The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 23

TL Note: Maze -> Labyrinth; sounds better in my opinion.

Volume 3 Chapter 23

I continued to walk through the mountain road while looking at the dreary surroundings. I’m already sick from looking at this scenery, but then I saw the gates of the Town of Teressa.

Today I’m going to spend the night in this town, and then tomorrow I will be heading for the labyrinth. But what should I do for the inn? I have to make the meals by myself, but since I have my ‘Dimension Home’, it might be better to just stay there rather than to spend the night at a cheap inn. Well, let’s take a look at the town first, shall we?

Well the town doesn’t seem bad at all, so depending on the state of the inn, it might be better to spend the night there instead. But it’s almost afternoon, so I should probably go ahead and have lunch first.

After walking around the town for a while, I saw an inn with a stable in which a carriage was parked.

“Mn? This is…” [Ryouma]

The inn looked to be a bit too luxurious, so I was going to just walk pass it, but… Where did I see this carriage before? Hmm… Did I make a mistake?

At the side of the carriage was a familiar coat-of-arms… When I thought about it, I remembered. It’s the same carriage that I rode on last year from the Forest of Gana to the town of Gimuru.

Why is it here!?

As I was thinking that, I noticed someone sneaking in from behind. I turned toward her. When I did, I saw a brown-skinned beauty with silver hair extending until her shoulders, wearing glasses. The distance between us was no more than 3m.

She got so close, and yet I wasn’t able to notice her at all… If she had a spear with her, I could have been hit… I need to be more careful.

“Oh my, looks like I’ve been caught. Your instincts are pretty good, huh?” [Girl]
“Who are you?” [Ryouma]

Because she went near me while hiding her presence, my guard was up, and was a little impolite.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I frighten you by any chance? I just wanted to startle you a bit. It’s because you were staring at that carriage so intently, so I was wondering to myself what you were doing, and then I suddenly thought of playing a prank.” [Girl]

True, she certainly doesn’t seem to have any ill will…

Suddenly a man’s voice called out from behind the girl.

“Remiri-sama, so you were here? It’s almost time for lunch, so… Oh? Could you possibly be… Ryouma-sama?” [Man]

This voice…

When I looked toward the direction of that familiar voice, what greeted me was that silver-haired man dressed in a butler’s uniform.

“Sebasu-san!” [Ryouma]
“Eh? Sebasu-chan, is he someone you know?” [Remiri]

The person there was none other than the head butler of the duke’s household, the person who taught me dimension magic, Sebasu-san. From the looks of things this girl is Sebasu-san’s acquaintance. So I guess it’s safe for now, right?

“Remiri-sama, he is our friend. However, I didn’t expect that we’d actually meet at a aplace like this.” [Sebasu]
“Friend? By ‘our’, you don’t just mean yours, but also Rheinbach-chan’s as well, right? [Remiri]

Just who is this girl? Even though she looks to be only 20 years old, or at the very least at the latter half of her 10s, and yet she actually affixes ‘chan’ to Sebasu-san and Rheinbach-sama’s names? I have no idea who she is, but now that I look at her again, she is certainly quite the beauty.

She looks young. And although she’s still taller than me, for an adult woman she’s on the smaller side. Also the front of the robe she’s wearing is open, so I know she has good style.

Her chest is also unusually bigger compared to her height, and her waist is thin. Her figure’s like the ones that you could see in the gravure idol mags in Earth. Her body’s healthy, but it doesn’t look she trained her body for fighting. She probably doesn’t fight with a weapon, though she does look to be quite nimble.

“Sorry for scaring you just a while ago, ok? My name is Remiri Cremis. I’m a wizard.” [Remiri]
“My name is Ryouma Takebayashi, sorry for the delayed introduction.” [Ryouma]
“Well, since you two are done introducing yourselves. Let’s move to a different place, shall we?” [Sebasu]
“Right. Do you mind, Ryouma?” [Remiri]
“Not at all.” [Ryouma]

Sebasu-san’s coming too, so it should be fine. But really, what is Sebasu-san doing in a place like this? Oh, but it seems Rheinbach-sama is here as well, so I guess he’s accompanying him.

When I went with Sebasu-san, I was led to the inn in front of us. And then we kept walking until we reached a room. Sebasu-san was just about to knock, when suddenly Remiri opened the door and pulled me by hand inside.

“Rheinbach-chan, there’s a customer–“ [Remiri]
“Wai– Oh, umm… Long time no see.” [Ryouma]

When I entered the room, the unchanged figure of Rheinbach-sama entered my vision, and I said hello. Inside the room, there was another man around Rheinbach-sama’s age, seating on the couch. Looks like they were talking about something.

“Ryouma-kun? You’ve grown quite a bit since the day we parted at Gimuru… But why are you here?” [Rheinbach]
“I just dropped here by coincidence during my training. And then as I was walking around the town, I saw the duke’s carriage, and then…” [Ryouma]

As I was saying that, I looked towards Remiri-san. Following my eyes, Rheinbach-sama and that other guy also looked at Remiri-san. With everyone staring at her, Remiri-san gave an extremely short and simple explanation.

“I brought him here because it looked like he knew Rheinbach-chan.” [Remiri]

After that we each introduced ourselves, and then I was told what relationship Rheinbach-sama had with her and the reason why Rheinbach-sama and the others were here.

Apparently, Rheinbach-sama is currently in the midst of his travels with his friends. And Sebasu-san is as expected accompanying him.
Speaking of friends, the ones he’s referring to are Remiri-san and the other man, whose name is Shiva Gardak. Well who would’ve thought, it’s the former knight commander that Rheinbach-sama wanted me to hire when I opened the store. Rheinbach-sama mentioned that he retired because of his age and has gotten weaker, but with that muscular body of his, it doesn’t feel like that at all. But at the same time, I don’t’ feel intimidated by him. Then again it’d be problematic as well if I actually felt intimidated in our first meeting. I thought a knight commander would have a more solemn atmosphere, but I’m happy that’s not that case.

And about Remiri-san, apparently she’s a former royal court magician. But what’s surprising is that she’s actually the oldest in this room. She’s a dark elf, and because she doesn’t look like she’s aged at all, I couldn’t tell at all.

I don’t know what her age is though, I couldn’t ask. When I was wondering to myself whether to ask her or not, Shiva-san asked her with no hesitation, and Remiri-san just stared daggers at him with a frightening killing intent. So after that, I just decided not to speak a word about her age.

Incidentally, Remiri-san hates being addressed with the sama suffix, and Shiva-san said that since he’s no longer a knight-commander he doesn’t need the sama either. So with that it’s been decided to just refer to them with a san.

I know that they met in this town to meet each other, but…

“Why did you decide to meet in this town?” [Ryouma]
“Since you’re in training, I think you should know, but there’s a nearby town here known as the Town of Departed Spirits” [Rheinbach]
“Do you know of the herb, Everlasting Darkness.” [Remiri]
“It’s an herbal ingredient that’s mainly used for tranquilizers and sleeping potions. And depending on the amount and what it’s mixed with, it can be turned into a poison that causes pain and confusion. As a result, it’s an herb that’s difficult to handle.” [Ryouma]
“Oh, how knowledgeable. It’s exactly as you said, but Eternal Darkness (herb) isn’t only used in medicines.” [Remiri]

As Remiri-san said that, she took out a black wand.

“This wand is something I was gifted when I became an adult. I’ve been taking good care of it all this time, but it’s almost about to reach its limit.” [Remiri]
“I see, so you want an Eternal Darkness (herb) in order to make a new wand.” [Ryouma]
“Precisely.” [Remiri]
“In my case, I had a lot of free time after retiring and after leaving the management of our territory to my son. So I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to go along with Remiri from time to time. I didn’t expect to meet you here though.” [Rheinbach]
“For you to be training at such a young age… Do you have any goals?” [Shiva]

Since Shiva-san asked, I explained the matter about recovering my grandparents’ inheritance.

“Hmm… within the forest of the Great Forest of Shurus, huh?” [Shiva]
“True… If you’re going there, you’ll definitely need some protection against the undead.” [Remiri]
“I can use light magic, but since I haven’t had any experience with undead yet, I thought of getting some experience at the Town of Departed Spirits.” [Ryouma]
“Oh? You can use light magic?” [Shiva]
“Yes. I can use the elementary offense magic, ‘Light Ball’, and the anti-undead defensive magic, “Holy Curtain’. But only those two.” [Ryouma]
“Considering your age, that’s more than enough. Since you know those, I guess you’re only worried about getting mobbed by undeads then. If you could at least use elementary light magic, you’d be set.” [Shiva]
“Want me to teach you? Elementary light magic that is.” [Remiri]
“Is it ok?” [Ryouma]
“Of course. You’re a kid Rheinbach-chan’s taken a liking to after all. And you even noticed me after I used ‘Hide’, so I think you’re a really brilliant kid.” [Remiri]

‘Hide’? I’ve never heard of that magic before, but could it be a magic to conceal yourself? …She used it when we met?

“Is ‘Hide’ a magic?” [Ryouma]
“Yeah, but it’s dark magic, so I suppose it’s only natural that you don’t know. It’s an intermediate level that allows one to hid his presence.” [Remiri]
“Remiri-sama is an expert of dark magic and light magic, an accomplished royal court magician. There are very few with abilities above her.” [Sebasu]
“Save for her personality, there’re no questions when it comes to her skill.” [Rheinbach]
“How rude… My personality’s perfectly fine.” [Remiri]

Said Remiri-san as she threw a puzzled gaze toward Rheinbach-sama and Shiva-san. Sebasu-san on the other hand just stood at Rheinbach’s side quietly as if saying, ‘Nothing to do with me’. In any case, I’m happy to have someone teach me light magic, but I wonder if it’ll turn out alright.

“Once you’ve met her, she’ll bring you trouble whether she teaches you or not. So Ryouma-kun, I think it’d be a fine idea for you to just accept her offer.” [Shiva]

What does that mean? Now I’m a little worried, but at the same time, I don’t want to waste this opportunity.

“Thank you, I’m truly grateful to be able to learn light magic. Remiri-san, if you’re alright with it, then please teach me light magic.” [Ryouma]
“Then it’s decided! It’s only temporary, but I’ll have you call me master during this time.” [Remiri]
“Master? Alr–” [Ryouma]
“Oneechan would do just fine too.” [Remiri]

Just when I was about to agree, she suddenly suggested something unexpected. But that was embarrassing so I refused.

“Let’s go with ‘master’.” [Ryouma]
“Eh, but that will affect my motivation–“ [Remiri]

Remiri-san was clearly not satisfied with my answer. When the other three heard that, they couldn’t help but remark.

“Even though you’re the one who wanted to be called master.” [Shiva]
“It must be tiring to have Remiri as your teacher, but there’s nothing else to it than to endure or let it pass. Do your best, Ryouma-kun.” [Rheinbach]
“Ryouma-sama, there’re no doubts about Remiri-sama’s ability, so please don’t worry.” [Sebasu]

How to put it… Remiri-san feels like a very ‘free’ type of person.

As I was thinking that, Rheinbach-sama suggested one more thing.

“Oh, right. Ryouma-kun, it’s been awhile, so how about you show us how you fight?” [Rheinbach]

I don’t mind, but why all of the sudden?

“Then would it be fine if I accompanied you guys to the Town of Departed Spirits.” [Ryouma]
“That’s fine too, but I’d like you to spar once with Shiva over here.” [Rheinbach]

Eh? Spar with a former knight commander? Wait, even Shiva-san’s shocked!

Before I could ask why, Shiva-san asked. And apparently Rheinbach-sama wants to see my abilities, but if he were to spar with me himself, his evaluation of me might be a bit too biased. So he decided it’d be best if I sparred with Shiva-san who I’d just met for the first time. On top of that, since he’s a former knight commander, he’d be able to give an accurate evaluation of my abilities.

This most likely isn’t the first time Rheinbach-sama’s thought of this though. As he seemed to have already been planning to test my abilities before my trip to the Great Forest of Shurus.

When I spoke with the members of the duke’s household before via letter regarding the Great Forest of Shurus, they suggested in our conversation to just let them send some people to pick it up for me, but I wouldn’t agree. So they told me to contact them first before going. I’m guessing they were planning to test my abilities then.

After hearing this reason, Shiva-san agreed to test my abilities. Then again, he was only a little surprised after being told to spar all of the sudden, it’s not like he was planning to refuse in the first place.

After that, Shiva-san said that it’d be better for us to fight with no information on each other as that would reflect my actual abilities the best. Of course, preparing carefully beforehand is also good, but there’re also times when one can get caught in a fight without being able to prepare. If one’s abilities aren’t up to par then, he wouldn’t be able to survive. With that, it’s been decided that we will be sparring before lunch.

As a result, I will be taken to the area where we will be sparring, just outside the town, by Sebasu-san’s dimension magic. Shiva-san’s just started to travel after all, so he’s different from me, and doesn’t have his weapons with him. Because of that it’s been decided that I’ll go ahead, and he’ll come after grabbing his weapons.

First we teleported to the gate of Teressa. We could’ve teleported beyond just fine too, but, save for emergencies, it’s illegal to go past the gate with dimension magic.

After going past the gate, we teleported again, and this time we reached a rocky area. With this, we won’t have to worry about our surroundings.

Sebasu-san said that he’ll bring Shiva-san and the others next, so I sent him off, and I began to do my own preparations. My opponent is a former knight commander. Obviously, he’s going to be strong. Even if he has gotten older, his power should still be on a completely different level compared to those bandits I’ve been fighting. I can’t let my guard down…






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