The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Prologue 2 (2/2)

After casting spell after spell for a while, Ryouma muttered to himself.

“This isn’t very efficient.” [Ryouma]

(I’ve finally started to get the hang of it, but at this rate, I won’t finish before the sun sets. Besides, there should be a limit to the number of times I can use magic.)

As Ryouma thought that, he decided to take a break and draw water from the river. When he came back, he opened the letter again.

(It would be great if there’s something I can use, but in the worst case, I’ll just have to use that tent. I’ve slept some in one back on Earth, so it should be no problem… Ah.)

While Ryouma was looking for a solution to his predicament, he came across a page that showed his status.

(Status, huh. Well, this should be convenient. At the very least, I’ll be able to understand exactly what I can and can’t do.)

When he looked at the page again, it read:

Name: Ryouma Takebayashi
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Race: Human

(My name and gender is the same as in my past life. I don’t really remember what sort of kid I was back then though. All I remember is that my dad beat everything into me. Anyway, moving on…)

HP: 10,486
MP: 102,300

Note: For an average person, their HP would normally be around 1000, while an adventurer, a soldier, or a trained person would normally have theirs between 2,000 to 3,000.

“What kind of freak am I supposed to be then?” [Ryouma]

(I mean, sure, I might have worked out a bit more than most young people or those bigwigs with their bulging stomachs, but I don’t think that’s enough to make such a big difference. The magic power makes sense since the gods said my magic power would naturally increase as a side effect of their procedure, but that shouldn’t apply to HP.)

MP had a note under it just like HP. Normal people had 100 MP. Warriors that bolstered their fighting abilities with magic ranged from 500 – 700 MP. A normal mage ranged from 1,000 – 5,000 MP, and a royal court magician ranged from 10,000 to 50,000.

(Well, more won’t hurt. Now about those skills…)

Domestic Skills
Domestic Chores LV10
Etiquette LV7
Musical Instrument LV3
Singing LV3
Calculation LV5

Battle Skills
Close-Combat Mastery LV7
Sword Mastery LV7
Knife Mastery LV6
Hidden Weapons Mastery LV7
Spear Mastery LV4
Bow Mastery LV6
Staff Mastery LV6
Weight Control LV4
Throwing Weapons Mastery LV7
Stealth Mastery LV7
Traps LV6
Body Control LV6
Spirit Cultivation LV5

Magic Skills
Familiar Magic LV1
Barrier Magic LV1
Healing Magic LV1
Alchemy LV1
Fire Magic LV1
Water Magic LV1
Wind Magic LV1
Earth Magic LV1
Neutral Magic LV1
Electric Magic LV1
Ice Magic LV1
Poison Magic LV1
Wood Magic LV1
Light Magic LV1
Dark Magic LV1
Space Magic LV1
Magic Perception LV1
Magic Manipulation LV1
Increased MP Recovery LV1

Production Skills
Pharmacy LV6
Smithing LV1
Architecture LV2
Woodworking LV2
Molding LV4
Drawing LV4

Resistance Skills
Physical Pain Resistance LV8
Mental Resistance LV9
Health LV7

Special Skills
Survival Skills LV3
Focused Mind LV5
Greater Vitality LV3
Greater Stamina LV6
Greater Regeneration LV3

One Who has Lived Through Misfortune
Favored Child of the Gods
Disciple of the Sage
Disciple of the Martial God

Blessing of Gayn, the God of Creation
Blessing of Kufo, the God of Life
Blessing of Rurutia, the God of Love

(Regarding skills, a level 1 means that one has learned the basics. A level 2 indicates that one is an apprentice, while a level 3 indicates that one is learned. 4 indicates proficiency, while a 5 means first-class. From 6 beyond is the mark of an expert.

I guess the 39 years I spent wasn’t for nothing. A lot of the skills seem to have taken inspiration from the things I learned in work and school. Stuff like programming which isn’t relevant to this world aren’t written, though.

Titles and blessings don’t really seem like they’ll be much use right now. Now, what to do?)

Ryouma turned to the next page and read the explanations written about various skills. 10 minutes later, one skill caught his eyes.

Spirit Cultivation, a skill that strengthens one’s life force.

By sensing one’s ki beneath the stomach and by letting it flow throughout the body like one does with magic, one’s physical faculties are heightened. By allowing the ki to course through one’s weapons, the sharpness of the weapon increases, making it much more powerful. The use of Spirit Cultivation can become second-nature after regular use, so there are cases when its practitioners use it unaware.

(This is probably the reason why I moved so much awhile ago. I should be able to use it well once I understand it. Now, where is that earth spell… Ah, found it.)

The elementary earth spell, Rock. A spell that hardens soil and transforms it into either rock or stone. The shape can be molded according to the will of the mage.

“‘Rock’” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma used the spell on the crumbled parts of the cliff, the earth and sand quickly turned into stones.

“Good. ‘Rock’. ‘Rock’. —” [Ryouma]

Using the same spell several times, Ryouma created a short stone rod. Using Break Rock, Ryouma thinned its end, creating a shape akin to that of a beast’s fang. After completion, Ryouma held his newly made rod with a backhand grip as he walked toward the cliff.

Ryouma took a deep breath as he circulated ki from his right arm to his rod, then he slammed it down onto the cliff.

“Ha!” [Ryouma]

Ryouma’s hardened rod slammed into the cliff, boring a hole deep enough for half his finger to enter.

When Ryouma saw his rod take effect, he slammed the cliff again, boring holes faster than when he just chanted spells.

“Tch! It broke! ‘Rock’” [Ryouma]

Whenever Ryouma’s rod broke, he would fix it and begin digging again. By the time the sun had set, Ryouma had only managed to dig out a hole big enough for him to store his belongings. Despite that, because Ryouma had to use Spirit Cultivation and Magic, which he was unfamiliar with, a wave of exhaustion hit him.

(This is it for the day, I suppose.)

When Ryouma walked away from the cliff to get the food and water he’d gathered, he suddenly found himself staring at the scenery.

“Amazing…” [Ryouma]

Before Ryouma knew it, the world outside had been dyed in the color of the setting sun. The trees and the leaves reflected the red of the sun onto the leaves and plants outside of its reach. Ryouma was speechless at the beauty of that sight.

As the red sky began to fade, a resplendent starry sky filled its place.

(There’s so many stars. How beautiful. How long has it been since I last saw so many stars? In fact, how long has it been since I last had the opportunity to take in my surroundings?)

No one answered Ryouma’s questions, but regardless, Ryouma was satisfied. And with a face full of satisfaction, he took his belongings and carried them into his cave.

Ryouma took a blanket from his bag and spread it over the ground, creating a place for him to rest, then as he leaned onto the wall, he took a mouthful of food. He’d only gathered fruits and herbs he could eat raw, so there weren’t much, but he was still able to fill his belly, while still leaving about half of everything he’d gathered.

(I’ll eat the rest tomorrow. I should sleep now. I have to gather ingredients and things I can use in my day-to-day life tomorrow. There’s a lot to do, but there’s also a lot to gain.)

After eating his fill, Ryouma blocked the entrance of his cave.

“Gayn, Kufo, Rurutia, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kindness…” [Ryouma]

Ryouma’s busy legs finally stopped, taking refuge in the embrace of the soft blanket around him. As his words vanished into the dark of the cave, the sound of snoring could be heard not long after.


Meanwhile, in the divine realm, three gods were peeping at Ryouma. These gods were – of course – none other than Gayn, Kufo, and Rurutia, the gods who sent Ryouma to Seiruforu.

“Everything seems to be going well.” [Gayn]
“Yes, we have also managed to bestow him power without any difficulties.” [Rurutia]
“He’s managed to find a place to live in as well. It should be smooth sailing from here.” [Kufo]

The three gods expressed their relief in the blank white space.

“Indeed, but let’s keep watching him for now. We might have made a deal with him, but it would ache my heart to see him happen into some unfortunate accident. And besides, he’s piqued my interest.” [Gayn]
“Sure, Gayn.” [Kufo]
“I agree, let’s keep watching. That aside, just what on Earth is the earth god thinking? I can’t believe he actually meddled with the destiny of a living person.” [Rurutia]

After showing their approval to Gayn’s proposal, Rurutia suddenly spat her disgust for the Earth God.

“Calm down, Rurutia. Grumbling here won’t do any of us any good.” [Gayn]
“But I’m concerned. You are too, right, Gayn?” [Rurutia]
“Well, yes. Even if it’s not always with malicious intention, there aren’t a lot of people whose destiny has been tampered with. To begin with, the fact that gods aren’t supposed to so easily tamper with a person’s destiny is common sense. And stealing a person’s fortune is just incorrigible.” [Gayn]
“He even went as far as to use ‘Trials’. I can’t believe he would actually have some reason behind all this.” [Rurutia]

Trials are a kind of opportunity the gods can give to the people living in the mortal world to help them; usually it is given when a great danger is looming over a great multitude, though ultimately, when it is given is completely up to the gods’ discretion.

When a trial is passed, the people who have undertaken the trial are given great power as reward.

“That god might have intended to hurt him, but in the end, a trial is a trial. If you can live through it, you can gain power.” [Rurutia]
“And though the trials were suppressed to little misfortunes in his everyday life, after so many, the effect is bound to accumulate.” [Gayn]
“Even a little trash here and there can one day form a mountain, in other words. Though the power he gained never benefited him in his work or luck, his body ended up becoming freakishly strong. It’s fortunate though, because otherwise…” [Rurutia]
“It’s because of that that we noticed. And from looking at his memories, it seems even his father—” [Kufo]

While Ryouma slept, the gods chattered among themselves about matters he did not understand.


Tl Note: There’s another chapter for TMPG this month, but I’ll have to post it next week, as I need to catch up to the GK chapters for this week.

Also, there were several changes in translation, but the most prominent one is Familiar Magic, which was previously Slave Magic. As pointed out by a reader, the enslaved monsters are better translated to Familiars rather than to Slave Demons or something of the like. Kudos to that reader for pointing it out.

Another prominent change is HP. I believe this was translated as either strength or stamina, but this time, I’m translating it as HP, as I believe that to be the better translation for it. Same with MP, which was previously Magic Power. It was translated as Magic Power because I wasn’t sure how far the author wanted to use game elements. After reading through the last version, it seems the story is pretty deep into the whole game concept thing. I realized this some time ago actually, but couldn’t change anything because we were too far into the story. Fortunately, there’s a rewrite.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this chapter. This is for last month’s, so look forward to the next. Oh, wait… It’s November… Guess that means two more chapters. Heh.






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