The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 113: Meanwhile II (2/2)

“…I can’t think of anyone. I don’t know that many people.” [Riera]

“That’s because all you care about is your sword.” [Michelle]

“Isn’t the same true for you too, Michelle? All you care about is your studies. Although it might only be your curiosity but you can’t really speak for others.” [Riera]

“True. But in that case, we’ll have no choice but to rely on Miyabi. Being an apprentice merchant, I’m sure you know a lot of people, right?” [Michelle]

“Unfortunately, I don’t really know that many people either. It’s only been a month since school opened, and if I have to limit it to only the students with a decent personality that haven’t entered a group yet, the number quickly goes down. Besides, we’re all girls, so the new member has to be a girl too, right?” [Miyabi]

“If possible, a girl would be best. Although a guy is fine too as long as he doesn’t look at us he doesn’t give us weird looks.” [Riera]

“It’s because your figure is so good, Riera-san…” [Elia]

“Seriously, we were just on the same level before, so why is there suddenly such a big difference between us?  I can’t believe you’re so tight in all the right places too.” [Michelle]

“Where are you looking!?” [Riera]

“Hmm… Everything?” [Michelle]

“Don’t stare! We may be both girls, but it’s still embarrassing!” [Riera]

“Calm down, Riera-han. But in that case, I really don’t have that many candidates in mind…” [Miyabi]

“But you do have some in mind, right?” [Elia]

“Yeah, but then the balance of the group will break. I have four people in mind who can enter the group, but three of them are mages. If we go into combat practice now, the only one among us who’ll be able to engage in close combat is Riera. If of those three, two of them were to join, then our group will be composed of one swordsman and 5 mages.” [Miyabi]

“Right, that would certainly ruin the team’s balance.” [Elia]

“I’m not particularly concerned about our grades, but there’s also some danger to practical training…” [Michelle]

“It would be hard for me to defend 5 people. If we get surrounded, it’s over. The teachers will be monitoring and supporting us during practical training, but it’s not good to rely on them. If possible, it would be best to have one more member who can fight in close combat.” [Riera]

“Unfortunately, while the last person I have in mind is not completely inept at fighting, she specializes at stealth missions and the use of traps, so more of a scout and less of a warrior… And speak of the devil, she’s here.” [Miyabi]

“UUu… I was rejected today too…” [???]

 Elia and the others turned to where Miyabi was looking at, and there, a girl with dog ears and short hair was sitting on a bench. Although her head was hung low, she gave the impression of being a lively person.

“Is it her?” [Michelle]

“Her name is Kanan. A commoner. She’s skilled with her fingers and specializes in making accessories and other devices…. After the basic education, her plan for the future is to become a craftsman.” [Miyabi]

“I see… So what do we do?” [Michelle]

“I have no complaints as long as her personality is fine. If she can’t fight, I’ll just do my best to protect her.” [Riera]

“I’m okay with her too.” [Elia]

“In that case, I’ll call out to her. Wait here for a bit. …Kanan-han, do you have a minute?” [Miyabi]

“Huh!?” [Kanan]

 When Miyabi called out to the girl who had her head down, her head suddenly sprung up.

“Ah. You’re, Miyabi-san, right? …Do you need something from me?” [Kanan]

“I’m looking for members for our group, so I was wondering if you’d like to…” [Miyabi]

“Really!?” [Kanan]

 The moment Miyabi mentioned the word, Kanan jumped up and took her hands, startling her.

“Anyway, my other group members are here too, so let’s talk first.” [Miyabi]

“By all means please!” [Kanan]

 Miyabi brought Kanan to where Elia and the others were. Kanan’s eyes were sparkling as she introduced herself in a loud voice.

“I am Kanan Shuza! Please take care of me!” [Kanan]

 Michelle seemed to have noticed something from her last name and said.

“Please take care of me too. There’s something bothering me, though. Your last name is Shuza? Could it be you’re…” [Michelle]

 The moment Michelle mentioned her last name, Kanan’s face grew cloudy, causing Michelle to be unable to finish her sentence. But because Kanan could tell what she wanted to ask, she answered her.

“Yes. It might sound arrogant to say so myself, but I am indeed from that famed magic craftsman family of Shuza. Unfortunately, I’m no good as a magic tool craftsman, so please don’t expect anything from me on that front.” [Kanan]

“No good?” [Michelle]

“Because I’m an enchanter that uses special enchantment.” [Kanan]

“I see…” [Michelle]

“Sorry, but can I ask you to explain that further?” [Riera]

 Kanan, Michelle, and Miyabi seemed to understand, but Riera and Elia had no idea what they were talking about.

 Because of that Kanan had to explain enchantment magic.

“Since ancient times, Enchantment Magic has always been a branch of magic that only those with born with a special body could use. It is said that only to those who have inherited the lineage could use it.

 Presently, with the increase of descendants, enchanters are being born throughout the world, but from time to time, an enchanter is born with the same type of body as the first and is capable of special enchantment.” [Kanan]

 The person born with the constitution is unable to cast any magic other than enchantment magic.

“But enchantment magic needs to be used alongside the spell one wishes to enchant the object with, so since I can’t use any magic other than enchantment magic, I can’t make a magic tool alone.” [Kanan]

“I see… Sorry for asking you something so sensitive.” [Riera]

“It’s alright! Since you need to decide whether you’ll be accepting me into your group or not, it’s only natural to ask about it!” [Kanan]

 There wasn’t a hint of hesitation in her as she said that so honestly. It’s true that in practical training, which is still somewhat dangerous, one should say what one is capable of and not, but just because one ‘should’ say it doesn’t mean that one should so easily divulge information that could be disadvantageous to oneself. If it’s something hard to say, then one could be equivocal about it, and a bad person could just outright lie.

 What Kanan was saying now was essentially her saying that she was incapable of such things. Because of that the four girls looked upon her favorably.

“I think it’ll be fine if it’s her. What do you guys think?” [Riera]

“I agree.” [Michelle]

“I too would love to have her join us.” [Elia]

“In that case, we’re decided.” [Miyabi]

 When Kanan heard that, her jaws dropped to the floor. And what came out of her wide-opened mouth were a few words.

“…Huh? You’re accepting me? Me? I can’t use sword, you know? I can’ use magic too!” [Kanan]

“We don’t mind that at all.” [Elia]

“Your abilities aren’t the important part.” [Michelle]

“If you can’t fight, I’ll just have to protect you.” [Riera]

“So join our group, Kanan-han. Of course, if you don’t want to, you can refuse…” [Miyabi]

“No way I’d refuse!! Thank you so much!! Groups have been rejecting me all this time, so I was really worrying what to do!! Thank you so much for taking me in! I look forward to working with you!!” [Kanan]

 On that day, Kanan was able to avoid having a terrible school life from having a split group. Although after this, when she finds out that the three girls other than Miyabi were all nobles, two of which was the daughter of a count and the other the daughter of a duke, she was so shocked she almost died, but let’s leave that story for another time.

 What’s important is that these girls were able to create friends they could talk with at ease. Though quarrels might occur between them from time to time, there was no denying that the school life of these girls have turned for the better.






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