The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 1 Chapter 13: Gimuru Town (3/3)

The one who answered my question was Rurutia.

“Their ancestor was an otherworlder we brought over from Earth.” [Rurutia]
“Really!?” [Ryouma]
“Yep, she was a really good kid~ She wanted to become an animal trainer, but because of some circumstances, she couldn’t become one, so she asked us for the power to tame animals.”
“Could it be that’s the origin of Monster Taming?” [Ryouma]
“You’re half-right. Actually, there was a similar technique at the time, which she studied too. After combining that with the power we gave her, she created Monster Taming. After completing it, she went on to gain various achievements, gained a noble title, and ended up marrying a noble. She was pretty and fairly popular, you see. Oh, and it was a love marriage. After that, her lineage passed down her techniques and they became the official line of monster tamers.” [Rurutia]
“The current Jamil Household has also received many divine protections. Reinbach has mine, Reinhart has Kufo’s, and Elize’s has Rurutia’s. Their daughter Elia has also deeply inherited the blood of her otherworlder ancestor, so naturally, we know them well.” [Gayn]
“We watch them the most after you.” [Kufo]
“Hmm… Then the ojousama is very talented in Monster Taming?” [Ryouma]
“Talented, yes, but that’s something she inherited from her father’s side. The otherworlder blood she inherited actually comes from her mother’s side, a different otherworlder.

That otherworlder was your stereotypical otaku. He hated exercise and did not want to learn martial arts, so he asked to be made peerless in magic instead. Unlike you, he asked to be given more mana. As a result, he ended up with a powerful magic that could be cast repeatedly. It did take him a while to learn various magic, though.” [Gayn]
“It’s because he didn’t know how to take care of himself~” [Kufo]
“He’s a coward with no guts, so it’s already fortunate that he didn’t do anything bad. I was wondering what would happen after we bestowed him his powers, but he was paranoid to the very end.” [Rurutia]

Just how amazing was that otherworlder?


“It seems there are a lot of otherworlders, huh. Will I also meet one in my travels?” [Ryouma]
“One gets brought over every time we take mana from Earth, so of course, there’s a lot. But as for there being several otherworlders at the same time, it’s fairly rare. After all, there’s usually a 200 year gap between otherworlders, and that’s considered short.” [Gayn]
“Although there are times when mana consumption goes up – mainly because of war – and we have to bring more people than normal from Earth, but normally, more than one otherworlder at a time doesn’t happen. Presently, there’s no big war, so I think you’ll probably be the only one while you’re alive.” [Rurutia]
“If you want to know more about otherworlders, you should read books. Most of them have powers and skills similar to that of gods, so there are a lot of legends and fairytales about them. There are epics too.

For example, Elialia-chan’s matriarchal side’s peerless mage ancestor was summoned during wartime. That otherworlder came to be renowned as a brave warrior and a hero. There are also… Stories wherein the otherworlders get too arrogant and end up being treated like the demon king, causing other people to kill them. You’ve heard of the Alchemy King, right?” [Rurutia]
“Yes, is he an otherworlder too?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right. He was a reeeeeeeally annoying person though!” [Rurutia]
“He wanted to use alchemy, but when we told him there was no alchemy in the world, he said ‘Go make it then!’ He was really arrogant too, such that he had his subordinates call him ‘Alchemy King’ and had them spread word.” [Rurutia]
“It couldn’t be helped, so I had to figure out what alchemy was from him and from that I put something together halfheartedly.” [Gayn]
“Halfheartedly? Could that be why it’s so easy to use?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right.” [Gayn]
“I knew it! Write a simple magic formation, place the ingredients on top, apply mana… I thought it was a bit too easy, so that’s why! I found it strange because it didn’t need the careful balance of mana that the other schools of magic required.” [Ryouma]
“I didn’t want to waste time because of his selfishness, you see. I may have too much free time, but I’d rather that than be annoyed.” [Gayn]
“I agree with you there, but… How to put it…” [Ryouma]
“Even then, alchemy is still difficult for the people of this world. This world doesn’t have any knowledge of Chemistry, after all. The Alchemy King could use it easily because of his earthling knowledge, which allowed him to make a killing, but after that, no one else could use alchemy. The most people could do was separate some objects into their components.

The Alchemy King was obsessed with money, so because he didn’t want to have anyone taking away his profits, he never passed down his knowledge and abilities. The secretive nature of current alchemists is also due to his influence.” [Gayn]

“So that happened, huh…” [Ryouma]

He sure did whatever he pleased, that otherworlder…

“You’re actually really docile compared to the otherworlders until now… It may seem like you’re just being swept by others, but that’s not actually the case. You can make decisions for yourself, you follow rules you’ve set, and you try out various things. To us and to Sailfall, you are the best kind of otherworlder.” [Kufo]
“What’s this all of the sudden?” [Ryouma]
“Fuffu~n, we may act like this, but we’re still gods. Gotta act the part from time to time.” [Kufo]
“Ahh, I see…” [Ryouma]
“You don’t have to think too hard about it. Even if you just go with the flow like you did in your previous world, you won’t end up like last time. Besides, it’s not that bad to just go with the flow.” [Rurutia]
“It’s enough to enjoy life, no?” [Gayn]
“That’s right… Yeah. Thanks.” [Ryouma]
“Don’t mind it, we are gods, after all. The least we can do is give advice.” [Gayn]
“Consider it as thanks for making our lives more eventful.” [Kufo]
“…We’ve almost reached the time limit. We’ll give you some advice before our time is up.” [Gayn]
“I don’t have the words I knew in my past life anymore, so this is all I can say for now… Thank you.” [Ryouma]
“You’re welcome.” [Rurutia]
“It’s because everyone is watching over me.” [Ryouma]
“Actually, the other gods have also been recently watching you.” [Gayn]
“Huh, other gods?” [Ryouma]

I opened my eyes wide at that sudden drop.

“The god of war and the god of magic both have their attention on you. It’s rare since they usually hate otherworlders.” [Gayn]
“You’ve only met us so far, but you’ll meet the other gods too when the time comes.” [Rurutia]
“I never heard anything about that…” [Ryouma]
“Don’t worry about it, it’s not like they’re going to ask you to do something. Ah, but it seems the God of Art and Craftsmen has already given you his blessing. It’s not a bad thing, so don’t worry.” [Kufo]
“He said it’s because he likes the way you drank liquor in your past life. That guy is also the God of Liquor, and while you may not have drunk happily in the past, being able to drink that much is still worthy of admiration.

He also mentioned that he’d like to see your Drunken Fist once.” [Gayn]
“Drunken Fist? You mean that thing I copied from the movies in the forest? He was watching that? Who would’ve thought someone would like that stuff…” [Ryouma]
“You never know what’ll happen in life. And with your grandpa who supposedly raised you in this world being a dwarf, well, Tekun, the God of Liquor, also happens to be mainly worshiped by the dwarves.” [Gayn]
“That does make sense.” [Ryouma]
“Anyway, we really are out of time now, so we have to go.” [Gayn]

Eh!? Ah, right…

I just went along with the flow and chatted, but before I knew it, our time is already up.

That light started to glow around me again.

“It was nice seeing each other again…” [Kufo]
“Don’t make such a glum face. We’ll be able to talk again when you drop by the church. Although, we honestly weren’t expecting this.” [Rurutia]
“… I see. Then, until next time.” [Ryouma]
“Yep, until next time.” [Kufo]
“You really are an interesting person. I eagerly await the day we meet again. I’ll watch over you throughout your days.” [Gayn]


As Gayn said that, a soft light flowed out, and when the light ceased, I could see the woman in religious clothing again.

“Wow, that was an amazing light. The brighter the light, the more the gods love you, so you might one day receive a blessing from the gods. Check it with your status board later, ok?”

Looks like the time here really did stop just like Gayn said. Maybe I should ask about blessings?

“Thank you very much. Is there anything I should know regarding blessings?” [Ryouma]
“A blessing is something a god bestows on you. No one has the right to say anything about it except you and your god. I’ll answer if you have any questions, but I won’t ask you anything. Also, it’s normal to show your name, age, and race on your status card, but you should hide everything else. That’s private information, after all. You can hide or show information by thinking about it. Try it.” [Nun]

When she said that, I looked at the information shown on my status board.






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