The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 2 Chapter 27: Investigating the Abandoned Mine (1/2)

“Is everyone ready?” [Jill]

“Yes!” [Elialia and Ryouma]

As soon as we got to the mines, we started our investigation.

We were currently standing before the entrance of one tunnel, but judging from how tall the weeds were – they were almost as tall as me! – and the unrestrained ivies that covered the rocks around the tunnel, it would appear that no one has visited this place in quite some time.

Accompanying me and the ojousama were Jill and Co. There were also other guards, but they went into a different tunnel to hunt monsters.

As for Reinhart-san and the madam, they went into a tunnel together, while Reinbach-sama went into one alone.

I asked if that was alright, and Jill-san and Co. said this in response.

“Don’t worry. The three of them all once traveled as adventurers. In fact, Reinbach-sama’s achievements were so great that the neighboring countries caught wind of them. People like them won’t get a scratch from the sort of monsters you’d expect from a mine like this.” [Hyuzu]

“Actually, they don’t really need us guards. They could just walk by themselves around town. They could take care of themselves, And so long as Sebasu-san is around, they’ll never lack anything.

We never showed our face when you were at town, right?” [Jill]

“Unlike the other nobles, the 4 members of the Jamil Household don’t enjoy the pompous lifestyle. They even told an uncouth guy like me to talk as I normally do.” [Hyuzu]

Looks like the three of them were quite renowned in the arts of magic and the sword.

I kinda thought that would be the case, but I guess it’s fine, right? Letting them go like that. Yep, it’s probably fine.

“Let’s do our best too, Ryouma-san!”

The ojousama normally wore a simple dress made from high-quality cloth that was so high-quality even I could tell it with a glance, but today, she’s wearing nothing more than a shirt and a pair of pants, on top of which was leather armor.

Huh, she sure is lively today, isn’t she?

I guess this means she’s gotten over her nerves then?

While we were talking like that, the madam waved goodbye to us from the entrance of another tunnel.

Did she hear the ojousama?

We waved back at her, and she waved back more forcefully for a moment before she finally turned around and entered the tunnel with Reinhart-san.

After they entered their tunnel, we entered ours. AT the lead were Zeff-san, Jill-san, and Hyuzu-san. In the middle were me and the ojousama. And behind were Camil-san and the slimes.

We walked orderly in a line, but the tunnel was dark. Just a few steps in and the light could barely reach us anymore.

“Tch, I guess there really aren’t any lamps here.” [Hyuzu]

“Weren’t they taken to the eastern mines?” [Ryouma]

“Well, the lamps should’ve still been maintained until it was officially declared as abandoned, but from how bad the tunnel looked outside, I’m guessing the management just didn’t care. Besides, if they took the lamps from here and put them in the eastern mine ahead of steeled, then they would be able to reduce expenses temporarily.” [Hyuzu]

“They’re the sort who likes easy money, I guess.” [Ryouma]

“They certainly give the impression…” [Elialia]

“True or not, after what they’ve done, it’s hard to trust them anymore. That’s the curse that will follow those who’ve betrayed the trust of others. Please remember that, Ojousama. ‘Light'” [Jill]

As Jill wrapped our short conversation up, he casted the beginner light spell, Light, to shoot out a ball of light.

The ball of light floated above our heads and illuminated the surroundings.

The light couldn’t reach deeper into the passage, but it was enough to show us our surroundings.

“Ojousama, young master, please watch your step. People used to work in these tunnels, so there aren’t any traps, but if this were a labyrinth, there definitely would be.

Finding those is the job of a scout like me.

We’re just training today, but please do your best not to move ahead needlessly.” [Camil]

“Yes!” [Elialia]

“Alright.” [Ryouma]

We continued walking like that for some time when Zeff-san suddenly stopped.

When we looked up ahead…

“A bug?” [Ryouma]


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  1. Thanks guys.
    It’s been so long since I’ve read the original that I forgot what happens next. Or is this part different? Does anyone remember?

    1. nothing changed much, it’s pretty much the same story but with less filler, and it give a better flow to the novel (i’ve compared the tow version by rereading the previous one before starting this one) if i’m not wrong jiggly-sama said the big change start at volume 3

    2. The only major change so far (as far as I could tell) was the response from the Tamer Guild. Towards the end of the original V2 the Tamer Guild started acting up again. But now I suppose they’ll do something else. So the stories should mainly start to diverge around there.

      As for the part now, we lost him using new sonic magic to clear off bats but other than that they’ve stayed same. If they keep to what’s next then just a tunnel of the same basic monster (not even encountering one of the stronger evolution)

  2. “…but today, she’s wearing nothing more than a shirt and a pair of pants, on top of which was leather armor.”
    Hmm? So nothing else other than a shirt and a pair of pants? Ryouma may be an old man but his body… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Hahaha Thanks for the chaoter~

  3. Besides, if they took the lamps from here and put them in the eastern mine ahead of -steeled, then they would be able to reduce expenses temporarily.”

    Thanks for the chapter

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