The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 123: Field of Poisonous Insects (2/2)

“You mean there are students that ask problematic questions?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, they don’t mean bad. I can also answer some of the questions myself, but I’m not a specialist, so there are some questions I can’t answer well.” [Roche]

“Do you refrain from answering then?” [Ryouma]

“Of course. Can’t exactly give a random answer just because I don’t know the actual answer. In Mimil’s case, when someone asks her questions like that, she says she’ll look it up after getting back to town. Because of that she’s actually the one who knows the most about medicine among us, and as such, she’s also the one in charge of the medicine. She even took the Emergency Medicine Adventurer Qualification recently.” [Roche]

 Emergency Medicine Adventurer Qualification? I can sort of guess what that is, but is that a thing?

“Interested?” [Roche]

“It’s my first time hearing about qualifications. How do you get one? And what are the different types?” [Ryouma]

“There are all sorts of qualifications from those that handle all sorts of weapons to making traps and disarming them… There’s a lot, so it’s hard to explain all of them. But no matter which qualification, you have to apply for it at the guild first. After that you have to take specialized training and pass a practical exam. If you pass, you can get your qualification.

 There are some that you can just take an exam for immediately but for the Emergency Medicine Adventurer Qualification, the guild requires that you first receive training at a designated Medical Guild. As for the details, you’ll have to ask for them at the receptionist desk.” [Roche]

 I didn’t know the guild dealt with stuff like this too.

“Are there any qualifications I should take?” [Ryouma]

 In my past life, having different qualifications makes a difference in salary and employment, so it’s definitely something to be concerned about.

“I would recommend Etiquette Training. As an adventurer, you’ll have to deal with clients, and from Rank D onwards, you’ll have more and more instances where you have to meet with the managers of large store. Jobs from nobles also require the Etiquette skill.” [Roche]

 Etiquette Training, huh… This part is no different from my past life.

“But a qualification is just proof that an adventurer has mastered a certain skill. What’s really important is learning the ‘techniques’ and the ‘knowledge’. If you can just get those, then even without the so-called ‘qualifications’, as long as you have the status board from the church, you’ll be fine.

 After all, a status board is a reward from the gods. Humans can’t mess with them. A status board is actually more credible than some qualification. In fact, it’s the most credible proof there is.” [Roche]

 In that case, getting a qualification is just a way to learn the skills.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. If you have the skills already, you don’t have to bother getting one. Well, having a qualification doesn’t hurt, but not having it won’t cause you that much problem either. That’s why although the guild has a number of training sessions it recommends to beginners, it doesn’t really recommend any qualification training. Although, from time to time, I do hear some people with really bad manners being required to take Etiquette Training, and I hear there are also those who collect them as a hobby.” [Roche]

“Huh… I’ve never received training from the guild before, so this was really enlightening.” [Ryouma]

“So you already had abilities other than camping when you registered?” [Roche]

“Yeah. My grandparents were former adventurers.” [Ryouma]

“So that’s why you’re doing fine now. But you should take care since the jobs get harder the higher the rank gets. When you feel the job getting difficult, don’t force yourself, and consult with the guild receptionist.” [Roche]

“I understand. Thank you very much!” [Ryouma]

 Although I’m participating here as an instructor, there’s still a lot for me to learn.


 10 minutes later.

 After everyone finished preparing their tent, the participants all gathered in front of the carriage.

“Now, I’ll explain to you our schedule. First of all, it’s fine if you students want to rest or gather food. But! All of you should have taken some kind of job from the guild at Gimuru. Including today, we will be staying here for three days. I’d like for all of you to do your best to fulfill the jobs you took in those three days.

 Most jobs have a due date. Even if the date given is short, once you’ve accepted a job, you have to complete it. Otherwise, it’ll be considered a failure. On top of having to pay the penalty for breaking a contract, your reputation at the guild will also take a hit.” [Roche]

 ’Failed job’

‘Penalty fee’

Every time those words came out, the countenance of the students would worsen.

“The penalty will apply even if you gets sick or injured. There are exemptions, of course, but if you’re hoping for an exemption, then you’re not fit to be an adventurer. I pray you’ll be able to complete your jobs in these three days.

 Also, while you’ll have to do your job on your own, feel free to ask us instructors for advice or if you have a question. Our job is to teach you guys as many skills as possible while you’re here. So don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Who knows? You might just learn information that’ll be helpful for your job. Alright. Did you get all that!?” [Roche]

“Yes, sir!” [Students]

“Alright! Next, about communicating with your instructor. Most of the time, we’ll be camping the way we usually do, but for the sake of any unexpected incidents or to teach students, there will be five instructor stationed here at any given time. I remember the schedule for duty was decided when we met, but I’ll confirm it just to be sure.” [Roche]

 Roche-san read the schedule for the instructors’ duty.

 Today, my duty is from 5PM to 8PM. I’m still free to answer questions even outside of that time slot. The time slot is just the period of time when I’m stationed here specifically. It also doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as I can answer the questions of the students. I could be eating, I could be lying down, I could be doing anything, and as long as I’m able to answer, it’s fine.

 …This isn’t all that related, but there are sports-oriented part time jobs in my past life where beginners weren’t allowed to sit during break time. Compared to that, the conditions here are quite lax.

 But that’s what the veteran is saying, and there’s no reason to go out of my way to say otherwise, so I’ll just take it.

“Lastly, the schedule for the night watch will be the same as last night. Students, instructors, I look forward to working with you all. Dismissed! Students, you may go and attend to your errands. Instructors, stay!” [Roche]

 Like this the training at the ‘Field of Poisonous Insects’ began for real.






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