The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 100: Music Box Sales Plan (1/2)


When work hours were about to end, Serge-san dropped by the store.

“I heard you wanted to talk about the music box.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. First, I wish to give a report of the current situation.

Dinome Magic Tool Workshop will soon be able to start selling the music box. To that end, they have started accumulating stock.” [Serge]

It’s still some months away, but they’re already at a stage where they can start selling?

Serge-san showed me a sample of the product while talking.

“There will be different music boxes for nobles and commoners, right?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. The music boxes catered toward nobles are ornamental boxes with a magic tool inside. The ornamental boxes will be made by order, so the customers can pick the motif and material themselves.” [Serge]

So, a unique luxury item. And because the box will be made-to-order, Dinome-san’s workload will decrease.

Compared to that, the music box for the commoners is just a branded small box. This version will probably sell for a much more affordable price.

“Since the music boxes catered toward the nobles are made-to-order, I take it we will be selling the common music boxes first?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Selling the music boxes to the nobles will be taken care of by the company, so I was thinking of unveiling the common music boxes during the Founding Festival.” [Serge]

“You plan to put up a store during the Founding Festival?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. The music that will be used in the music box is written by a popular troubadour. We’ve promised to mention them as well as the name of their song. That troubadour’s group of itinerant entertainers, the Semroid Troupe, will also be performing in Gimuru, so we’ll be selling our music boxes there.” [Serge]

He sure figured out how to sell music boxes quickly…

“Just one thing. Where are you planning to perform?” [Ryouma]

“That’s actually one of the things I wanted to talk to you about.” [Serge]

Apparently, he wants to use the store as a dressing room, and the security guard’s training area for the venue of the troupe.

…I should discuss this with the others first.

I called Carm-san and the head of my guards, Fei-san, and explained to them the situation.

After discussing it, it was eventually decided that the empty lot will be used as proposed, but the dressing room will instead use the free room in the dormitory. Of course, this was under the condition that no one would be able to enter the other areas of the store.

“Thank you for your cooperation. With this I’ll be able to report something good. The troupe will arrive within 2 weeks or so. I’ll drop by again when they arrive.” [Serge]

Like this the discussions with Serge-san came to a close.

I saw him off until the entrance of the store, then I went back inside.

“Hmm? Did you hear that?” [Ryouma]

“I think it came from the kitchen. I’ll take a look.” [Fei]

Fei-san quickly went to take a look.

“Umm… I didn’t hear anything.” [Carm]

“It was a really quiet sound.” [Ryouma]

While we were talking, Fei-san came back.

“Boss, there’s a terrible smell coming from a barrel in the kitchen. It seems Shelma-san accidentally opened it.” [Fei]

“A barrel with a terrible smell? …Ah.” [Ryouma]

That must be the shappaya I got. It’s food, so I left it in the kitchen and forgot about it…

“Sorry. I was the one who left that there. It’s a kind of preserved food someone gave me…” [Ryouma]

“You did? In that case, you better hurry or she’ll throw it away.” [Fei]

Throw it away!? That would be a terrible thing to do to Mondo-san!

“Excuse me!” [Ryouma]

I rushed to the kitchen, and true enough, Shelma-san was just about to throw the Shappaya barrel into the trash can.

“Stop!!!” [Ryouma]

“Kyaa!? Boss. What’s the matter?” [Shelma]

“Shelma-san. I’m sorry, but actually, that’s a kind of preserved food someone gave me. I know it stinks, but it’s not trash.” [Ryouma]

“O-Oh… Is that so? My bad.” [Shelma]

“No, it’s my fault for forgetting it here. Let me deodorize the kitchen for you.” [Ryouma]

I put the lid back on the barrel, and then used the Deodorant Slime to freshen up the kitchen.

I’ve already gotten used to doing this sort of stuff, so I was able to do everything quickly.

“There.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you very much. But, are you sure you can eat that thing?” [Shelma]

Shelma-san found it hard to believe. But that’s understandable considering how bad the stench is. I have the Stench Resist skill and I’ve already eaten something like it in my previous life, so I’m alright with it, but someone who’s seeing it for the first time will probably find it hard to digest.

“You need to wash off the smell first before eating it. That’s what the person who gave it to me said… Do you want to try it?” [Ryouma]

“I’m actually quite interested, being a chef and all, but… I’m not sure…” [Shelma]

Looks like the shock from when she accidentally opened the barrel was too big, and she can’t help but remember the stench when she smelled the stuff directly.

…Wait a moment. Just now, wasn’t I able to remove the stench of the Shappaya in the room using the Deodorant Slime? In that case, why don’t I try soaking the Shappaya in the Deodorant Slime’s liquid?

“Mind if I try something? I’ll put up a barrier first.” [Ryouma]

I know I’m the boss, but Shelma-san is in charge of the kitchen. She’s also in the middle of preparing supper, so I made sure to get her permission first before trying out this experiment.

First I took out the Shappaya and put them inside a large bowl. I thought the Shappaya would become softer, but they actually managed to retain their shape. I lined up the Shappaya, then I submerged them inside the Deodorant Slime’s liquid.

“For the mean time, let’s soak for 10 minutes.”


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