I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-04: I’m Always Doing Stuff Like This (3/4)

“Eek!? A-AHH! NO! NOOOOO!!”

Agatsuma Eiji screamed like a woman as he desperately kicked off those mummified arms and crawled away.

He slid along the wet flooring several times with his naked body, but he still managed to get back to the living room.

When he noticed that his foster was atop the table, he figured he could use it to call help.

It didn’t really matter whether these things happening were of the occult or not. This simply wasn’t the time for that.

Right now Agatsuma just wanted to get out from this nightmare.



When he tried to touch the foster, it suddenly floated, as if it were trying to run away from him.

There were no strings attached to it or anything, but it floated freely in the air.

In the next moment, the lights in the room turned off and the ashtray started floating too.


Poltergeist. He too knew the word, so it naturally flashed through his mind.

With one supernatural event after another, Eiji Agatsuma couldn’t think straight anymore.

He could only fall on his back and shake as he watched the horror unfold before him… Within his own residence nonetheless.


Suddenly, an odd laughter that seemed like it could belong to a man or a woman, old or young, resounded.

Agatsuma braced himself for the worst as he thought, ‘Now what!?’, but then he felt that something was strange.

The voice felt strangely natural and something that had gone through a voice changer.

“I suppose we can put an end to this here. Cease.”

At the behest of the voice, all the strange phenomena suddenly came to an end, and the glass ashtray crashed into the area near Agatsuma’s legs.


Agatsuma covered his face from the broken fragments of the Ashtray, then as he turned to look at the white masked figure that appeared out of nowhere, he yelled, “Who are you!?”

Agatsuma did his best to shout out that question loudly and appear tough, but the truth was that he was scared out of his wits.

The white masked figure was right in front of him, and yet for some reason, he couldn’t see him well.

He didn’t know if it was because of the white mask that was on the part where the face was supposed to be or because of all the supernatural phenomena that have been occurring until now, but Agatsuma saw the white masked figure as a continuation of the horror show. The nightmare was yet to end for him.

If the figure told him that he was a ghost, he would probably believe him.

Although, to the person himself, that would be a rather subdued hypothesis.

“…Can’t you tell from the position of this thing?” The white masked figure said in a manner reminiscent of when a magician reveals his trick as he waved about the foster in his hands.

The way the figure moved the foster, as well as the position of the foster itself was exactly the same as the poltergeist that Agatsuma saw before.

“Y-You were moving that thing!?
D-Does that mean all of that supernatural stuff was your doing too?”

“So, you finally noticed.
I heard you were a bright guy, so I thought you’d notice it much earlier, but alas…”
The white figure seemed to be mocking him.

Agatsuma’s pride hurt, he stood up indignant. “What are you planning!? You did this knowing this was my residence!? Don’t think I’ll let you off even if you beg me. I’m going to find out who you are and everything about you, and mark my words, I’ll see you thrown behind bars!”

“Oh, mommy! I’m so scared!
Do you know? Acting all tough while in your birthday suit really doesn’t have the same effect. Especially, when you’re so cute down there. Ha ha.”
This time the white figure was clearly mocking him. No mistake. The figure even laughed at him.

“!!?? Go to hell!!” Agatsuma was furious.

A moment ago he was shaking in fear, but after having his manly pride insulted, his emotions flipped from fear to anger. Unfortunately, that anger only served to make him look even more pathetic as he desperately tried to hide little Jimmy with a pillow.

“Full of yourself, aren’t we, trespasser!
Surely, you realize that all I need is to press this button on the wall and the countermeasure office will be at my doorsteps in 5 minutes!
I don’t know how you sneaked in here, but you have nowhere to run!”

Agatsuma was a member of the countermeasures office despite his circumstances, so there were indeed several such systems to protect him from crime and preserve confidentiality.

The switch meant to inform the office that he was in an emergency also happened to be right next to him.


“Heh. Well, go on. Press it. But if you do, all you friends over in the countermeasure office will see this.”

The white mask was neither shocked nor panicked as he sat in the sofa, then he produced a file from out of nowhere and threw it at Agatsuma.

“And what is this supposed to be?” Agatsuma said as he received the file.

But when he saw the file, he was so shocked that he dropped little Jimmy’s pillow.

“…W-Where did you get this!?” Agatsuma asked fearfully, not a hint of that earlier bravado.

That file contained all of his wrongdoings.

Illegal searches, investigations done with intimidation, pushing his failures onto his subordinates… the works.

And all the documents needed as evidence came with the file, even though Agatsuma had made sure to hide them all.

As he read more and more of the file, he noticed that other documents have even been included. Eventually, Agatsuma found himself laughing. He was screwed. The white mask had him by the neck.

“Hah. You even have my parents’ scandals…”

From tax evasion to corruption to controversial statements. The file covered everything.

It has already been 8 years since the existence of the otherworld was made public. The data of the world has already been transferred to Garesto’s electronic equipments.

But of course, that was new technology; hence, there were those who were doubtful of them and chose to forego them, opting instead to store their data in tradition electronic equipment or in paper.

This was especially true if it was concerning one’s own wrong doings from before the otherworld was publicized.

Such things were necessary to keep in case one needed to push the blame on someone, but unfortunately, that backfired on him.


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