The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 136: The Principle of Having Just One Luxurious Article (2/2)

“Well, I guess it would be something like this.” [Ryouma]

 I released the slimes from my Dimension Home, and then I checked up on the rimel birds and the tunnels.

 I was only gone for 5 days, and yet the cave mantises have started taking nest again.

 I got rid of them immediately, but maybe I should keep the entrance closed tighter…

 Although, I guess it’s not really too bad since I can just hunt them and use them for food, but…

“Next is…” [Ryouma]

 Somewhat deep into the mines, I chose a tunnel that was a little damp and created a simple stand in it using earth magic.

 I’m going to move the mushroom bed that I made a few days ago in my Dimension Home and set it up here.

“Hmm?” [Ryouma]

 That’s strange…

 There were already some slender enoki-like mushrooms growing from the mushroom bed made with alchemy. I didn’t accelerate their growth using magic, so if they’re growing this quickly, could it be that these are actually a different kind of mushroom? Still, the mushrooms did successfully grew, so should I take this to mean that my mushroom cultivation is a success? …Either way, let’s just keep observing these guys for now.

 I moved the mushroom bed to the tunnel, then I added a door to prevent enemies from entering.

“Next is… Ahh.” [Ryouma]

 It’s the extra job I made for myself. But with this I can take care of both at the same time.

 I gathered the sticky slimes at the place where the waterproof cloths were normally made and lined up the winding machines I purchased. They only had five in stock, but five should be plenty.

 The winding machines I purchased were built simply and they looked just like a sewing machine placed on a tabletop. I turned the knobs at the side and spun the spool supported by pillars on the tabletop. By attaching the end of threads around the empty spools, I could wind the threads around the spools.

 First, I’ll have one sticky slime puke out its threads, then I’ll turn the knob and teach the slimes how to do it themselves.

 I told the slime to pay attention on the distribution of threads on the spool. We don’t want the threads to be gathered only at the center, it has to be even.

 Then I had another sticky slime change places with it, and left the turning of the knob to the other slime.

 It’s not a job that requires a lot of power, so there weren’t any problems.

 …With two slimes paired together, they were able to wind the threads properly.

 I stationed slimes for the other four winding machines as well and had them practice.

 While they were doing that, I left to do another job.

 While the sounds of threads being winded resounded, I prepared some charcoal and drew a magic formation on the ground.

 What I’m about to make now is a ‘jewel’. A jewel formed from carbon known as ‘diamond’.

“I’m a bit nervous… But a slightly big diamond should do just fine.”

 Personally, I’m fine with a plain navy blue suit, but it’s too plain according to the standards of this world, so the nobles probably won’t like it. Formal wear that’s too plain will make me look shabby and might cause problems for the person that invited me.

 …As such, i had the clerk working with me advise me. I feel like 80 percent of what he was saying was true and the other 20 percent was just sales talk, but anyway, he says that the best way to deal with the lack of extravagant clothing is by attaching some expensive accessory.

 But that supposedly plain suit alone cost 500,000 suits. That’s 50 small gold coins. That’s a lot of money at this point in time for me, but the other clothes were 2 to 3 times more expensive. Apparently, when high-ranking nobles buy clothes and accessories, they actually spend platinum coins.

 You’re driving the prices up too much, nobles! Well, the money will still flow into society, so whatever. Anyway, since I’m going there to greet them, then I might as well spend money like a commoner and bring myself up to a level that could match the people I’m going to be meeting.

 I understand that much. But exactly what am I supposed to do?

 I generally don’t wear jewels and it’s bad taste to cover oneself in jewels. As such, I decided to instead wear just one big jewel as dictated by necessity.

 Acquiring an expensive jewel seemed like it would be difficult, however, so I just decided to go and make one!

 I’ll just pass it off as an inheritance from my grandmother.

“First, I’ll use Separation on the carbon and remove it of all impurities, and then… Fusion!” [Ryouma]

 Diamond, just like graphite, is an allotrope of carbon.

 It’s essentially a lump of pure carbon.

 The difference lies in its bonds.

 It’s because of that that it’s hard, transparent, and insulated from heat and electricity.

 As I ruminated on my knowledge one by one, I watched the glowing magic formation as the fine powder of carbon turned into a transparent lump.

“…” [Ryouma]

 I waited for a little longer, and when the light vanished from the formation, what was left was a distorted, transparent lump.

“Identify” [Ryouma]

Plume Diamond

A special diamond with no impurities.

Color: Colorless

Weight: 218.34g = 1091.7 carats

“Plume?” [Ryouma]

 It became a diamond as I’d intended, but what’s a plume? This ‘special’ under the description has me concerned. …I should ask someone I can trust about this.

 And the size is clearly strange.

 If I recall correctly, 0.2g should translate to 1 carat, and the biggest diamond should be either 500 or 600 carats.

 But the diamond in front of me is 1091.7 carats.

“Did I put too much material in?” [Ryouma]

 For the mean time, let’s divide it into smaller parts and adjust the shape.






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  1. joe Avatar

    The chapter remains me of the Disney movie with Mickey mouse “Fantasia”, where he has all the items cleaning on their own. The slimes spitting threads and another rolls it up. Thanks for the chapter.

    1. joe Avatar

      Just in case anyone is curious about the size of the diamond Ryouma created. Googled 1000 carat diamond, found an article from 2015. It’s about the size of a tennis ball. A 341.9 carat diamond sold of nearly $21 million @ $60,000 per carat.

      1. hb98rml Avatar

        I just googled largest diamond ever found (uncut). The biggest one was 3106 carat. It was later divided into multiple cut diamonds, the two biggest are in the British crown jewels. Although it’s usually known as the largest diamond in the world there was a black diamond that was even larger (3167 carat). Sorry for going completely nerd.

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      thanks for the chapter

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      I was only gone for 5 days, and yet the cave mantises have started taking ->(making) nest again.

      Still, the mushrooms did successfully grew -> (grow)

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    Thank you for the update. It sort of feels like the author is making him even more OP now compared to the first version, with making music boxes, diamonds etc. Protective clothes doesn’t count since that the slimes’ OP skills and I love that he’s using them for all sorts of things.

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      I like the new toys, lol.

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      It may “feel” like he’s even more OP than before, but he’s really not. Everything can still be attributed to his existing skills, his hard work, and his otherworldly knowledge, just like before. We’re simply getting a more thorough look at his “growth” and “development” that eventually leads to him founding and managing the various enterprises (training facility/school, slime research institute, restaurant, etc.) that appear almost out of nowhere later in the original story.

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        Random Devil Potato

        I feel like the author is using the reboot to properly develop the story after having gained some insight and feedback from the original, and wanted to challenge himself to perfect the story as much as he could.

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    Wow that’s one big ass diamond. Thanks for the chapter

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    [Well, the money will still flow into society, so whatever]

    yeah sure…

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      Merchants can’t horde money in the same way other wealthy individuals might. Especially if they’re after even greater profits. They’re very livelihoods is dependent in the economy — the “flow” of money — thus it’s necessary to invest their money. Buying something from somewhere and selling it somewhere else where it’s more valuable, or transforming it into something more valuable in order to sell for greater profit. So “yes” the money “will” flow into society…then back into the merchants’ pockets…then back into society…than back to the merchants…then–

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    In all likelihood, Ryouma’s diamond is equivalent to a synthetic due to him using alchemy, which are worthless (real, mined diamonds would be common and worthless too if not for the cartel). The reason people don’t buy synthetic diamonds for jewelry is because they’re too perfect. The imperfections in the crystal structure is what gives the diamond its “fire”. Synthetic diamonds only have use in industrial processes, where they’re used for their hardness qualities, for abrasives and other cutting devices.

    1. Dancer Avatar

      There is no synthetic diamond industry in this world, so just like gems in 1950 after the ad blitz created value, purity is value with absolutely flawless being the very top rank commanding prices that require national level funding to purchase.

      Synthetics have changed that. Now to avoid the synthetic brand curse, the “flawless” grade natural diamond requires an almost unnoticeable flaw in order to be valuable.

      His attempt to be low key flamboyant on a budget with a homemade crown jewels size range totally flawless diamond is liable to cause problems🐶

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