The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 1 Chapter 20: While Cleaning… (2/2)

I got a lot of attention along the way to the guild, as I was in too much of a hurry to change, but it doesn’t matter. There’s a more pressing issue now. I need to inform the guild master and the duke’s family ASAP.

I ran to the guild, but when I was almost there, it suddenly hit me. If I were to go to the guild this panicked and if by chance word of the epidemic were to spread, the people might just also go into panic. Maybe I should act like a normal boy adventurer first?

With my mind made up, I stopped running and walked the rest of the way into the guild. My outfit drew attention as expected, and there were even some who pointed fingers at me and laughed. But I ignored all that and went to the receptionist. Now’s not the time to be worrying about being the butt of a joke. I’m already at my wits end just keeping the panic from showing on my face.

“Excuse me.” [Ryouma]
“Oh, Ryouma-kun… What’s with the outfit? You look strange.” [Receptionist Girl]
“They’re work clothes for cleaning! What do you think? Looks good, right? It’s easy to move in and you won’t have to worry about getting dirty. In fact, it’s difficult to dirty it even while wading through a pool of mud.” [Ryouma]
“Now that you mention it…” [Receptionist Girl]

The surrounding people nodded and there were even some who showed interest.

“By the way, I just finished my work today and there’s something I’d like to report to the guild master. Would now be a good time?” [Ryouma]
“Eh? The guild master?” [Receptionist Girl]
“Can I see the guild master? …There’s something I’d like to talk to him about.” [Ryouma]
“Really? Well… Sure, but there’s a guest right now, so you might have to wait.” [Receptionist Girl]
“That’s alright.” [Ryouma]

The receptionist girl went inside, and then after a while, she came back.

“Ryouma-kun, the guild master says you can come in.” [Receptionist Girl]

Looks like I can meet him as soon as possible. That’s fortunate. But before we could get to the guild master’s office, the receptionist warned me.

“By the way, there are some really amazing people inside the guild master’s room right now, so make sure you don’t say anything rude, ok? I don’t think there’s anything to worry about since it’s you, but just in case, ok?” [Receptionist Girl]
“Thanks. I’ll be careful.” [Ryouma]

When we got to the guild master’s office, the receptionist girl knocked and called out.

“Excuse me. I’ve brought Ryouma-kun.” [Receptionist Girl]
“Come in.” [Wogan]

We entered the room just as the guild master said. Inside were the guild master and the four members of the Jamil Household and Sebasu.

“Ryouma-kun, good job out there.” [Reinhart]
“Why is everyone here?” [Ryouma]
“We came to hear the story you told us yesterday from the guild master. We’ve also mobilized the guards to gather information.” [Reinhart]
“I see…” [Ryouma]

Unexpected, but this is good!

“So? What’s the matter?” [Wogan]
“I have some important information I need to pass on.” [Ryouma]
“What happened? And what’s up with those clothes. The basket yesterday was one thing, but I feel like your clothes are becoming more unique by the day.” [Wogan]
“These are work clothes I made for cleaning. It’s made to be functional, so it not a lot of thought has been put in aesthetically… That aside, I cleaned one of the latrine pits of the common toilet today.” [Ryouma]

It was a little forceful, but I brought the topic back to course. When the guild master and the duke’s family noticed how serious I was, they became serious too.

“Right, we talked about that yesterday. What about it?” [Wogan]
“I use water magic and scavenger slimes in order to clean. Scavenger slimes are slimes that like to eat animal feces and rotten meat and they also possess the cleaning skill. That’s how I clean stuff.” [Ryouma]
“Never heard of that kind of slime before, but I understand that you’re able to clean because of them.” [Wogan]
“Right, I’ll get to the point. Filth is dirty, so naturally, places with lots of it tends to become breeding grounds for diseases. To deal with that, the scavenger slimes have the Disease Resist skill. And just yesterday, my scavenger slimes had a Disease Resist level of 5, but after cleaning a latrine pit today, that level jumped up to 7.” [Ryouma]

As soon as I said that, voices of shock filled the room and the air immediately tensed.

“What!?” [Wogan]
“Is that true!?” [Reinhart]
“Yes. It would be best to assume that the latrine pits are currently home to a disease terrible enough to raise a Disease Resist skill level of 5 by a whopping 2 points.

Fortunately, I noticed it before leaving the latrine pits, so I was able to clean myself and all my belongings with the same skill. I used the neutral magic, Identify, so you can rest assured that I’m clean.

I also checked the entrance and the surrounding area, and everything showed up as clean. I’ve also put up some countermeasures to prevent the disease from spreading. And just to be safe, I also locked the entrance and even put up a Barrier of Concealment.” [Ryouma]

“I see, you did well. But still… I can’t believe that a disease demon [1] was actually living there.” [Wogan]

“Guild master. Fortunately, my slimes can clean the latrine pits, so I suggest banning others from entering until I finish cleaning everything. I think it would also be wise to have someone look out just to be doubly safe.” [Ryouma]
“Let’s do that. But are you really planing on working despite knowing there’s a plague lurking down there?” [Wogan]
“Aren’t the slimes the ones cleaning, anyway? Ryouma-kun, why don’t you just order the slimes to clean and leave them be?” [Elize]
“It’s too dangerous to clean a plague!” [Elialia]
“We can gather some people to take care of it, so…” [Reinhart]

Everyone tried to stop me, but I really have to take care of this myself. After all, it’s something I can do. It wouldn’t be right to just leave this to others despite knowing that.

“Unfortunately, the slimes by themselves can’t get the job done. There’s filth stuck in places hard to reach like the wall or the ceiling, so unless I get rid of those with a water spell, the plague will just infect the area again.

I’m happy you’re worried about me, but please leave this to me. Besides, if a lot of people were to go in and out, that would raise the odds of someone accidentally bringing the plague out with them.

On that point, it’s much more advantageous to leave everything to just me and my slimes. I’ll be fine, really… I know it’s possible for someone else to do it, but it would be safest if I take care of it myself.” [Ryouma]

After saying that, I took out my status board and showed them 4 skills to persuade them. If I don’t use these cheats now, when will I ever use them!?

Health Lv7
Vitality UP Lv3
Super Regeneration Lv3
Stamina UP Lv6

When I showed that to them, everyone was shocked, especially the guild master.

“Wh—!?” [Wogan]
“Health level 7, this is a skill that protects against anything harmful to one’s health. At this level, the odds of me getting sick is undoubtedly lower than anyone else. And even if I do get sick, Vitality UP Lv3 and Super Regeneration Lv3 will drastically increase my odds of surviving. Stamina UP will also be helpful, as it will allow me to work a few days without sleep, allowing the job to progress much more quickly.

I doubt you’d find anyone more qualified than me. What do you think?” [Ryouma]

Silence filled the room as everyone was left speechless. But it wasn’t because my logic wasn’t sound, but because of their emotions that they found it difficult to let me go. Because of that everyone looked like they’d eaten a fly.

The silence continued on for a while before Reinbach-sama broke the silence.

“You are certainly……… qualified. I’m sorry for asking you to do something so dangerous, please take care of it.” [Reinbach]

Reinbach-sama stood up from his seat and bowed deeply toward me.

“Leave it to me.” [Ryouma]
“…I think it would be worse if a child were to contract a disease, but with all those skills, you’ll probably be fine… Ryouma, leave the look out to me. I’ll pick someone with Disease Resist and a pair of tight lips. When you work, try not to attract attention.” [Reinbach]
“Yes. Fortunately, the common toilet was made firmly, so the disease doesn’t seem to have spread just yet. It’s good we were able to notice it beforehand.” [Ryouma]
“You said it. It would have been horrible if a plague had spread.” [Wogan]
“Incidentally, the cleaner slimes were also in the latrine pits, but their Disease Resist skill never leveled up, so it should be safe to assume that the plague isn’t airborne. Everything will probably be fine once everything is cleaned.” [Ryouma]
“Airborne?” [Reinhart]

They don’t know? …Come to think of it, this world does have magical medicines that Earth doesn’t, and they’ve been talking about the existence of a disease demon for a while now…

I know the disease is simply because of a virus, but even Japan treated measles the same way before, so maybe they’re simply lagging in medical knowledge.

“Diseases can spread to a large group of people, right? Well, we refer to disease like that as an infection. And the method by which a disease spreads itself is varied. Sometimes it spreads itself like poison, requiring that others drink or consume it, while others can spread itself simply by being inhaled. We refer to the latter as an air-borne infection. In such a case, the disease will spread quickly and dealing with it will prove difficult.

Fortunately, that’s not the case this time around, as the cleaner slime’s Disease Resist skill level did not increase. The disease present in the latrine pits is most likely what we refer to as an infection transmitted through contact, meaning it requires direct contact. Someone would have to touch an infected object, then touch a food or a drink to infect it, and then eat/drink that infected substance to be infected himself. Of course, eating the source directly works too. In any case, this is what we refer to as an orally transmitted infection.

Because of the common toilet, the filth immediately falls into the latrine pits, so the odds of one touching them is nil. So long as I take care not to bring the plague out with me, everything should be fine… By the way, I’m not a specialist or anything, so all the information I said now is just the basic.” [Ryouma]

I’m not a doctor, you know… But this sort of stuff is really common sense back in Earth…

Still, I’m glad it’s not airborne! I know I was worrying on my own, but I’m still so happy that I have the scavenger slimes with me! If not for the slimes, I’m not sure what I would’ve done. Burning the filth would have just spread the disease via smoke. We would have to prepare a lot of disinfectants too. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen any disinfectants being sold.

“After saying all that it’s still just the basic? I’ve never even heard any of that stuff.” [Wogan]
“Ryouma-kun, I… No, everyone here thinks so too. Just where did you learn that?” [Elize]

As expected, they didn’t know anything about diseases.

“I studied under my grandma. Granny was always researching medicine, so she knew a lot about diseases. Ah, but it would be better to say that I just learned a little here and there while chatting with her. I wasn’t really officially a student.” [Ryouma]

For the meantime, that was enough to make everyone understand. Although it seems they never really intended to pursue the subject, and they quickly started talking about what we would be doing after this.

After discussing among ourselves, it was decided that I would resume tomorrow, so I went back with the 4 Jamil members to our lodging.

I wasn’t absolutely sure that there was zero chance of me spreading anything, so I suggested to change my inn after returning, but all 7, including the maids, firmly refused my proposition.

I understand their reasons, but what are they going to do if I do end up spreading something? At the very least, they should put me somewhere where I could be easily monitored and dealt with when necessary. They should at least do that, I said.

…In the end, Elialia and the madam scolded me while crying.

I gave in in the end, but… Being cared for that much really made me happy.

[1] – I thought they meant this figuratively, especially since even the dictionary thought so, but it turns out they were actually being literal.






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