The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 1 Chapter 14: Studying at the Church (2/2)


That’s more than me! So that’s why the adults’ response was so lackluster! Gayn and the others were right. Elialia has definitely inherited much of her ancestor otherworlder’s blood. She was probably looking at me oddly because she thought I had a huge mana pool and was wondering how I could use magic well.

“I think I understand the situation now.” [Ryouma]
“That’s good to hear. It’s my first time meeting someone with a mana pool comparable to mine. To be honest, I’m also curious to what extent you can use magic and how you learned it, but I won’t ask…” [Elialia]
“It’s ok. I can show you the magic section of my status board. I’m curious too, anyway.” [Ryouma]

I called out my status board and showed the column on magic.

“Hmm… I see you’ve learned many different schools of magic. The levels are also relatively high considering your age. You did mention that you could use all attributes, but I didn’t think you’d actually be able to use them to this extent.” [Reinbach]
“All the beginner spells are at least level 2, and you even have level 2 or 3 intermediate spells.” [Reinhart]
“Your earth and space magic, in particular, are quite high. You’ve done well considering space magic is said to be one of the harder schools to level up.” [Elize]
“I believe it isn’t too much to say that you might surpass even me. To think you even possess Magic Manipulation, Magic Perception, and Increased MP Recovery.” [Sebasu]
“It’s because I used magic a lot back in the forest… Water and fire spells were used for cooking and bathing, while I used the earth and space spells for hunting, so I was using them pretty much everyday.” [Ryouma]
“Hmm, did you use offensive magic?” [Elize]
“No, I mostly rely on archery and trapping for hunting. I could use the fireball spell, but it would leave the meat charred and the parts I could consume would be less. As for Earth Needle, I used it to fill my pitfalls.” [Ryouma]
“I see. So you were able to improve your magic this much by using them daily. In that case, you should start studying offensive magic. There’s no harm in learning them, and there are monsters immune to physical attack.” [Sebasu]

Oh, right! There were monsters like that. Or I mean, it’s only a given monsters like that would exist in this world. Any fantasy light novel would say so! I really shouldn’t have forgotten, but I was cooped up in my little space for so long that I actually forgot. I should start practicing offensive magic from now on.

“I would like to try it.” [Ryouma]
“The beginner spells are relatively easy, so you should be able to learn up to the intermediate spells with a little training. You have a lot of mana, so you might even be able to learn the advanced spells of the earth school.” [Sebasu]
“You have Magic Manipulation on top of your huge mana pool, after all. Coupled with your Increased MP Recovery, you’ll be able to train a lot in a day.” [Reinhart]
“Those gifts of yours are very convenient as a mage. Don’t waste them, ok?” [Reinbach]
“Yes, I’ll do my best.” [Ryouma]

While I was starting to understand how unique my skills were outside the forest, the Ojousama, who was staring wordlessly at my status board, suddenly spoke.

“So Ryouma-san trained by using his spells in his day-to-day life… Then maybe if I do the same thing, I’ll also…” [Elialia]
“You don’t have to use it for trivial things alone. You could also play with it.” [Ryouma]
“Play with magic?” [Elialia]

She looked like she wanted to improve, so I told her of the things I did in the forest, but for some reason, she looked at me with a strange face.

“You’ve never messed around with the basic beginner spells?” [Ryouma]
“No. I’ve always been practicing my magic according to my curriculum.” [Elialia]
“A person’s skill in magic heavily influences his income regardless of whether he is a noble or not, so you won’t hear a lot of people fooling around with magic.” [Elize]
“For example, fire magic can be used in places that require strong heat like a smithery. Ice magic or space magic can be used to transport food. Earth magic or wood magic can be used for construction or farming. There are all sorts, but the demand is there. Which is why the more skilled one is, the less difficulty he’ll have finding work. Or at the very least, have more options that a non-mage.” [Reinhart]

I see. So it’s not that playing with magic has been forbidden by religion, but that people have always looked at it as a means to put food on the table. As such, the people of this world treat playing with magic as the same as wasting mana. So, I guess she can’t use this method then?

But just as I was thinking that, the three adults started supporting me.

“Playing with magic… That’s not something you hear often, but Elia, if you’re interested, you should give it a try.” [Reinbach]
“You have 200,000MP, after all. You should still have plenty left over even if you fool around a little.” [Reinhart]
“It would make for a good breather too.” [Reinbach]

I asked if that was really alright, and they said that the ojousama has plenty of mana to spare. A little bit wouldn’t hurt. Besides, it was something a skilled mage (me) suggested, so they figured they might as well give it a shot.

Then I guess I’ll teach the ojousama how to play with magic. Or so I was thinking, but we’re borrowing a room from the church right now. It wouldn’t be a good idea to do it here.

“Then I’ll teach you when there’s an opportunity.” [Ryouma]
“Really!? I’ll be waiting then!” [Elialia]

The ojousama was so happy that she took my hands.

It’s a simple beginner spell that any actual mage could use, but seeing her this happy makes me happy too.

“Now then, I believe we should be going soon. We’ve already talked about what needed to be talked about and we still have other errands to run.” [Reinhart]

Just as Reinhart-san said, we still had to register at the guild.

Remembering that, we all left the church and went to the tamer guild.


Tl Note: A bit short. Next chapter on Friday. That’s our normal schedule but I’ll see if I can slip in another chapter part before that.






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