The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 2 Chapter 24: A Holiday’s Early Afternoon (2/2)

After that we all went our ways.

When I got back to the lodging, the ojousama and the others were there waiting for me.

They were waiting so that we could have lunch together. I thanked them and took a seat, and then the ojousama spoke.

“Ryouma-san, might I invite you to train with me?” [Elialia]

“Why all of the sudden?” [Ryouma]

“I’ll be learning magic from today onwards, so I thought you might be interested too.” [Elialia]

“Elia’s training is actually a part of our itinerary.” [Reinhart]

Apparently, the Jamil Household had a custom of sending their children out to travel once they were old enough. Depending on what they wanted, they might even become adventurers.

“It is good to widen one’s perspective and learn new things, but before one can set off, one must first gain the power to protect oneself. Going on a journey accompanied by guards is also a choice, of course, but that wouldn’t be very fruitful. Traveling without any of the struggles will only result in half the benefits, which is why we’re having Elia learn how to protect herself.” [Reinbach]

“Even without traveling, one might still be summoned to deal with a monster threat or a group of bandits, so the power to protect oneself is a necessity.” [Reinhart]

That explanation was a little surprising.

“The ojousama too?” [Ryouma]

“Not just Elia, the bigger the scope, the more likely nobles will have to join the fray. It raises morale and paints a good image, after all. Protecting one’s own fief, there’s few better propaganda than that. But that’s also why power is a necessity.” [Reinhart]

Oh, right. There’s magic in this world, so there’s not much of a difference strength-wise between men and women.

“To that end, I’ll be attending the academy in the capital starting this year to study magic as well as other subjects. But I’d like to have some experience before that.” [Elialia]

“So that’s why you came here.” [Ryouma]

“That’s right. I’ve been training since this morning and I’ll be training later this afternoon, So, how about it? Won’t you train with me, Ryouma-san?” [Elialia]

…Sure, why not? It’s a good opportunity and I did promise to teach her how to play with magic, so as long as I won’t be a bother…

When I told them that they agreed, and it was decided that we would be going to the training grounds in the afternoon.

The training was mostly about magic and the training grounds would be a 20-minute trip on carriage to a rocky area outside town.


After lunch.

When we got to the designated area, Jill-san was there to meet us.

“Ojousama, I’ve been waiting. I see Ryouma is also with you. I hear the last three days have been difficult for you.” [Jill]

“I could say the same to you.” [Ryouma]

“Well yeah.” [Jill]

“Come on, you two. Let’s start already!” [Elialia]

“By the way, Ojousama. What attributes can you use? I can’t teach you how to play with magic without knowing that first.” [Ryouma]

“I specialize at fire and ice. I have a lot of mana, so I’m sure I’ll be able to use lots of powerful spells as long as I practice.” [Elialia]

Looks like she’ll probably end up specializing on powerful spells. But fire and ice, huh…

“Is something the matter?” [Elialia]

“Water and earth are relatively safer, so there’s plenty of ways to play with them. But compared to them fire and ice are a bit…” [Ryouma]

“Well, you certainly can’t play with fire in the middle of the forest.” [Hyuzu]

“It won’t be a laughing matter if you start a forest fire, after all.” [Jill]

Hyuzu-san and Jill remarked as they watched me and the ojousama from a distance.

They’re right, though; and in my opinion, the hardest attribute to play with is poison.

“This is the only game I can teach you with the fire attribute. ‘Darkness’ ‘Little Fire Flower’.” [Ryouma]

After darkening the area on my hands with the dark magic, Darkness, I made a really small flame at the tip of my index finger and lit up the darkness with its sparks for a few seconds.

“How beautiful.” [Elialia]

“Indeed.” [Reinbach]

“Ah, it stopped.” [Elize]

“It’s a little sad seeing it end like that.” [Reinhart]

Well, it is a toy fireworks.

It’s a pretty spell, but that’s it. It has no other use. One day I’d like to turn it into a full-fledged fireworks, but that will have to wait until I’m a little better at magic.

As for the ice magic games, all I had were skating and ice sculpting.

At first, I had my hands full just maintaining a giant block of ice, but I later managed to turn it into something much bigger.

As for ice sculpting, I tried it out because I had experience working part time as an assistant in making them. Ice sculpting takes time, though. It’s not something you can just pick up and do.

It takes a lot of stamina because you have to pile up lumps of ice and there’s also a chance everything might collapse, so it’s also dangerous. Because of that it paid pretty well, though.

Making ice sculptures and keeping them in the cave sure made hot days that much more bearable.

On a small-scale, you could make a magnifying lens with it and heat up stuff too, but it’s only fun until the novelty wears off. If you want to start a flame, it’s quicker to just go use fire magic.

How troubling…

“What about water? It’s not a specialty of mine, but I can use water too.” [Elialia]

“Oh, I have lots. For example, ‘Bubbly Water’” [Ryouma]

I put my finger tips together to form a circle, and then inside that, I used a water spell to produce water.

The water produced wasn’t just water, however, but one that was particularly viscous, so it was able to create a thin film.

I blew softly on that thin film, and a bubble the size of a human’s head appeared.

That bubble floated under the windless sky with the sky as its backdrop. As sunlight shone upon it, it looked like there were countless dazzling stars reflected on its surface. Before long, however, the bubble popped.

“Oh my, that looks like a fun one. It’s like soap bubbles.” [Elize]

“It’s so pretty.” [Elialia]

The ladies in particular seem to like my bubble magic. This world does know soap, but they’re expensive, so they would never use them for something like this. The guys seem to be enjoying it to some extent too.

“We can use water attribute mana to make the water stickier. For example, ‘Water’, ‘Wave’.” [Ryouma]

I used my hands as a container and poured water on it, then I moved the water with another spell.

“This ‘Wave’ is an elementary water spell that can make waves. With it we can create waves using water mana, and after a little practice, we can… do this!”

I threw the water in my hands upwards. Normally the water would come falling back down because of gravity, but this one didn’t. Everyone looked up at the water ball floating up my head. I’m using a spell that can move water, so naturally the water can float.

Everyone knows there’s an offensive spell under the water spell tree called Water Ball, so no one was surprised, but I’m just getting started.


As I moved the water a little, its shape changed from that of a ball into that of a small fish, causing voices of exclaim to rise from around me.

I’ve been killing time with this spell for three years, so it’s already stupidly detailed to the point that there are even scales on it. That water fish moved through the sky while bending loosely back and forth…

“Ah! It’s swimming in the air!” [Elialia]

“You’re pretty good.” [Reinbach]

Applause rolled out from around me.

That’s a little embarrassing.

“Well, something like that. I figured since I could move water, I could probably make it stickier too. The result was that Bubbly Water from before. You could think of it like we’re joining water droplets together.” [Ryouma]

“Like this? ‘Bubbly Water’” [Elialia]

After hearing my explanation, the ojousama created a thin film of water in her hand. Unfortunately, it broke when she softly blew on it.

“Use a bit more water mana and imagine the sticky slime’s sticky liquid’s stickiness when making it.” [Ryouma]

She’d already succeeded, so I just gave her some practical tips.

The ojousama excitedly tried out those tips. Mana poured out from her like water gushing out, and then she chanted the name of the spell.

“Bubbly Water.” [Elialia]

The water this time was a lot more viscous, and when she spread it into a circle with her fingers and blew lightly on it, a bubble floated in the air.

“I did it!” [Elialia]

“You can change the size of the bubble with your breath. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll also be able to do this.” [Ryouma]

This time I used more mana to create the bubble. The result was a basketball-sized bubbled floating in the air. I pushed that bubble toward her.

“Look.” [Ryouma]

“Huh!?” [Elialia]

I pushed the bubble but it didn’t break. Instead, it slowly flew over to the ojousama.

The ojousama looked at that bubble with eyes full of curiosity as she received it and bobbled it.

“This one doesn’t disappear like the one earlier.” [Elialia]

“The more mana you use the more viscous the water becomes. A bubble like this won’t pop even if you touch it. Of course, if you hit it hard, it’ll break, but if you just leave it be, it’ll eventually pop on its own.” [Ryouma]

By the way, these bubbles are made purely with water mana, so they can’t harm the human body or the environment. Even a baby accidentally drinking it won’t pose a problem.

“It’s just like a slime.” [Elialia]

The ojousama poked at the bubble, and when it shook, she laughed.

I guess it was worth teaching her if she’s having this much fun. When there’s a chance I’d like to show her the other attributes too.


Tl Note: This is the extra chapter that should’ve been posted yesterday. Shoutout to all the donors who made this chapter possible.

Also, I just realized Cher was Shell in the previous version. I actually don’t remember him at all. Do you prefer Cher or Shell? Just say in the comments.






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