The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 137: The Mystery of the Jewel (2/2)

“Would it be a bad idea to use it as an accessory?” [Ryouma]

“No need to worry about that. If you announce it and go around, showing it off, it might be a problem, but all you’re doing is greeting the duke’s family, right?  Then in that case, it won’t be a problem.

 But if some strange noble does notice it, it’s unlikely that he’ll cause problems immediately. If anything, he’ll first ask you to sell it. At that time, you can just sell it. You said it belongs to your grandmother, but it’s not like you feel much attachment to it, right?” [Grisiera]

“You can tell?” [Ryouma]

“I can tell that much.” [Grisiera]

 The guild master grinned.

 I won’t pursue it, but this part of her is so suspicious… Whatever. I won’t say anything unnecessary.

“Well, if you’re really worried about it, then just sell it off quickly and you won’t have a problem.” [Grisiera]

 In other words, it will be too late to worry about it when I take it with me. Then in that case, I’ll use one as an ornament.

 As for the rest, I think I’ll crush them and have the slimes eat them. I could also give them to the duke’s family.

“Excuse me. The payment and the materials have been prepared.” [Staff]

 Oh, the person from before came back. The guild master pushed the diamond to me. She seemed to be telling me to put it away already.

“Enter.” [Grisiera]

 After confirming that I’d put the jewel away, the guild master gave permission for the staff to enter. Three staff members entered the room. One brought with him a heavy-looking leather bag, while the other two were carrying bags of various sizes. They lined up the bags on the table, then they handed a paper to the guild master and left.

 The guild master looked over that paper, then she nodded and turned the paper to me.

“Confirm the payment and the ingredients.” [Grisiera]

 …I checked the list just as she told me to. When I got to the payment portion, it was written there that the medicines I brought sold for 3,000 suits per vial.

“Isn’t this too much?” [Ryouma]

“Demand for good antidote won’t run out anytime soon, and the customers are all rich nobles. Besides, I have to make sure to have enough stock that the people who actually need them will be able to get some. For that, I need the manufacturers working hard. Your antidote is of high quality, so considering the season, the price is just right.

 But when the season ends, the price will go back to normal, so you should quickly turn those ingredients into medicine.” [Grisiera]

“I understand.” [Ryouma]

 I don’t have plans to go on a trip for a while, so I should quickly concoct them.

“By the way, Ryouma. I hear you received permission from Wogan to accept bandit subjugation jobs.” [Grisiera]

“Where did you hear that?” [Ryouma]

“From the person himself. He mentioned it while we were talking about something else. …So, are you planning to take on bandit jobs?” [Grisiera]

“Yes. I specialize in combat, after all. I don’t have any problems with fighting other people too.” [Ryouma]

“I know. That’s why that kid gave you permission. But if that’s the case, then do drop by the guild frequently. The movement of the bandits affect our work, so our guild’s information should prove invaluable to you.” [Grisiera]

“That’s true… Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

“A merchant is someone who uses whatever can be used. If you can use that information to hunt bandits, then that too will result in our profit.” [Grisiera]

 …That’s true too.

 So, the guild master’s advice also considered her profit.


“I’ll leave it to you then.” [Ryouma]

“Anytime…” [Clerk]

 I thanked the clerk from yesterday and after handing him my diamond, I left the store.

 Unlike me, he knew the value of the plume diamond.

 He’s probably privy to jewels due to the nature of his work. The moment I showed him the diamond and said that I wanted to use it, he immediately knew that it was a good diamond. Moreover, after he examined the diamond, his attitude toward me changed. He was polite from the start, but after examining the diamond, he became even more polite.

 I paid him a bit more to keep him quiet, but considering I used the diamond I made myself for the decoration of the suit, I didn’t really lose out. I also got to learn the important points of making a jewel, so when you look as it as a learning fee as well, it’s actually inexpensive.

 Alright. Next on my schedule is… Ah, yes. The monster affinity diagnosis that I learned from Roche-san.

 I walked leisurely to the tamers guild. Or at least, I was planning to, but I reached it almost immediately. The tamer guild was a lot closer to the store than expected.

“Good day. I heard I could take the monster affinity diagnosis here. Can I take it today?” [Ryomua]

“Welcome to the tamer guild. The affinity diagnosis? Yes you can take it. Please show me your guild card.” [Receptionist]

 It’s been a while since I showed my face to the receptionist, so I showed my card as instructed.

“Oh my? Have you never taken it once?” [Receptionist]

“Yes. I’ve always had a monster since I registered, so I felt no need for it.” [Ryouma]

“Really? The affinity diagnosis is free for first timers. Please take this to the eastern gate of Gimuru.” [Receptionist]

 She came back with my guild card and a document. It seemed to be some kind of admission ticket.

“The eastern gate, right?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. The affinity diagnosis will have the tamer form a monster contract with various monsters. Which monsters you’re compatible with will be based on the common points and trend of the result. Because of the number of monsters, a plot of land needed to be provided.

 At the eastern gate of Gimuru is our lodging facility for large-type monsters. The monster affinity diagnosis is also managed there.

  So that’s why she’s sending me to the eastern gate.

“Thank you very much. I understand now. I’ll be going then.” [Ryouma]

“You’re welcome. I pray for your good fortune.” [Receptionist]

 Like that I ended up heading toward the eastern gate.

 …Come to think of it, this isn’t my first time going to the eastern gate, is it?

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    1. After these I doubt it probably end up a “plume” slime and it looks like a core floating in air since the exterior is excellent “glass” (of course just to screw everybody’s expectations [dam author])

    2. What do you call a Jelly-like Diamond substance? – A plume Diamond Slime!! (____”____)

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  1. There goes the plan to make a killing from those diamonds not that he needs to though. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Spoiler Inside Show
    1. Spoiler Inside Show
      1. Should we suddenly expect him o come across undead on a regular basis and it vexes him?

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