The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 6 Tour 2

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Volume 4 Chapter 6 Tour 2

Beneath the blinding light of the sun, within the passionate zeal of the spectators, was me, sitting to the right of the stone pedestal, at the middlemost seat of seven chairs.

As I somehow managed to secure seats for everyone, I felt Elia’s group nearing through the shadow slimes lurking in their shadows. I looked toward their direction, and I saw them through the gaps between the many spectators. I waved my hand, and they came over.

“Ryouma-han~ sorry for making ya wait.” [Miyabi]
“We bought some drinks. And umm… is this crushed ice ok?” [Kanan]

Kanan-san handed me a transparent bag filled with transparent ice and fruit juice, with a straw sticking out.

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]
“It’s been really hot lately, so I ended up buying as soon as I saw something cold.” [Kanan]
“Well I started selling crushed ice because of the heat, so if you bought it for that reason, then guess it’s a success.” [Ryouma]

Crushed ice is a product based on my previous life’s memories. Right now, I’m selling it as one of my shop’s limited products, and is currently one of my best-selling goods.

Products like ice, ice cream, and sherbet have actually existed long before I even came to this world despite them not having fridges. They were able to make them through the employment of magicians, but because of that, there weren’t a lot of stores that could sell them. It wasn’t easy to make them even with one or two magicians due to the limits of magic power. Plus, adding to the fact that sugar was a necessary ingredient to make sherbet and ice cream, they naturally ended up being expensive.

But in our store, the ones creating the ice are ice slimes who can use ice magic and the many slimes that could use barrier magic. Because of that our store can afford to sell a lot at a cheap price impossible to other stores.

Moreover, the other stores can’t imitate the transparent bags we’re using that prevents water from seeping through. These bags along with the straws are products of the sticky slime’s sticky liquid and hardening liquid. I combine those two liquids, rub them over a metal mold, dry them, and then tear them off. The resulting product is similar to a vinyl bag that’s extremely easy to use. As the product isn’t in circulation, it can’t be helped that the other stores aren’t able to acquire it.

Or rather, if they manage to get some, I’ll have to investigate where they got them… Well, in any case, the crushed ice sold by our store is unusually cheap. Couple that with a place like this arena here were people are quick to spend, then you have a recipe for a killing.

Also, I’m digressing a bit, but the one who came up with this bag wasn’t me, but the branch manager of a laundromat, Caulkins-san. Having gotten used to managerial work, Caulkins-san sent me a letter, saying he’s started researching slimes again. I don’t have any intention of interfering with my employees’ private lives so long as they’re able to do their work, so I just sent him back an approving reply.

Half a year after that, a letter came with several prototypes of a vinyl-like bag. I was really touched when I saw those bags… I forgot about vinyl bags already, so when I saw them, it felt so nostalgic. I knew immediately that the vinyl bags would be useful, so I gave Caulkins-san a special bonus that also served as research funds.

As for the straw it was necessary before selling crushed ice. I created it with the production method of the bags as reference. It was made in pretty much the same way save for the ratio of the sticky liquid and hardening liquid and the mold used.

While I was caught up in my recollection after seeing the crushed ice, Riera-san and Sebasu-san took out a paper bag filled with food and a vessel made out of thin bamboo strips.

“What sort of food do you want? There’s popcorn and fried corn.” [Riera]
“There’s also hotdogs and corndogs.” [Sebasu]

Looks like they bought a lot…

Incidentally, popcorn, hotdog, and corndogs were in this world since long ago. They were definitely introduced by the otherworlders before me.

“I wonder if we bought too much?” [Riera]
“Don’t worry, what’s important is that you’re able to eat your fill.” [Ryouma]
“Well that’s true.” [Elia]

The six each took their seats as they ate, and started to watch the matches. I took a corndog for myself too as I listened to the six’s report regarding the store.

“Right… I think the service was good. They also explained the products well.” [Elia]
“I don’t think there were any problems in particular, but if I were to be picky, then I guess they seemed to be busy?” [Michelle]
“That can’t be helped though. There was a huge crowd of customers other than us after all.” [Riera]
“No, thank you very much. It’ll serve me well as reference for making a decision in whether I should add more employees, or whether the employees have simply not gotten used to their job yet.” [Ryouma]

Moderate busyness due to the store flourishing and being lively is fine, but if they make a mistake due to their busyness, it’ll be problematic. Customers don’t like seeing clerks that are too busy and always in a hurry either. I’ll have to check up on them in the near future.

While I was talking with the others, a flourish of trumpets resounded, signaling that there were 30 seconds left before the start of the match. The surrounding spectators had already begun to cheer on the fighters.

“Start!” [Announcer]

Several warriors entered the arena from the two gates on opposing sides. From our right were 5 men (1 spearman, 3 swordsmen, and 1 man with sword and shield). Facing them from our left, was a lone man nearly 2-meter-tall, wielding a huge hammer. Wait a moment… isn’t that Glen-san?

It takes me back when I see him him change his weapon from what he had when we met a few days ago to something different. Still… he’s making a killing anyway, so he should just go ahead and buy an adamantite weapon not just for fighting, but even for matches like these arena tournaments.

“Ryouma-dono, is this match a five on one?” [Riera]
“Seems to be the case.” [Ryouma]
“Then is the man to the left at the disadvantage?” [Riera]
“No. That man to the left is Glen-san. He’s an adventurer who just became S Rank last year, so he should be fine.” [Ryouma]
“Really!?” [Riera]

Ohh, Riera’s eyes turned sharp as soon as she heard he was an S Rank adventurer as if she wasn’t going to let even a single movement of his go unobserved.

“He’s the champion of a tournament that was held here before. Sometimes when a person like that comes out, he’s made to fight against multiple opponents as a handicap. Otherwise, since Glen-san’s so strong, it wouldn’t be possible to bet… Ah, but of course, there’s no match fixing going on here. Especially when Glen-san’s fighting as I think he’d get mad if that were to happen.” [Ryouma]

Glen-san is what you would call a battle junkie. He made Gimuru his home base as soon as the arena was completed. He lives here precisely so he can fight. He’s not one to go easy on his opponents or put his hands in match fixing. Even if he were asked to, the only thing that would result in is souring his mood.

I’ve also met with Glen-san several times since he lives in Gimuru. When we did he would always ask, are you fighting in the arena? It seems he remembers my face from when we met at the Great Forest of Shurus before.

…Fortunately, he wasn’t the type to forcefully make me come with him, or attack regardless of the location. Then again, a person like that probably wouldn’t become S Rank. There’s a background check before one is promoted to S Rank after all. You can’t become one just with power alone, you also need to have a good history and personality.

As I was thinking that, we approached the start of the match. The constants were gathered, and at the center stood a man dressed in white armor. The two groups braced themselves.

“Match, start!!” [Announcer]

At the voice’s call, the bell sounded, and the battle began.

“WoORa!!” [Glen]
“Ga!?” [Spearman]

Immediately, Glen-san rushed toward the spearman. With his hammer in his hands, he struck down, and crushed the spear. Then with a full swing, he sent the man flying.

I guess that he’ll be sent to the first-aid office then.

After that, the shield and sword wielding warrior stepped out, attracting Glen-san’s attention while the three others came from the side. Glen-san tried to destroy his opponent’s weapon with his hammer, but as he was aiming for a counter, he was able to dodge. The shield wielding man covered for him, allowing him to recover his stance, and there after attack once more. A close battle with neither side gaining an advantage continued.

That shield guy sure is holding it well. The other three guys are also strong. I don’t recognize any of them, but regardless how bad my eye is for skill, they should all at least be B Rank up… This match is certainly something worth seeing. After this, I should check the matchups later.

As I was thinking that the battle grew fiercer.

“Ah!” [Someone]

As the shield of the shield-wielding warrior was flicked away, someone cried out in surprise.

The warrior tried to pick up his shield, and fix his stance, but instead he was sent flying away together with his shield. He was forced to withdraw. Then with the remaining three warriors’ coordination broken, Glen-san took them down one by one to claim victory.

The referee declared Glen-san the winner, and the spectators all broke out into cheers as Glen-san waved back at them, exiting through the gate.

“As expected of an S Rank, he didn’t step back once.” [Kanan]
“What an amazing match. Do matches like this happen here all the time?” [Riera]
“Oh, no. I don’t think the normal matches here are up to that level.” [Ryouma]
“Although they lost, they were quite strong too.” [Sebasu]

The trumpets blew again, and the spectators’ cheers grew louder. Because of that I’m not sure whether the girls heard my and Sebasu-san’s explanation.

It’s not obvious, but Glen-san is a dwarf. The dwarves have an image of being a small race, but that’s only because most of them are short. There are actually tall dwarves as well.

Dwarves are handy with their hands and physically fit. They are a race blessed with a powerful body, but even within that, Glen-san is exceptionally strong. It’s only because the shield-wielding warrior from before was able to endure the force of that strength despite being bashed by the hammer several times while the others fought together as one that they were able to fight a battle like a while ago. If it was anyone else, they would surely have been instantly defeated.

The five girls already seemed to be looking forward to the next match, but if they’re expecting a match similar to just now, I hope they don’t get disappointed…

And then night came.

“The matches sure were exciting.” [Michelle]
“The matches were amazing, but the first one was definitely the best.” [Riera]
“Really? I think the three matches after that that used magic were better.” [Michelle]
“Those matches were really showy~. If it weren’t for the barrier magic protecting us, we wouldn’t have been able to watch the battle.” [Kanan]
“Speaking of showy––––“ [Elia]

After watching at the heated arena, we rode back home on as the girls talked about their impressions. They seem to have really enjoyed themselves today.

Although I sure didn’t think they’d spend the entire day watching fights.

The five of them were girls after all, so I thought they’d get tired after a while. But apparently that wasn’t the case. Especially for Riera-san who was especially heated during the matches. But the other four weren’t bored either. I wonder if it’s simply because they’re bored?

Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of sports in this world… some board games from earth were passed down, so there’s relatively a lot of them, but I’ve never heard of anything pertaining to sports. I’ll try asking someone about it next time…

The carriage continued on its way as I quietly thought to myself. As the crowd of scantily-dressed women grew more numerous on the road, we left the gates of the 2nd town, and reached the gates of the 1st town. Our carriage was stopped here.

“Please show your identific–––– Ah, old man!” [Guard]

I sent a gaze toward that nostalgic voice, and what greeted me was the face young guard with a familiar face. He’s someone I personally taught. If I recall correctly, his name is…. Crais-san. Oh, so he was recently hired then.

I thought that as I rubbed the corner of my inner eye with the thumb and index finger of my left hand. Then as I abruptly stood up, I inched my way through Elia and the others who were seating to get to the driver’s seat. There, I took a tight grip of Crais-san’s head.

“Old man…?” [Crais]

As I held him tight under my arms, I said.

“Who are you calling an old man? I’m younger than you!” [Ryouma]

I’m 14 years old, he’s 18 years old. The younger one is me! Of course if you include my previous life, then I’m an old man, but there’s no way he would know something like that. Being called younger is one thing, but I don’t want to be referred to as someone older.

“Ah, owwwwww!! Wait a sec, old man! I’m a guard! It’s not good to manhandle guards!” [Crais]

Complained Crais has he endured the pain. But the other guards in the area only said.

“Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine.” [Guard 1]
“That guy got married recently, so he’s been getting over his head. Do him in more!” [Guard 2]
“We see nothing.” [Guard 3]
“This kid always talks about his wife every chance he gets! Damnit!” [Guard 4]
“… Crush him!” [Guard 5]
“Senpai!? owwwwww!” [Crais]

The surrounding guards cheered me on, so I locked his head hard one more time then I let him go. We couldn’t stay locked like that forever after all.

“We want to enter the town, so please quickly grant us permission.” [Ryouma]
“Ah… it still hurts… Excuse me, I’ll just check your identification…. Alright, everyone seems to be ok. Please enter.” [Crais]
“Thank you very much.” [Elia]
“Thank you very much, Crais-san. Please continue to do your best.” [Ryouma]
“Of course! I’ll do it for my wife and my future child too!” [Crais]
“Ryouma, do him in again!” [Guard 1]
“Even using that giant slave demon of yours is fine.” [Guard 2]
“Nah, let’s just do it ourselves.” [Guard 3]
“Wait, senpai! Please stop!” [Crais]

As Crais-san was surrounded by the other guards, we entered the town with our carriage. I sent a glance back toward where Crais-san was, and what I saw was Crais-san’s two arms locked down by two guards as he received light body blows from another. Then while they were playing around another guard came. I guess it’s time for them to change shifts. In any case, I offered a silent prayer for Crais-san.

“Umm… Ryouma-san? What was about just now?” [Elia]
“That guard was my former student. For some reason he likes to call me old man though. Even though I’m the younger one…” [Ryouma]

Upon hearing that, not just Elia, but even Sebasu-san and Miyabi-san showed understanding expressions.

“…What is it?” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma-sama, you’ve always been mature mentally, so it probably can’t be helped.” [Sebasu]
“I remember I thought you were really composed too when I first met ya.” [Miyabi]
“Sometimes you even look at me with eyes like gramps and the others. Eyes that seemed like they were protecting me.” [Elia]

Following them, the other three also spoke.

“Ryouma-kun, you’re younger?” [Michelle]
“I do recall hearing you’re younger than us by a year, but I forgot all about it after talking with you.” [Riera]
“We might call you with ‘kun’, but your atmosphere’s definitely that of an older guy.” [Kanan]

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a kid for 6 years already that I find it strange they think of me like this… I don’t know anymore… Am I a kid or an old man? I know deep inside that I’m older than my exterior shows when I put my two lives’ ages together, but I still can’t help but insist, ‘I’m 14 years old!’, deep inside.

…Nothing would change even if we kept this up, so I just forcefully changed my feelings. I asked what Elia and her group will be doing tomorrow, and apparently, they want to go somewhere different. There, Riera-san mentioned that she wanted to have the match we talked about the day before yesterday. I guess she’s been influenced by the arena. Well I did promise her though, so why not?

After thinking for a while, I suggested to give them a tour of some of Gimuru’s training. There’s a training area there too, so we can use that to have the match. After that, I chatted idly with Elia’s group until we reached their lodging. After we parted, I went back home.

“I should make some preparations for tomorrow. And since we’re going to the Slime Den Restaurant tomorrow noon, I guess I should inform Celma-san in advance.” [Ryouma]

I stopped walking, and then I decided to go to the Slime Den Restaurant first then go home. My course decided, I began walking the night road again.






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