The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 22: After the Preliminaries

After securing the victory, I waved to the audience as I left the arena. The official led me to a different room from the waiting room awhile a go. Inside the room was a chair and a desk.

The official offered me a seat, so I sat facing him.

“Congratulations for breaking through the preliminaries.” [Official]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]
“I will be taking a sheet of paper from this box for Takebayashi-sama.” [Official]

As the official said that, he slid a box with a hole on top of it just big enough for a hand to fit in. He then took a huge sheet of paper from underneath the desk and spread it before me. On it were 32 boxes, 23 of which were already filled. I had an inkling of what was going on as soon as I saw the box, and as expected, it really was drawing lots to decide the opponent for the main tournament.

After the official explained the details surrounding the box, confirming my suspicions, I drew a lot. Number 32 was written on the paper I drew. I handed it to the official, and as soon as he saw it, he wrote my name on the right most box.

The semifinals and finals will be held the day after tomorrow, so if everything go well tomorrow, I’ll be participating in three matches all in all.

“Takebayashi-sama, your match will be the last match of the first round, and will be against Podro-sama.” [Official]

Podro… That should be the winner of the first match. Looks like I’ll be fighting with that reindeer… It should be fine. I can think of several winning strategies and there’s no limit to the number of slave demons I can use, so I’ll be able to go all out.

Besides, my goal is to publicize the big slime anyway. So long as I’m able to expose it to as many people as possible, it doesn’t really matter who I fight. Even just showing the big slime in the main tournament is enough to complete my goals to some extent.

I don’t plan on easing up on my opponents, but my main goal was still to break through the preliminaries. Since I’ve already accomplished that, it could be said that I’ve already climbed the mountain. While I was being optimistic, I took a look at the names of the participants written on the paper.

I know the first 16 since I was watching them, but there are also names that I don’t know. Those ones are probably the ones who had their matches while I was in the waiting room.

“Hmm? ……Why is he?”

As I was reading the names of the participants near my turn, a certain name caught my attention. It was facing directly opposite my name. It read: Matthew.

“Excuse me. This Matthew here, is this the same Matthew as the tamer guild’s…” [Ryouma]
“Yes, that’s correct. That is certainly Matthew-sama of the Tamer Guild Gimuru Branch. He won the 22nd match, 2 matches before Takebayashi-sama’s.” [Official]

So it was him. Why exactly is that guy even participating?

“Is there something the matter?” [Official]
“Oh, uh, it’s nothing actually. I was just wondering how someone as busy as the guild master would be able to find time to join the tournament.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, the official wryly smiled and answered.

“From what I’ve heard, Matthew-sama took a three-day leave. It’s great for us since it’ll hype up the tournament, but the person himself seems really troubled…” [Official]
“I see…” [Ryouma]

Well considering his current situation, I guess it’s not too strange… I’ve also had my pay cut in my previous life. And when I tried to petition it, they just got mad at me… That’s not to say that I’m planning to save him or anything, but I can at least sympathize.

After that, I finished up on the rest of the paper work, had the explanations explained to me again, and then went back on stage for the spectators where someone suddenly called out my name.

“Ryouma-san!” [Elia]
“Elia?” [Ryouma]

I looked toward the source of the voice, and there I saw Sebasu-san and Elia. They congratulated me on my victory.

“Thank you very much. But why are you guys here?” [Ryouma]
“We came here to invite you. If you feel like watching the tournament, how about coming to watch with us?” [Elia]

Oh, I see. She’s sitting in the noble seats where many rich people and nobles are. That being the case, the security must be quite tight. If so, then even if we tried to meet up, it should be a difficult task if I were to be the one to look for them.

I accepted Elia’s favor and watched the tournament from the noble seats. When I entered into the noble section, the other four girls congratulated me as well. After that, the next match started, so all our attentions moved toward the stage.

And as usual, the arena from up top looked no different from hell. Seeing all these magical beasts lined up sure is interesting though. What’s more, the noble seats are a completely different experience from the time in the morning when I was just standing. In here, I can really focus on the match. Thanks to that, time flew by quickly… I only got to watch four matches from the noble seats, but it was fun.

After all the matches finished, we decided to have supper together. So as usual, we went to the Slime Den Restaurant, but…

“We’re really sorry, but the waiting time is ––– Ah! Owner!” [Waiter]

We didn’t have any prior reservations. I wonder if the wait is going to be long.

“Is something the matter?” [Ryouma]
“Matter? Of course there is! I heard all about your deeds, owner! I heard you broke through the preliminaries! Everyone’s already ready upstairs, you know?” [Waiter]
“Eh? What are you talking about?” [Ryouma]
“Huh? Didn’t you come for the victory party?” [Waiter]

It felt like we were talking about two different topics, so I asked him about the details for a bit, and apparently, the researchers who came to watch my match called the people around them, and prepared a victory party. So the entire second floor has apparently been reserved.

Focusing my ears a bit, I do actually hear a lot of voices from the second floor. It’s almost as if they were the ones who fought and won… They’re as lively as those foreigners I see on TV back in my previous life who would drink in a pub and watch soccer.

“It can’t be helped. Let’s go to a different store.” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma-san, it’s your party though. Is that alright?” [Elia]

There’s no way I could peacefully eat if I went into all that ruckus. With that excuse, we left the Slime Den Restaurant. The place we headed to was a restaurant in the northern part of the first city. It’s the store beside the liquor store from which I buy barrels of wine from every week. Their stews are really good.

After ordering some bread, stew, and one or two more items the others liked, I asked Kanan-san about the magic tool that caught my interest this afternoon.

“Mass producing magic tools? Well, it’s not impossible.” [Kanan]

In order to recreate a magic tool, the original first needs to be analyzed. After finding out how the original magic is used, the magic craftsman then needs to learn the same magic. After which he’ll then be able to create a magic tool just like the original. Analyzing and researching takes a lot of time though.

“In my house’s case, we put a lot of effort on every product, so we don’t mass produce. But for the army and noble-marketed manufacturers, they make things in bulk.” [Kanan]

So that’s how it is… As we were talking, our orders arrived. The stew and the soup are both dishes that’ve already been prepared in advanced, so our order came quickly.

When the food arrived, we changed our topic. We talked about my match instead.

“So, what do you think your odds are tomorrow?” [Michelle]
“There’s no telling unless I get to it. But I do have a plan.” [Ryouma]

My opponent tomorrow is that barbell reindeer. There are three things I need to keep an eye out for. Its horn, its electric magic, and its hooves.

I can use the electric slime to deal with the electric magic. The electric slime has such high resistance against electric magic that it nullifies it, but in exchange, it’s weak against physical attacks. But as long as it uses its magic it should be fine.

Moreover, my electric slime is able to use my personally created magic to defend against electric magic. It’s called ‘Ground’. In this magic, the practitioner covers himself in electric magic power to create a path of electricity overwriting the trajectory of the original electric magic, allowing him to dodge it.

It’s a magic I happened upon when after practicing Magic Perception I realized that there was a small difference in sensing the differing attributes. I can’t quite put it into words, but I was finally able to figure it out in these past two years. Moreover, I’ve also become able to sense the magic power floating in the air or in the surroundings so long as I use Magic Perception.

And then one day, when the electric slime used its electric magic to hit against a practice target, I coincidentally noticed that the electric attribute magic power follows a path.

To give some examples. The intermediate magic ‘Thunder Bolt’ follows a straight path ntil impact, whereas the elementary magic ‘Stun’ doesn’t, but in exchange, it can’t be shot.

After some thinking, I wondered, wouldn’t it be possible to create the same effect that electric magic power does wherein it calls lightning via the electric potential difference? My mind on fire, I experimented for several days with my Magic Perception. The object of my experimentation was the electric slime along with my personally created light bulb and vacuum tube (diode).

I once created a radio using a vacuum tube in my previous life, so using that knowledge, I took a metal pipe and a filament created from bamboo. I took the sticky slime’s hardening liquid plank, changed its shape, and then I set it inside the pipe. Then using alchemy, I made the pipe airtight, creating myself a diode. I then let electricity pass through it to confirm my theory. When I saw the movement of electricity inside I was able to confirm the movement of electric attribute magic power.

But then again, considering the fact that the elementary magic ‘Stun Arrow’ would create the shape of an arrow with electricity, this result is only natural. If anything, the bigger question should be why I didn’t realize it until now. Is it because I got used to it and just accepted that it works? Hmm… It seems the common sense of this world in regards to magic has also affected me.

Going back to the topic.

In any case, my point is that the combination of the big poison slime and the electric slime which can defend against long range attacks and electric magic should prove an interesting matchup against that barbell reindeer.

I talked like this we Elia and the others as we had our supper. After we finished eating, we went our separate ways.


The Next Day.

In the summer heat when the sun’s rays were at their peak, the spectator’s fervor burned even fiercer. The matches proceeded one after another, and when the sun was finally at its highest, my turn came.

<<In the last match of the first round~ The unexpected tamer who brought out a slime, Ryouma Takebayashi! Will he, again, in this tournament, make some waves!?>>

Those words were a signal, so I went ahead and walked toward the stages, leading my 20 big poison slimes, each of which was wielding a spear upon which an electric slime was riding on.

<<What is this crowd of slimes!? They’re big, a part of their body is stretching, and they even have a spear!?>>

Shocked, the host couldn’t help but exclaim as his gaze turned toward the analyst. But the analyst was staring stiff at the big poison slimes, not a word leaving his lips. Seeing that, the host tried to shake the analyst awake.

<<Analyst, analyst, snap out of it!>>

The host tried to whisper the words, but he was using a magic tool, so his voice still resounded throughout the arena. Because of this, the spectators all noticed the oddity in the analyst’s behavior. The crowd was silenced.

<<What’s going on? Analyst, hello?>>
<<Ah, r-right! Sorry for that! Umm… The slime participant Takebayashi is bringing with him right now is…>>
<<I-If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, those should be the… big poison… slimes.>>

At those words, all eyes gathered on me. The host didn’t seem to have any knowledge on  big slimes, so he asked the analyst.

<<So those’re the big poison slimes. What kind of magical beast are those?>>
<<A higher class of slimes. It could be said to be a more advanced poison slime. Just like the portion slime from yesterday, they can be found in poisonous lands every now and then, but they don’t have much difference to poison slimes in terms of their mode of life.

It is said that these big poison slime have strong resistance against physical attacks>>
<<So that’s how it is~>>
<<But! What’s really shocking isn’t this.>>
<<Then what is it?>>

An audible gulp could be heard from the analyst as he prepared to drop the bomb.

<<What’s shocking is that big slimes and poison slimes should be untameable!>>
<<Untameable? But how can that be? The poison slime is right here before our very yes. Moreover, they’re lined up and are following Participant Takebayashi. There are even two lines. No matter how you look at it, they have definitely been tamed––––>>
<<Let me revise that. It was said to be untameable. There should’ve been research being done on how to tame them, but there hasn’t been a single successful case until now!>>

At those words, the host finally understood the situation. With a grave voice, he slowly spoke.

<<In other words…>>
<<Participant Takebayashi has just accomplished a world-shattering feat as the big slime has – for the first time in history – been successfully tamed! And today, Participant Takebayashi will, on this very stage, before the public, show us the power of the big slimes!>>

The crowd exploded. The hype spread like fire as the crowd chanted one after another, “World First!” After having calmed himself, the analyst added, “although their might have been other cases that just weren’t publicized…” but no ears heard him. Well, this turn of events is really good for us though.

<<––––!? –––––!!!!>>

In the hype, even the host couldn’t help but cheer out loud. But with the magic tool by his mouth, the resulting cheer drowned out the entire arena, and everyone had to block their ears. When the echoes finally stopped, the whole arena had gone quiet.

<<Sorry about that. I was so excited, and I completely forgot about the magic tool. In any case, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the tournament has just gotten even more interesting! Now on the other corner, facing Participant Takebayashi!>>

The host gave a few words of apology, and then he went ahead and introduced my opponent. I wonder if he’s still not used to the magic tool. But then again it would’ve been hard for him to introduce my opponent if those cheers continued… was it calculated?

During this time, the introduction of my opponent, Podro, and his barbell reindeer continued. Darn, snap out of it, me! I came here to win!

After fixing my attitude, I waited for my opponent. But I couldn’t see him at all. I thought he’d already entered after the host spoke, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Gradually, the crowd started to noisy.

<<Umm… According to this information we’ve just received, Participant Podro’s barbell reindeer had apparently fainted. Supposedly, it’s because the barbell reindeer is from the snowy mountains, so it couldn’t take the heat.>>

Huh? What is this announcer saying?

<<Because of Participant Podro’s forfeiture, Participant Takebayashi will be getting a free win!>>

The crowd went silent. Then in the next instant, jeers filled the arena.

“Get up the stage and fight!”
“Give me back my money! I bet on you!”

…Well, this was unexpected. And here I was talking all confident to Elia and the others. Who would’ve thought I’d get a free win.

I even fired myself up. Following the official’s command, I left the arena with the slimes. They looked disappointed too.

“And we even practiced our spear last night. Sigh…” [Ryouma]

…But the slimes remained silent. Sigh… just more pointless stuff.





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