The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 132: After the Match (1/2)

 ~Side Ryouma~

 After the match ended, the way the people looked at me were divided into two groups. It did not matter whether they were students or teachers.

“Ryouma! That was a great match just now!” [Gazel]

“What kind of training do you do?” [Finia]

“That was amazing! But we’re not going to lose!” [Berk]

“I’m going to start learning the bow from now on. How long do you think it’ll take for me to be able to use it like you did just now?” [Student 1]

 One group acknowledged my abilities and were favorable to me. This included Gazel-kun’s group and Berk’s group. After the commentary ended, they called out to me like this and talked to me. This group was favorable to me.

 The other group was just watching me from a distance. Somehow, it felt like they were avoiding me. After Roche-san showed appreciation for the participants and dismissed everyone, the people of this group immediately left. It was almost as if they were running away… No matter how you look at it, the reason they left has something to do with what happened in the matches.

“Did I do something bad? I feel like they’re scared of me or something…” [Ryouma]

 After answering the questions of the students, I decided to consult Roche-san about this matter.

“…Well, I think fear is a good part of it.” [Roche]

 As expected. Am I really that scary?

 No matter how you put it, I should definitely belong to the weak-looking category. Even Berk and the others looked down at me at first.

“Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows now that you’re strong. And you might have just been trying to do your best, but you changed so much just like that. Even I thought you looked like you were lacking some humanity when you fought earlier… Perhaps this feeling is akin to what an animal feels when its natural enemy is eyeing it. Something like that.” [Roche]

 …Even though people have stopped being scared of me ever since I started looking like this.

 I never thought about how I looked to others when fighting, so now I’m a little worried.

“You don’t have to worry about it so much. It was just so sudden, so I’m sure everyone was just a little shocked. Given time, I’m sure there are some guys who will calm down too.” [Roche]

 Roche-san consoled me.

“…Let’s change the topic. Awhile ago, I asked you why you became an adventurer, remember? In relation to that, what’s your goal as an adventurer?” [Roche]

 I thought he just wanted to avoid the topic, but he’s talking too earnestly for something like that. I corrected my seating posture, then I told him that my current goal is to go to the Great Shurus Forest.

“Of all the things, that’s what you want to do?” [Roche]

 After hearing me out, Roche-san seemed to have come to terms with something himself. But at the same time, he seemed greatly perplexed. Is there a problem with my goal?

 When I asked him about it, he told me that he thinks the guild master wants me to form a party. He’s only guessing, though. He thinks it might be why he introduced me to this job in the first place.

“A party, huh? Actually, are you sure you should be telling me that?” [Ryouma]

“It’s not like the guild master actually told me anything. I’m just guessing. He didn’t tell me not to say anything either too, so I’m just telling you what I think.

 When it comes to adventurer work, the higher ranked the job gets, the more dangerous the job becomes. The same is true for the Great Forest of Shurus that you’ve set as your goal. The minimum requirement of a C Rank to go there is just the minimum requirement to work at the place. It doesn’t mean that a C Ranker can actually go in there alone. That’s just suicide. Understand?” [Roche]

 Roche took a fallen branch and drew two circles on the ground.

“There might be some differences with the locals or with people with a different point of view, but… Take everything I’m about to say here as how the outsiders generally see things.

 First, as you enter the Great Shurus Forest, the deeper you go in, the stronger the monsters become. If these are the Great Shurus Forest, then at most, a normal C Ranker can move in the outer part of the forest. They can only really enter a shallow portion of the forest, but once you actually step inside, B Rank and A Rank monsters will start appearing regularly. And then the center of the forest is so dangerous that it simply cannot be reclaimed.

 I don’t know where your hometown is, but from what you’ve told me, it doesn’t seem to be in the outer part of the forest. It’s probably deeper in. As such, you won’t be able to avoid fighting a series of battles. Moreover, just as the real Great Shurus Forest is called, it’s as vast as you’d expect from a great forest. Even without any monsters, it’s not a place you can cross in just one or two days. Even if you use the stopping points and rely on your dimension magic, it’ll still be difficult.” [Roche]

 Roche-san honestly taught me the dangers of going there alone.

“Honestly speaking, neither the guild master nor I have any right to stop you. I’ve said it many times during Morning Assembly, but adventurer is an occupation wherein a person has to take responsibility for himself. So long as you’ve reached the required rank, to go or not to go is completely up to you.”

 And that’s why the guild master introduced this job to me and has asked Roche-san to talk to me like this. But, still…

“I’m sorry, but I really can’t imagine myself partying with anyone right now.”






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