The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 149: Crime and Punishment… After (1/4)

“That won’t do.” [Willieris]

Willieris-sama stopped her.

“Sheesh, it’s just for a little. He came all the way out here. It would be a waste if we didn’t take this opportunity. Besides, if it’s here, then he won’t get hurt.” [Kirillel]

“No. Right now, Ryouma-kun might look like a human, but he’s actually nothing more than a soul. You may not be able to hurt his body here, but you can definitely hurt his soul. That is far worse. One step wrong and he’ll be an invalid. If you really want to do it, we should get Tekun to make him some equipment and consult with Fernoberia first.” [Willieris]

Willieris-sama seemed so peaceful just a moment ago, but all of the sudden, she wasn’t willing to take a step back. In response to that, Kirillel-sama openly showed her reluctance.

To be honest, I also don’t want to turn into an invalid due to an accident…

“Tekun. Fine. But talking to Fernoberia is a pain… Besides, there’s no way he’d cooperate…” [Kirillel]

“How about you teach him the Intimidate skill instead? Ryouma-kun, didn’t you say that you didn’t know how to use it?” [Rurutia]

“Yes. It didn’t work against the bandits, and I couldn’t use it when I wanted to.” [Ryouma]

“What do you think?” [Rurutia]

“As long as it’s just talking,” Willieris-sama nodded.

“I think it’ll be easier to learn it in practice, but I’ll be coming here from now on anyway, so I can just continue our lesson when we meet again next time. Honestly, though, the Intimidate skill is a difficult skill to learn for you.” [Kirillel]

“What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

Are my abilities lacking?

“It’s the opposite. Normally, someone as skilled as you should naturally be able to use it already. The Intimidate skill urges the instinctual fear and wariness of a target. Someone sufficiently skilled at it can use it to suppress his foes or use it to feint. It’s something expected of in a battle between experts.

…But you’re already skilled enough and can even use it properly when fighting. It’s just that when you don’t feel like doing it, you can’t do it at all. In that regard, those thugs whose voices are just loud are actually better off than you.” [Kirillel]

The Intimidate skill can be learned just by threatening others. But the level gained in such a case is only about 1 or 2.

“Right… Think about it like this. There’s a huge man in front of you. The man is crouching and shaking. He’s crying and sobbing loudly. All of the sudden, he goes and says that he’s going to kill you! Will you find that person scary?” [Kirellel]

“…Not really. No. If anything, I might find him creepy.” [Ryouma]

“Exactly. When it comes to scaring someone, words alone aren’t enough. Your actions and thoughts need to work alongside your threat or your Intimidate skill won’t work.” [Kirillel]

I see… So, how does that translate to my situation? I don’t think it’s my body that’s at fault. I did it resolutely back then. And I also have experience succeeding with the skill before. Admittedly though, it’s a bit wonky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

“In your case, it’s probably an issue with your mindset.” [Kirillel]

A problem with my mindset…

“You were originally Japanese, right? Those guys who are always going ‘Let’s put down our weapons and talk!’ ’If we talk, we should be able to understand each other!’” [Kirillel]

“…That’s a rather prejudiced view, Kirillel-sama. It’s true that Japan is often said to be safer than other countries, but…” [Ryouma]

“Oh really? There were actually a lot of people like that among the Japanese that came here.” [Kirillel]

“There were a lot? …Wait, you mean there have been a lot of Japanese who came here before?” [Ryouma]

“Remember what we said earlier about choosing people according to a criteria? Well, we had a tendency to pick Japanese people more often.” [Rurutia]

“Of course there were people other than the Japanese too.” [Willieris]

“Most of them either adapted to this world or just looked away, but there were also those who died without fighting. I don’t get it, but they were pretty amazing in their own way.” [Kirillel]

There were people like that too? Oops, we’re digressing. Let’s get back on topic.

“So basically there are all sorts of people in Japan, but basically, it’s a safe country, right?” [Rurutia]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

“As someone who’s lived in a safe country like that for many years, did you frequently intimidate others intentionally?” [Kirillel]

“…No, right?” [Willieris]

Although there were a lot of people who were afraid of the way I looked, I never intentionally tried to scare others.

If anything, because they were scared of me, I did my best to avoid scaring them.

But despite trying so hard, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough…

“And that’s why. It’s become a habit for you. You can use it when you really need it or when you actually mean what you say, but… While you may not realize it, you have a tendency to hold back or stop halfway through. In other words, you’re messed up.” [Kirillel]

As one might expect, I was concerned when she said that, but before I could say anything, Willieris-sama and Rurutia glared at Kirillel sharply. Apparently, they found her words to be improper.

“Anyway, that’s what we mean by it being a mindset issue.” [Rurutia]

The atmosphere started to become awkward, so Rurutia changed the topic. Because of that I couldn’t pursue the issue. It’s a concerning topic, but I think I’ll just ask about it again next time when an opportunity presents itself again.

“Mental stuff like that aren’t my specialty, you know? In the words of your homeworld, I suppose you could say… You’re in need of counseling? I’ve never done something like that. And even if I could, it would take a lot of time. Besides, I’m way better at getting physical than talking… The same goes for my teaching.” [Kirillel]


Tl Note: Just to clarify, the releases aren’t getting shorter. I standardized the parts like a month or so ago, and they’re mostly 900 to 1000 words. This one is at 1007 words. The reason there have been more parts lately is because the RAW chapters have been getting longer. Since the parts are standardized now, more chapter parts is actually a good thing, as that means there’s more story to read. Just thought I’d throw that out there.






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