The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 2 Chapter 33: Monster Subjugation Break Time (1/2)

“Thank you for the food.” [Ryouma]

It was lunch break and I’d just finished eating my meal at a corner of that wide-open area. The other adventurers were still eating, however, and in fact, there were some who’d just started.

I tend to eat quickly when I’m by myself. Now what? Jeff-san and the others went to get information and eat with the other adventurers, so I can’t bother them.

With nothing to do, I figured I’d take care of the slimes first.

“Excuse me.” [Ryouma]

I called out to the receptionist responsible for handling jobs other than things regarding the subjugation.

“Ara, Ryouma-kun.” [Maelyn]

“Hi, Maelyn-san. Do you have some time?” [ryouma]

“Sure. What is it?” [Maelyn]

“I just want to inform the guild that I’ll be leaving the area to feed the slimes until break ends. Also, have you received any monster corpses yet?” [Ryouma]

“They have, so go ahead and get as much as you want. You’ve already paid in advance, so as long as you show the guild staff your guild card, they’ll hand them over to you.

I’ll note your leave, but be careful, alright? And make sure to come back once break ends.” [Maelyn]

“There’s a roll call per party, right?” [Ryouma]

“That’s right. In the instance, you’re late and are unable to make it to work, you have to report to the reception desk. We’re doing this to prevent people from stealthily leaving their post to commit robbery. If you fail to show up, you will be treated as someone who’s shirked his duties and will not receive pay. This is non-negotiable.” [Maelyn]

“Got it. Thanks.” [Ryouma]

After heeding Maelyn-san’s warning, I left the reception desk, got four portions of monster corpses, and left the area.


“Here should be good… ‘Dimension Home’” [Ryouma]

After walking for a while and up a steep hill, I managed to find a place with no people.

If it’s here, I should be able to immediately tell when a monster or a person approaches.

Slimes came out one after another through a white hole and into the hill road, then I gave them the monster corpses to feed on.

First, I had the cleaner slimes eat the filth, then divided the remains into four. After that, I placed a giant vessel full of water beside the remains and gave the order for the slimes to eat. When I did, the big or huge variant of the poison, sticky, acid, and scavenger slimes appeared and they feasted on the mountain of food.

I had to prepare food for the metal slimes next, so I went to do just that, but while preparing its food, the metal slime started to dig a hole on the ground to eat the soil.

Can it eat the iron content within the soil?

…But it’s not making any progress digging.

Rather than digging, the metal slime actually looked like it was throwing a tantrum for being the only one without food.

I hurried myself and quickly put a bowl full of iron powder on the ground. At that, the metal slime stopped trying to dig and hurriedly went to its bowl. The only reason I could tell it was hurrying, however, was because of the contract, but if you just looked at it, it was actually moving very slowly.

I guess that iron body must really be weighing it down.

As the metal slime sucked in the iron, I sat beside it and watched it eat.

It was in this way that I passed the time.

Speaking of which, the heal slimes didn’t eat food and instead photosynthesized, so they basked in the sunlight behind me while everyone else ate.


After the slimes finished eating, there was something bothering me, so I brought them all back except a poison slime, a sticky slime, and an acid slime.

“Please.” [Ryouma]

I placed a plate in front of each slime and asked them to spit on it. The poison slime spit poison, the sticky slime spit its sticky liquid, and the acid slime spit acid.

The metal slime’s body was hard and it possessed the skill ‘harden’.

I know it’s strong against physical attacks, but I wonder if it can handle poison?

I don’t know, so we’re going to find that out now.

It’s just me watching its reaction while it approaches the various plates, though.

First came poison.

“…Unaffected, huh.” [Ryouma]

The metal slime didn’t react even a little. A sticky slime would back off here, but the metal slime didn’t care. It can stand perfectly fine beside the poison slime.

Next is the sticky liquid.

“…It’s fine with this one too.” [Ryouma]

The metal slime had no reaction to the first two, but when acid came, it finally showed a reaction.

When it approached the plate of acid, its body squirmed more than normal as if it were melting, and then it gradually backed away.

“So, it’s bad with acid… This sure reminds me of a science experiment.” [Ryouma]

There was an experiment in the past where we had to put hydrochloric acid on a metal foil… How nostalgic.

I didn’t want to scare it too much, so I put an end to the experiment there.

After I took away the plates and disposed of them, the metal slime calmed down. But because it ran away in a panic, its body was now dirty.

I should wipe it.

When I tried rubbing it with a towel, its shape contorted according to my touch. Rubbing it gave a mysterious feeling impossible for metal and was really fun.

“Good! …I think it’s about time we came back…?” [Ryouma]

After checking the time on the clock that I’d acquired previously, I realized I should be getting back soon, so I invoked Dimension Home to put the metal slime back in, but I dropped it.

The metal slime usually took on a warped shape, but the current metal slime was a ball. That ball just made contact with a steep hill.

“Dimension Ho— !?” [Ryouma]

Following the shrill sound with my eyes, I saw a ball rolling down the hill at a terrifying speed.

When I looked down to my legs, I saw that the metal slime was gone.


I was about to chase after it by reflex, but then it occurred to me that there were still 3 slimes left outside.

If I leave them here, some other adventurer might come across them, and…

So, quickly, I picked up the three slimes and chased after the metal slime that had already rolled a long distance away after just a few seconds.

A person would die when hit in the wrong spot, but slimes didn’t even need to be hit in the wrong spot to die. They were fragile creatures. Because of that I couldn’t help but worry despite the iron slime’s hardened body.

The metal slime eventually stopped rolling when it crashed into a thicket of weeds.

The metal slime was unmoving.

“Are you alright?” [Ryouma]

As I approached the metal slime to check its condition, it gradually stood back up, twisting and warping as it did. Apparently, it was just shocked, but was otherwise unhurt.

That sure gave me a scare.

When I have the time, I should check how much force the metal slime can take. It should be safe as long as we don’t hit the nucleus… Or, no. I think I should put this off until after the metal slime reproduces.

After making up my mind, I picked up the metal slime.

“……! ………?” [???]

“……!!” [???]

“Hmm?” [Ryouma]

A voice?

I focused my attention to it and found that I wasn’t hearing things. It was the voice of a person, several voices, in fact. It should be… somewhere near the wide area. It must be one of the adventurers who took on the job.

The voices seem to be quarreling, though? I don’t know what they’re talking about, but it sounds dangerous.

“It bothers me… Let’s check it out.” [Ryouma]

There’s no point even if I go to the guild master and the reception desk now since I’m not even sure if they’re actually arguing.

With a sticky slime on head, a poison slime and an acid slime on either shoulder, I walked toward the direction of those voices.






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