despite such an unrefined way of eating, he made sure not to leave even a single grain of rice or a drop of broth.

Shinichi had arranged not only for the staff reinforcements and equipment replacements but also the catering service. The dinner that the staff, Monica, and even Myuhi enjoyed was a part of his arrangements.

The food that Monica and the others should have originally been eating was currently disappearing into Shinichi. Of course, everything except the food items he’d judged to be dangerous.

The serving staff left after preparing the food, and Shinichi had already finished devouring the equivalent of several dozen servings of those for himself.

Monica, who was witnessing that for the first time, was speechless, and even Myuhi, despite being accustomed to his ways, could only manage a wry smile. However, considering the circumstances, it couldn’t be helped.

“I eat a lot too before a concert, but this is something else,” Monica said.

“It’s enough to make me want to analyze how he’s digesting all that,” Myuhi said.

The two women ate a lot themselves, perhaps because singing expended more calories than what one might presume, but regardless of whether it was due to their job or their constitution, the amount of food they had on their plate far exceeded what one might expect from an adult woman. In fact, they each had enough to feed more than three women.

Myuhi was a Garestonian warrior, who was used to to the intense caloric expenditure in the front lines, but even for someone such as her, the amount Shinichi consumed was still on another level.

“*Burp* It seriously feels like I’ve got an endless pit inside me. Every time I do something, it always end up like this. *nom*!”

Shinichi grumbled while biting into a whole piece of roast beef without even portioning it.

His body couldn’t accumulate much in terms of Stamina, Mana, or calories. And while his high Skill made his fuel efficiency excellent, the various storage tanks of his body were inherently small.

“Ngu… Ah, I would have preferred to enjoy the food more.”

Shinichi continued to eat and drink as though there were no tomorrow, but then he sighed and expressed genuine disappointment.

Upon seeing that, Monica and Myuhi glanced at each other and shared a wry smile as they threw a jab among themselves, saying, “That’s what has him concerned?”

It was no doubt amusing to watch Shinichi, but it was a spectacle that could ruin their own appetite, so after awhile, they decided to ignore and focused on their own meal.

“By the way, let me apologize for the job so far. I knew he has a tendency to be a bit extreme, but I didn’t think he would take it so far.”

Perhaps because of that, a conversation naturally started between the two, and Myuhi, who sat next to Monica, casually apologized to her.

The events that had unfolded in the past hour or two were indeed rather extreme, so as someone who was working with Shinichi, Myuhi though it right to extend an apology to Monica.

Of course, the way she smiled made it clear that that was more of a formality than anything else, but Monica merely shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s fine, there’s no need to apologize. I was shocked, sure, but I know we don’t have time and that we’re up against some powerful people. I can understand having to resort to extreme measures.”

“…Most people who saw that thing at the church would probably feel the same way, but despite that, your bodyguard is quite serious, isn’t he?”

Myuhi said, but behind them was implied another message that likely went along the lines of, ‘You knew that even before coming here, right? What’s your true purpose in partnering with him?’

And of course, Monica was astute enough to read between the lines.




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