The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 118: An Invitation to Training (1/2)

A few days later.

 When we returned to Gimuru and reported to the adventurers guild, we were swiftly brought to a meeting room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I got the gist of it from Ryouma’s message. I’m glad you all made it back in one piece. So, yeah. Let’s hear that report.” [Wogan]

 At the guild master’s behest, Asagi-san started his report. His report wrapped up the main points well, so it was easy to understand, and the whole thing didn’t even take 10 minutes.

 After getting permission to leave, however, the guild master spoke.

“Oh, sorry. Ryouma, I need you to stay.” [Wogan]

 And he asked me to stay behind.

 I don’t know why, but if the guild master says so, then I guess it can’t be helped.

 Like that I found myself alone in a room with the guild master.

“Give me a sec… I know it was here somewhere…” [Wogan]

 The sound of pages of documents being flipped filled the room.

“…Found it! It’s this one. Because you came back a lot earlier than expected, they’re still accepting applications. Want to give it a shot?” [Wogan]

 The words ‘Training for New Adventurers’ was written on the document the guild master handed to me.

 …According to this, the training will last for 5 days starting in the morning 5 days from now. The training will be about ‘Camping Techniques’, which are necessary for any adventurer to work. It will be held at a place known as the ‘Field of Poisonous Insects’.

 As for the application, the lower part of the document is actually it, and if I fill in the name section and submit it, I’ll be able to join.

 There’s nothing strange about that, but there’s just one thing. This form isn’t actually an application for a trainee. Rather, it’s an application for an instructor.

“It’s a training program about camping for new adventurers. It’s not like you’ll be going some place particularly dangerous like a snowy mountain. And besides, what’s the point in sending a guy who’s lived all alone by himself out in the woods for so many years to ‘camping’ training?” [Wogan]

 Point taken. So, that’s why he wants me to teach them?

“It’s part of it. But this job is also for your sake.” [Wogan]

“What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

“You want to raise your rank to go to the Great Shurus Forest, right? Well, the thing is, you can’t just raise your rank by being strong. If you take jobs like this proactively, though, you’ll be able to raise your rank a little faster.” [Wogan]

 Huh… I didn’t know that.

“Of course, that’s provided that one has the strength appropriate for the rank in the first place. It would be a huge problem for the organization if the low rankers don’t receive proper training, so we treat people who help us out on that front a little better. In your case, there’s nothing to complain about as far as ability goes, but your age is definitely an issue. You’re too young.

 In the first place, the so-called C Rankers, which is the rank at which you’ll be able to enter the forest, are people who’ve given up on improving their rank any further and have switched it up to making a moderate living while preparing for retirement. It’s a rank a normal guy would achieve after much effort through the years. So, if you want to rank up quickly, then it would be best if you take jobs like this.” [Wogan]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

“As your rank rises, so does the difficulty and danger of the jobs increase. There will be more jobs you can’t accept alone, and there will be more cases where you’ll have to make an impromptu party with people you’re meeting for the first time.

 …I’ve been thinking this since I saw you register at the guild. You’re the type of guy who prefers to be by himself and doesn’t like working with others, right? If you include this last job and the latrine pits, you worked with Asagi and the others twice. If you add the time you entered the abandoned mine with Miya’s group, that makes three. You formed a group with others that many times, and I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about you. It’s also unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with others, although you might find them a bother. Anyway, I won’t say anything bad. But you should get used to forming groups with other people from now on. Get used to forming parties with people you don’t know.” [Wogan]

 Is this job that helpful in that regard?

“I think so. The impromptu parties I mentioned earlier mostly choose their leader based on who’s the highest ranked or the strongest. You’re aiming for the top, so it would be really pathetic if the time came and you said ‘I can’t do it’.” [Wogan]

 …The guild master did personally recommend the job… And it’s for my benefit, so… Why don’t I give it a shot? As awkward as I may be at it.

“Alright. I’ll do it. One thing, though. This document only mentions the destination and the schedule. Who are the other instructors?” [Ryouma]

 Shouldn’t I talk to them first about how we’re going to teach the students?

“Ahh, don’t worry about it. You’ll get to know them on the day of training. That’ll be enough.” [Wogan]

 When the guild master talked about the details a bit more, I found out that the training camp is a bit different from what I’d imagined.

 First, the new adventurers that will be participating are either coming alone or as a party. They will be doing their own preparations for the camping, and then they’ll meet with the instructors and leave town together. But there won’t be anyone who’ll be put in charge of the students.

“I left the management of the event to an experienced adventurer I picked. As for you, your job is to aid him. Make the necessary preparations and gather at the designated time. As for what to teach, you can just teach them how you camp. That’s also how the other instructors do it.

 Besides, I say camping, but it’s really just people bringing their stuff and making do with whatever is out there. There are a lot of ways to make things work. As long as the adventurers can see how veteran adventurers do things and learn the ropes, then I’m sure that’ll prove useful and be of help to them someday.”

 And that’s why he’s just letting us do it our way, huh?

“You don’t have to do or say anything extra to teach. Those who want to learn and feel like learning will learn from how you do things. Just be sure to answer when they ask you a question. The most important part about being an instructor is to make sure that everyone’s safe. So if you see them doing something dangerous, stop them. But you can heal them with healing magic, so it’s fine to let them get hurt a little.” [Wogan]

 What a rough teaching policy. It’s almost as if they want the students to get hurt. And the job of the instructors is to ensure that that ‘hurt’ isn’t permanent.

 …Huh. But then again, maybe they’ll remember it better that way. Interestingly, though, the responsibility of an instructor with a curriculum like this might actually be heavier than normal.







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