The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 145: The Great Efforts of the Rimel Birds (1/2)

“Welcome back~” [Receptionist]

While I had my mind on the new skill I got, I went back to the inn, where the male receptionist called out to me.

The entrance was pitch black, so I thought no one was around, but apparently, he was here. Well, that saves me time.

“Excuse me. Do you know a place where it’s safe to let some monsters out? Specifically, for bird-type monsters…” [Ryouma]

There’s no doubt that Pedro-san used this path, so I want to take a look at the forest again.

I explained the situation to the male receptionist.

“In that case, why don’t you let them out at the roof? At this hour, no one should be there, and… Oh, but do be careful, as there might be some laundry there, alright?” [Receptionist]

“Thank you very much. Thanks.” [Ryouma]

“The safety and peace of the town is our lifeline. Don’t mention it.” [Receptionist]

He willingly gave me permission, so I went ahead and moved to the roof.

I climbed up the wooden stairs I was pointed to and opened the door I found at the end. Under the starry night sky was a rope for drying clothes illuminated by the stars. The only thing there other than that were the handrails at the edge of the roof to prevent people from falling. If it’s like this, then the rimel birds should be able to fly as they please.

“Dimension Home.” [Ryouma]

“PIRORORO” [Six Rimel Birds]

“Shh!” [Ryouma]

It’s night time right now, and this is an inn, so be quiet.

“Pi…” [Six Rimel Birds]

Thank you for understanding.

“Also, I want you to help me out. Give me a bird’s eye view of this town and the whole mountain.” [Ryouma]

“Pi!” [Six Rimel Birds]

The six rimel birds assumed the v formation and flew up the cloudless starry sky.

At the head was the only advanced variant, the nightmare rimel bird, ‘Eins’. When the rimel birds are hunting for prey and I’m not around, he’s the one giving orders. The leader of the rimel birds that frequently uses my head for a perch.

Right behind him are Zwei and Drei. These two find carrying letters fun, so whenever I have to send a letter, it’s usually these two that I rely on. But they have a strong appetite and are cunning enough to ask for a lot of food whenever they get back.

Of course, I’m more than happy to accommodate them, both as thanks and as a treat, but I feel like they’ve gotten a little bit bigger since I formed a contract with them. They also get treats not just from me but their destination after the people there found out about their appetite indirectly, so that might have contributed to it. Either way I’m not exactly sure if they’re just getting fatter or they’re growing up. In any case, I should pay attention to them.

The two at the back are Vier and Funf. Of the six rimel birds, only these two are females. They have a good relationship with Zwei and Drei respectively. Although they’re not in a big flock and are staying with me, we might be able to expect some new rimel birds in the near future.

Lastly, there’s ‘Sechs’. He’s flying at the very back of the formation and is the smallest of them all. But from what I’ve seen when they fly without a formation, it seems he’s the fastest one of them all. They’re probably having him fly at the back, so he can match his pace with the others better.

He loves to fly, so there are times when it feels like there’s a bullet shooting here and there on the airspace above the abandoned mine. He has a propensity to go crazy with speed. Just like the metal slimes, he’s someone likely to cause an accident and needs watching.

“Piroro.” [Eins]

Eins cried out and the six birds flew gracefully to six different directions.

In that case, I should start too… ‘Share Vision’.

“…Good.” [Ryouma]

Everything seems to be in order. In my mind appeared the mountain from high up the sky as Eins saw it. The lights of the inn town were like stars twinkling in the darkness.

“He’s flying pretty high up…” [Ryouma]

What about the others?

I tried switching the view several times, but it was the same for everyone.

“Well, it is evening. I should’ve expected this…” [Ryouma]

I could only see darkness through the rimel birds.

When the familiars are too far from the practitioner, it won’t be possible to share vision anymore. But at that time, the practitioner will see nothing but black, so I don’t think the distance is the issue…

The furthest one out is Sechs. I can already see the foot of the mountain through him. …I guess he was able to fly through the sky comfortably since there are no obstacles here.

Still, while it’s good to have fun and all, please don’t forget to help me look, alright?

As I told him that, it suddenly hit me.

Even if you follow a straight line from the foot of the mountain, it shouldn’t be a matter of just 100 or 200 meters. Even if the altitude is high and one can see further than usual, it still shouldn’t be possible to see it this quickly… Hmm? Come to think of it, aren’t we able to understand each other a lot better than before?

Have my skills in Monster Taming improved? But why all of the sudden? What caused it? …The only thing I could think of that I did that has something to do with my Monster Taming is the Affinity Diagnosis Test that I took recently. But can my Monster Taming skills improve with just that?

“…Ah!” [Ryouma]”

Funf seems to have found something. I better think about this later.

As I thought that, I switched view again.






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