The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 20: Magic Beast Tournament Opening


9 Days later

Putting my all into it, I took my slimes to the arena early in the morning. The second town’s always hustling and bustling with people, but today seems to be especially busy. But then again, that’s only to expected. After all, today’s the opening of the Magic Beast Tournament.

A lot of people have come to spectate or participate in the matches these coming three days. I walked through that busy town, and when I finally arrived at the arena, the guards shouted me words of encouragement.

“Do your best!” [Guard 1]
“Treat us out if you win.” [Guard 2]
“Be careful, alright.” [Guard 3]

Those people who called out to me are the adventurers working here as guards. There are a lot of magic beasts gathered here because of the tournament, so just to be safe, the organizers sent out a request. And apparently, it was the adventurer’s guild of Gimuru who took on that request.

The guild directly notified adventurers B Rank up. They also called out to me, but I’m going to be participating in the tournament, so I refused.

Because of that, familiar faces called out to me as I walked until I finally turned at the entrance used for transporting goods. There’s another entrance aside from this which is the normal entrance, but that entrance is only big enough for people. Magical beasts can’t enter through it, so participants like me have to use this entrance. This is something that I learned when I registered.

“Fushuu!” [Beast 1]
“Gururururu…” [Beast 2]
“Gieee!” [Beast 3]
“Kyun…” [Beast 4]

On the other side of that entrance that was now forbidden except to related personnel, was a large crowd of magical beasts and participants. There were all sorts of magical beasts from different sizes to different types. Some were excited, eager to fight, and others were visibly scared. The participants could also be seen giving off sparks from time to time.

“In any case, I should first report my arrival.” [Ryouma]

I walked to a tent near the entrance that’s been temporarily placed there to serve as a reception desk.

“May I know your name?” [Receptionist]
“Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]
“Can I see your proof of participation? …Yes, thank you very much. Please wait a moment.” [Receptionist]

After I showed the proof of my participation that I got after registering, the male receptionist looked through his register of names.

“I’ve confirmed your registration. I am returning this proof of participation. Takebayashi-sama, your match is number 24.” [Receptionist]
“I’ve been informed that participants need to have his personal belongings checked. Do I need to have my things checked now?” [Ryouma]
“It’s possible to have it now, but the participant won’t be able to leave. Takebayashi-sama, your match is still in the afternoon, so it should be fine even if you have the body check later. Please feel free to enjoy yourself until noon.” [Receptionist]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Then I guess I should watch my rivals until noon… I’ll probably have to watch standing, but being able to watch even a little should be good.

So I entered the arena through its entrance, and headed for the spectators’ seats. As expected, waves of people crowded the area, and there was no place left to sit. I was somehow able to find a spot to stand on, but from time to time, a head would pass by and block my vision.

“Elia and the others said they’d come to cheer on me, but… there’s no way I could tell where they are with this.” [Ryouma]

It was here that a man suddenly stepped into the center of the stage, and the sounds of music erupted, drowning the noise of the crowd. With the flourish of trumpets out, the tournament was about to begin.

<<Ladies and gentleman! The long awaited battle between Riforu Kingdom’s challengers and their magical beasts is here! I officially declare the Magic Beast Tournament open!>>

The man’s voice echoed throughout the arena as he announced the opening of the tournament. After that, he lightly explained the rules of the tournament, but this time, he talked a lot calmer. Also, I can feel some hint of magic power in his voice… is this magic? Come to think of it, I do recall making magic like that in the past…

As I was thinking that, the explanation regarding that voice of his came.

Apparently, it’s because of the magic tool that was excavated from some ruins some few months ago. A lot of the same magic tool was found, so they were distributed to the various research labs and to the magic guild. After analyzing them, a portion of those magic tools flowed into the market, and was sold. That same artifact is being used In the explanations of this tournament now.

Even though they’re artifacts, they actually flowed into the market that easily… Well, it’s probably because all it does is amplify the voice so it wasn’t valued much. Or maybe they can mass produce it? I’m not that familiar with magic tools though, so I wouldn’t know. I should ask Kanan when I have time.

The participants for the first round seemed to have been waiting while the man on stage was greeting the audience, since as soon as he finished, those two participants immediately entered. At their entrance, two voices belonging to the host and the commentator sounded. They started talking about the participants and their respective magical beasts.

<<Please welcome the recently rising newcomer of the tamer guild, Podro! Riding on his magical beast, the Barbell Reindeer, what a magnificent entrance!>>

A young man entered the stage, riding on what appeared to be a reindeer with two black horns that resembled pitchforks, growing out of it. Rather than magnificent though, I’d say he looks more nervous since he looks so stiff that he seems to be having a hard time moving. Or maybe his entrance is magnificent because he’s visibly trying to keep his back straight to avoid looking nervous?

<<So– what sort of magical beast is this Barbell Reindeer?>>
<<The Barbell Reindeer lives in the snows mountains, and is often considered to be one of the gentler beasts out there, but it is undoubtedly a B Rank magical beast. Naturally, despite its gentle nature, it has power befitting that of a B Rank magical beast. For example, those giant horns on its head are more than capable of easily perforating armor. Moreover, Barbell Reindeers are also known to cast electric magic from time to time>>
<<Well, I guess that means we have a big one right off the bat. Continuing–––>>

They continued in that manner, introducing and explaining the participant. When both sides were finally gathered, the match started. After the match ended, the participants left, the arena was repaired, and then the tournament proceeded on to the next match. It was in this way the matches continued.

Incidentally, the winner of the first match was Podro and the Barbell Reindeer. That reindeer was really strong. It struck its foe with its horns. It roasted it with electricity. And then it trampled it underfoot its seemingly hard hooves. Also, apparently, when that reindeer uses its electric magic, its horns turn head, and become really hot. The original purpose behind that was apparently for it to melt the snow and drink it, but when used during battle, it proves to be a formidable weapon. I’ll need to watch out for that.

As for how the battle was, well… How should I put it?

“To sum it up briefly: it was a brawl.” [Ryouma]

Seeing tens of magical beasts go wild at the same time is certainly amazing, but on the other hand, it could also be said to be the picture of hell. After the sixteen matches ended, I quickly ate my meal, and then I took the slime that I’ll be using from my Dimension Home. From what I’ve seen, the other participants also wielded some weapon and shield for self-defense, so I also took out my blade, and sheathed it at my waist.

After I finished my preparations, I let a slime ride over each of my shoulders, one over my head, while I carried one last slime in my arms, then I entered the entrance to the participants’ area. Participants are limited to a maximum of five magical beasts in the preliminaries. As for how I’m going to fight… thanks to Elia and the others, I was able to get enough time to think up a strategy, so I’ll be going for the win!

When I lined up for the body check, the voices of other participants fell on my ears.

“Hey, hey, look at that guy.” [Participant 1]
“He’s actually going to fight with those slimes?” [Participant 2]
“Is he looking down on this tournament?” [Participant 3]

These people came from a different town. Moreover, they came from one quite some distance away. As for why I know that, well that’s because––––

“Ah, that guy’s the cleaner.” [Participant 4]
“That guy fighting with slimes is an adventurer? Can his slimes really fight?” [Participant 5]
“Weren’t the cleaner’s slimes just pets? From what I hear, it’s the cleaner himself who’s strong, and the slimes just eat the unneeded parts of magical beasts.” [Participant 6]

It’s because the people living near Gimuru give that sort of response. They’ve heard a little of the rumors about me, so they’re only half-convinced. As for the people who know me well–––

“…” [Participant 7]
“Uwa…” [Participant 8]
“What a pain… But then again, he’s only using five slimes, so he might actually lose in the preliminaries…” [Participant 9]

These guys are from the tamer guild… probably. Because there aren’t a lot of people capable of forming a contract with a B Rank magical beast, and because of all the bandits I’ve been catching plus the contract I’ve formed with my cannonball rhino, Rai, these sort of people have increased.

I don’t know if it’s because they’re guilty or what, but from time to time, I can see these guys avoiding my gaze. I mean sure it’s not exactly nice being underestimated, but being treated like cancer isn’t very nice either… But then again, they are from the tamer guild, and matters related to them being pleasant is rare, so I guess it’s just as usual.

The line proceeded gradually until finally it was my turn. In front of me were a woman and four rough men.

“You are Ryouma Takebayashi-sama, correct? We will be inspecting the magic tools you have with you. Do you have any?” [Female Personnel]
“No, there’s nothing.” [Ryouma]
“Then please excuse me…” [Female Personnel]

The moment the woman before me said that, the magic power she exhaled wrapped itself around me. After which, she smiled that usual business smile of hers as she informed that the inspection was over.

“What was that just now?” [Ryouma]
“Enchantment magic to detect whether or not you have magic tools or weapons on your person.” [Female Personnel]

Apparently, that magic was meant to confirm whether I had any magic tools with me, so she knows for sure whether or not I have. And in case I do have, she would investigate.

Magic tools can be imbued with the slave demon magic or conjuration, so anyone with magic powr can use them. And even slave demon magic users and conjurers use them. The purpose of this inspection is to find out whether a participant is using a magic tool. In which case, he or she would immediately be expelled.

…Furthermore, there are many defects amongst magic tools imbued with slave demon magic or conjuration, making them prone to accidents, so they’re currently prohibited, and are not being sold. Just being in possession of them is plenty bad.

“But even then, it can still be found if one looks hard enough, so we still have to check. It’s also in the rules.” [Female Personnel]

That’s true. This woman in front of me is checking just in case. She also has a magic tool imbued with dimension magic, so they have more than enough countermeasure to deal with one in case there is.

“Thank you for your work.” [Ryouma]

I didn’t have any magic tools on me, so the inspection immediately ended. Following the instructions of the personnel in charge, I entered into waiting room. If I’d brought a large-type magical beast with me, I would have been shown to the storehouse, but since all I have with me are my slimes, I was just brought here.

When the person who would be coming out in the same match as me entered into the waiting room, he glared at me. However, he immediately lost interest, and averted his gaze. Seemingly unconcerned, he lightly greeted me, and then sat at a corner in the room as he looked around the area. There were water and snacks prepared in the room. There were also people chatting and people loitering around.

But none of the faces belong to any of my acquaintances, so no came to talk to me. I just quietly sat in my seat while caressing my slimes until my turn finally came.

And after some time of waiting, my turn finally came.

“Sorry for the wait. All participants for match number 24, please come.” [Personnel]

At those words, everyone in the room including me, stood up, and we followed the personnel in charge.

Now, let the match begin!





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