The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 54: Work in the Abandoned Mines

After arriving at the abandoned mine, I sent all of the slimes except the cleaner slimes to patrol the tunnels, while I renovated the tunnel in the highest part of the mine and changed it into a workshop.

It was already spacious from the start, though, so all I had to do was to make a workbench. I barely broke a sweat.

I stretched the cloth and piled up bricks where it ended, then I dug out a hole by the corner of the rack, which I fitted with a rod. I then covered that rod with the sticky slime’s sticky liquid and stuck it to the ends of each cloth. I repeated the process about 45 times.

After that I told the sticky slimes to cover the cloth with their sticky liquid.

During the process the only thing one needs to keep an eye out for are bugs and monsters. I should probably consider installing a door for this workshop.

As I thought that to myself, I gave the slimes the order.


I watched the slimes do their job for a while, then after seeing that everything was in order, there was nothing left for me to do. If this were a store there would still be clerical work left to take care of, but alas…

Anyway, since there wasn’t anything for me to do, I decided to do some training.


3 hours later.

I did some martial arts training and meditated, but the cloths still weren’t done drying, so I decided to have the slimes train too.

Speaking of which, didn’t they learn staff techniques and spear techniques the other day?

It’s a good opportunity, so I dried some trees outside and processed them using Circle Saw and Polish to make a large amount of rods. With this we should be able to do some staff and spear training.


…After a while, the slimes finished their training too, but the cloths still weren’t done drying. I wonder if the cloths could absorb moisture? it’s my first time treating so many, so…

With nothing to do, I went ahead and took a look at my own status board.

…Oh, hey. My Increased MP Recovery went up a level and is now Lv. 3. Did I use that much mana when I was building my store? Monster Taming, Wind Magic, and Electric Magic also went up a level. I did use them quite a bit… Oh, speaking of which, didn’t the ojousama say she wanted to see the dolls I made? Should I make some now? I can just use the earth there for material. As for the subject, I can just pick something randomly…

“‘Create Block’ ‘Rock’ ‘Break Rock’” [Ryouma]

I prepared some stones and simple tools, then I used Break Rock to roughly make what would become the core of my figurine.

” ‘Playing Clay’ ”

I turned the earth into clay and used it as putty to make my figurine, then after putting it over my core, I started filling out the details with my tools…

Hmm… There should still be some lime left. Let’s use that as the coating before we color it.

Within the tunnels illuminated only by Light, I spent the time making a harmless doll, casting spells here and there as it suited me.

…Or at least, that’s what should’ve happened.

“Done! …Huh. Would you look at that, there’s so many of them.” [Ryouma]

Before I knew it I was surrounded by dolls.

“What time is it? …GEH!” [Ryouma]

The sun has almost set!

Quickly, I took my dolls and dried cloth with me and went back home.

…I used too much mana, so it was a bit painful, but with the sun almost gone, I have no choice but to hurry.

…I really should stop getting overzealous over my work inside the abandoned mine. It’s already so easy to lose track of time, if I keep working at the abandoned mine like this, I won’t even notice the passage of time anywhere.

As I reflected over my actions, the day drew ever nearer to night. With no choice left, I was forced to use dimension magic one after another.


“I’m beat…” [Ryouma]

Somehow, I was able to make it back to the inn before the sun set.

After resting for a while, I dropped by the ojousama’s family’s room and Arone-san led me in.

“Welcome, Ryouma-san.” [Elialia]

“It’s rare for you to visit us on your own. Did something happen?” [Reinhart]

“Oh, nothing special, just some business stuff.” [Ryouma]

I told them about my deal with Serge-san.

“Today, I was able to successfully make 45 waterproof cloths. I’ve already delivered them to Serge-san’s. There’s still room for more cloths to be produce, so I’ll be increasing the volume tomorrow. I want to see how far I can go.” [Ryouma]

“I see. It seems there aren’t any problems with the production of the waterproof cloths. Is there anything else?” [Reinhart]

“Previously, the ojousama said she wanted to see my dolls. As it so happens, I made some while the cloths were drying.” [Ryouam]

“You made some? Show me please!” [Elialia]

As she said that, I took several dolls from my Item Box.

“Here.” [Ryouma]

I used stone instead of wood, but this one doll is based off the famous woodcraft bear. To make it more relatable, though, I changed things up a bit and made it based on Gana Forest’s Black Bear.

“Oh, it’s a black bear. It looks like it’s catching fish.” [Reinbach]

“This one is tiny but adorable!” [Elialia]

Those ones are based off of the cave bat, cave mantis, and small rat. I made them into bottle cap figures.

“There’s also this. It’s the doll I worked on the most.” [Ryouma]

The next doll I took out was a doll made in the image of a person. I couldn’t think of any subjects, though, so I decided to model them after the four members of the duke’s family, as well as Sebasu-san and the two maids.

“This is… me.” [Reinhart]

“This is me.” [Elize]

“I’m here too!” [Elialia]

“And Sebasu, Arone, Lilian, and I are present too, it seems.” [Reinbach]

“What elaborate dolls… Although I’m aware Ryouma-sama has crafted idols before, I still can’t help but admire your workmanship.” [Sebasu]

It’s a bit rare to see someone so elated over my work in person, so this makes me happy. In the past, only Fukada would get happy over my dolls.

Speaking of which, before I died, didn’t Fukada ask me to make another one for him? …Huh? What happened to that?

…Ah, whatever.

“I didn’t have any models, so used you as reference. I’m glad you like them.” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma-san, can I have this?” [Elialia]

“Go ahead.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you!” [Elialia]

If she’s this happy, then I guess it was worth making the dolls. I should probably make some more in the future…

“I’ll make you some more if the opportunity shows itself again.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you so much.” [Elialia]

After that I spoke with idly with Reinhart-san and the others for a while, then I went back to my room. When I got back, Sebasu told me he would be paying me 10 medium gold coins in exchange of the dolls, but it was too much money, so I rejected his offer.

The material was cheap and I got to kill some time, but more than anything else, there’s no way I could accept money over something like this! But in the end, I ended up reducing the payment to a fifth. So, 2 medium gold coins. Is this really okay?

While I was wondering that, Sebasu-san said this.

“Many nobles have statues made after their own image, which they place in their residences or in town. When you consider how much they spend, this much money is just small change. And with someone of Ryouma-sama’s caliber, I’m sure the clients won’t have any complaints.” [Sebasu]


I was taken aback quite heavily by those words, so when I got back, I wondered blankly to my self what I should make while the cloths are drying. Eventually, I fell asleep.






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