The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Gossips: The Movement of the Gods (2/2)

“I don’t know f you simply went there to play, but we can’t just ignore it if you’re frequently visiting another world.” [Willieris]

“Please talk to us.” [Grimp]

“Hmm… Actually, we’re investigating the situation of the earth god.” [Gayn]

“We talked about it before, remember? The earth god interfered with Ryouma’s life for some reason.” [Kufo]

“That we did. That was certainly not proper behavior for a god. I was shocked when I found out about it.” [Fernoberia]

“Anyway, we went there to investigate that matter.” [Kufo]

“So you didn’t go there just to play?” [Tekun]

“We haven’t talked to Ryouma about the earth god yet, so I had to fool him somehow.” [Kufo]

Tekun’s anger calmed down a little at that.

“So, that’s what it was.” [Tekun]

“Tekun, do you only get mad when it comes to playing around?” [Fernoberia]

“Frequently visiting another world is a problem in and of itself, though?” [Willieris]

Fernoberia and Willieris were taken aback at Tekun’s reaction.

After pulling himself together, Fernoberia asked.

“Are you sure it’s okay to be visiting that world so frequently?” [Fernoberia]

“There shouldn’t be any problems…” [Gayn]

“It sure is a pain having to go there so secretly…” [Kufo]

“We still haven’t figured anything out, but something is strange… We’ve found several people like Ryouma who’s lived an unfortunate life. Of course, the degree of misfortune was a different, but still… Even stranger the earth god didn’t seem to be using the luck he’s stolen.” [Rurutia]

“We thought the earth god was using the good fortune he took to give something to his adherents, but after investigating the matter, it turns out he’s not doing anything with it. He just keeps on taking and taking.” [Gayn]

“The management of the world was terrible too. I know the humans of that world have developed all sorts of technology and are pretty much independent, so there’s not a whole lot to do, but the fact that we were able to sneak in so easily was just absurd. It felt stupid putting in so much effort to sneak in when the door was basically wide open.” [Kufo]

“It was so easy we thought it was a trap or something, but in the end, there was nothing. If a demon king from another world came, the earth god probably wouldn’t be able to respond in time.” [Gayn]

“That bad? If so, then is he even still doing his job?” [Fernoberia]

“Perhaps not…” [Gayn]

“Besides, what’s the point of stealing people’s happiness? We gods don’t have a use for it.” [Grimp]

“That we don’t know.” [Rurutia]

“Technically, one could use it in place of faith to maintain one’s godly powers when people aren’t worshipping anymore, but so long as the world is safe, one shouldn’t lose his power.” [Kufo]

“I was thinking that too. It’s true that the Japanese have less faith than the people of this world, but the people of the other countries of that world were pious. The world itself had no problems too. The natural environment of the world is slowly being destroyed, but it’s not that serious enough to threaten one’s power. That’s why we’re borrowing mana from that world.” [Gayn]

“It’s certainly curious. But if that’s the case, then there really is no point in stealing people’s happiness. Just what is that earth god stealing it for?”

It was here that the god who hadn’t said anything until now opened her mouth.

“…It doesn’t really matter, does it? We don’t steal people’s happiness, so we don’t know if there’s a use for it, but that doesn’t mean there’s no use for it, right? Isn’t that enough? If that god picks a fight with us, I’ll just crush him.” [Kirillel]

“Kirillel, you’re saying stuff like that again… As usual, you’re all brawns and no brain. Seriously, women like you…” [Fernoberia]

The goddess who had opened her mouth was none other than the goddess of war, Kirillel. Her body was well built, and she donned an armor, while a sword hung by her waist.

Although her body was strong, it was also supple, and there were plenty of parts that were womanly.

She was like a guy, but she was definitely a goddess.

“Who’s all brawns and no brains!? I can use my head too!” [Kirillel]

“You can when it comes to fighting.” [Fernoberia]

“So? That doesn’t change the fact that I can use my head! That’s at least healthier than someone like you who shuts himself in his domain!” [Kirillel]

“Our bodies can’t breakdown. Health is irrelevant.” [Fernoberia]

These two gods were the exact opposite of each other. As such, whenever they met, they would argue like this.

The other gods have long gotten used to it. Before the conversation completely stopped, Gayn interjected and asked Kirillel a question.

“Let’s put that aside. Why are you here? Tekun couldn’t have possibly called you, right?” [Gayn]

“What are you talking about, gramps? I’m the god of war, you know? Where there’s conflict, there’s war. Thus, where there’s conflict, so am I! When I felt Tekun’s anger and heard that you and the others went to another world to play, I thought a little spanking was in order!” [Kirillel]

“Not needed!” [Rurutia]

“Good heavens! Please don’t joke about something like that!” [Kufo]

“You’re a god too, so a spanking would be pretty dangerous!” [Rurutia]

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything this time. I understand that the earth god is acting weird and that it’s because of that guy that weird stuff happened to the soul of that guy, Ryouma.

As such, going to another world because you’re wary of the earth god is a valid excuse, right?

Of course, I don’t think the earth god would try to encroach into our world unless given a reason.” [Kirillel]

Kirillel was the most skilled among the gods when it came to fighting, so she was responsible for protecting the world from otherworld intruders or executing enemies.

She is also responsible for handing out heavenly judgement on humans that are about to bring a great catastrophe upon the world. Although, that’s an extremely rare situation.

This time she was here to judge the actions of the three gods. Although alone, Gayn and the others couldn’t possibly stand up to her. Moreover, if she really wanted to and if she were willing to pay the price, she could destroy Gayn and the others even though they were all gods.

Of course, this wasn’t an issue that Gayn and the others would be destroyed for. Still, if they did received punishment, it would still hurt, so it was a great relief for them to hear that Kirillel wasn’t going to punish them.

“That’s really bad for the heart…” [Rurutia]

“I think my life just shortened…” [Kufo]

“Please don’t scare the elderly so much…” [Gayn]

“The likes of gods don’t need to worry about lifespan or heart, no? Anyway, since I’m not needed, I’ll be going now. There are some people still fighting, so I’m actually quite busy.” [Kirillel]

“Oh, sorry for this.” [Tekun]

“It’s not like you called me. I just came on my own, right? Also, Gayn, Kufo, Rurutia, please limit the times you go to earth, okay?” [Kirillel]

“Right…” [Gayn]

“Okay.” [Kufo]

“We’ll talk it out with you from here on.” [Rurutia]

“You’re not stopping?” [Tekun]

“Eh, but I still haven’t…” [Rurutia]

Rurutia cut off her speech midway.

Tekun didn’t miss that.

“Haven’t? Haven’t what?” [Tekun]

“It’s nothing.” [Rurutia]

“Our investigations haven’t gotten us any results yet.” [Gayn]

“Right, right.” [Kufo]

Gayn and the others acted cool on the surface, but then Willieris asked a question.

“Are you still hiding something?” [Willieris]

When she said that, a dangerous aura started emanating from Tekun again.

“You guys are really investigating the earth god, right?” [Tekun]

“That’s right.” [Rurutia]

“But of course.” [Kufo]

“We definitely investigated the earth god.” [Gayn]

“It seems you are indeed still finding people whose happiness is being stolen, so that part is not a lie… But let me rephrase the question. Did you do anything else other than investigate the earth god?” [Tekun]

When Tekun asked that, Gayn and the others stiffened and they immediately looked away.

“Well? Kufo, Ryouma-said you went to earth to sightsee.” [Tekun]

“That’s… Well, we were looking for people whose happiness was stolen, so we did end up seeing the world. I just called that ‘sightseeing’ to fool him.” [Kufo]

“In other words, if you felt like it, you could sightsee?” [Fernoberia]

Kufo shook when Fernoberia said that.

“Hey, you were leading me on!” [Kufo]

“Kufo, you basically just admitted that you could go sightseeing while looking for humans whose happiness has been stolen.” [Grimp]

When Grimp said that, Tekun turned to Gayn.

“Gayn, I heard you were into something called ‘idols’.” [Tekun]

“Idols are people who entertain the earthlings by dancing and singing. They can usually be seen projected on the box called ‘TV’. You can easily see them while walking around the city, so it’s not like I purposely went out of my way to see them.” [Gayn]

“Singing and dancing? We have that in this world too. There’s no reason to go out of your way to—[Tekun]

The dangerous aura around Tekun grew weaker when he heard it was just singing and dancing, but then in the next moment, Gayn’s eyes became sharp.

“Don’t compare it with the songs and dances of this world!! The idols of earth are cute and hardworking!! They make you want to cheer them on!!” [Gayn]

“Y-Yeah?” [Tekun]

Gayn looked so menacing that Tekun couldn’t help but take a step back. Not long after, however, Gayn knew he messed up.

When Willieris saw that, she spoke.

“I guess that makes it clear that you were in fact seriously watching these ‘idols’.” [Willieris]

Tekun turned to Rurutia next.

Rurutia knew she couldn’t fool them anymore, so she answered before he could ask.

“I needed to prepare myself before working on Earth, so I treated myself to some deserts.[Rurutia]

After that Tekun’s angry voice and the screams of the three gods resounded throughout the divine realm.


Tl Note: And with this, volume 2 is done. Volume 3 up next.

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