The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 44: Immediate Decision Immediate Action (4/4)

They taught me a bunch of stuff after that. It turns out opening a store in this world isn’t that hard. You just have to go through the guild to buy land and the other necessary stuff, and you’ll be able to start your business right away. After that you have to write down your profits and expenses, and then pay your income tax and land tax once a year to the guild. As long as you can do that, age and gender doesn’t really matter.

It’s almost as if the only question is whether you can make money and pay up.

The first tax is also twice as expensive. Mainly because it’s essentially the equivalent of the gratuity fee [1] back in earth. The fees for the business license changes depending on the scale. A street stall would go for about 5 medium copper coins, while the plot of land I bought after becoming a store will cost me two gold coins.

The last expense is the annual fee. It’s sort of like a donation to the guild. Originally, just a small amount for the annual fees was fine, but because a limit was never set, it’s become customary for people to pay as much as they can afford to show off their wealth. Naturally, the guild also treats higher paying members better, on top of the increased reputation. Yeah, they’re merchants alright.

Like this I completed the lengthy process of buying a store, and after I thanked the three of them, I left.

Serge-san apparently had to show up in the next meeting of the merchants guild, and Pioro had something to discuss with him, so I parted with him at the guild.

I think I’ll start building my store once I complete my last adventurer job… I won’t be making just a cave this time, but a real building. I did work part time as a construction worker in my past life. It was hard, but being able to see your work amount to something so visibly really felt great.

I’m looking forward to it.

[1] – From what I gather, a gratuity fee is basically a security deposit.






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  3. sfcipher Avatar

    Thanks for the treat.

  4. Itisn1tmyname Avatar

    the gratuity fee is, iirc, a fee that originally was an official bribe for the one selling/renting a plot of land/house in times where land was scarce. In other words, people got bribed to sell/rent to YOU and not others, and that went on long enough that it somehow became official.

    The difference to a security deposit (if that works in your country as it does in mine) is that you get the deposit back when you cancel the renting contract (i.e when you are moving) and the money is not needed for repairs not specified in the contract (ie you get it back unless you damaged the property beyond what is considered normal wear).

  5. Godric Kharg Avatar

    Starting to remind me of that Isekai where the guy was always loosing jobs… and had a wealth of experience at short term ones… like using tnt at a mining operation… lol

    Thanks for the read!

  6. ironyisnotdead Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Fuxy Avatar

    Am I the only one one that thinks the maths in this business don’t make sense?

    His 10 small gold land tax and 60 small gold business tax already require him to get tens of thousands of sales add to that income tax plus employee salaries and you got yourself one hell of hole to fill just to break even.

    How is a sheet store even supposed to exist in this medieval town?

    Author clearly too reference from modern Times which don’t fly in a medieval town with less market competition for land and space.

    1. Wow Avatar

      Yep. He is doing this to produce personal income supposedly, but in a small town I don’t think he can even break even, he’d need 100-200 jobs a day, but he’s talking about doing whole families laundry every 2 weeks for that price.

      So 2100 families of laundry, a small medieval town wouldn’t even have that.

      And he sunk 580 gold on the property? It’s a good thing he’s gonna fix it up and sell it for more than that.
      But the laundry business idea is a fail at those costs, and when he raises his rates the extremely poor townsfolk won’t be able to afford it.

  8. Iomoon Avatar

    Thank you!

  9. Anon Avatar

    way to late to make this comment, but that wasn’t profitable at all isn’t?
    1 bag is 1 medium copper. the yearly tax for land tax alone is 10 small gold.
    10 small gold converted to medium is 1,000,000 medium copper.
    1,000,000 divided by 365 (assuming 1 year still 365 days) is 2740.
    that means he need to get at least 2,740 bag worth of laundry per day?
    and that haven’t counting the yearly profit tax, i don’t see how this laundry can be profitable

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