The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 149: Crime and Punishment… After (3/4)

1. Everyone possessed a real gun, but I was barehanded.

2. After investigations, it was found out that the men had taken drugs.

3. After entering the store, there was a high probability of them shooting at the woman.

4. There were three of them, so if I just disarmed them, there was a high probability that they would be able to fight back. It was decided that the situation was not one where I could have held back.

5. Although I inflicted heavy injuries on the assailants, the only attacks I made were either a blow to the arm holding the gun or to the head or the body.

6. After the attack, I immediately contacted the cops and asked that they contact the hospital. I also performed as much first aid as possible.

7. The whole thing was caught on camera, so the people in authority were able to judge that only the least force needed was taken.

8. Other than that, there was also the testimony of the clerks and the customers in the store.

Because of the above eight reasons mentioned, the court decided that the actions I took were taken in legitimate self-defense.

But while I was able to get off legally, that wasn’t the end of the story.

Word of my actions had spread throughout the country. By the time I was released, people were doing as they pleased and memories of the actual event were starting to fade. A group of three armed muggers were taken out by an unarmed man. Moreover, the armed muggers were all wounded heavily.

“I know my son did something bad, but he didn’t deserve to be hurt this much!”

“If a hospital wasn’t nearby, he might have died!”

At first the public treated me like a hero, but then the media sought out the family of the assailants to get an uncensored interview. The elderly family cried in front of the camera and pleaded. In the following days, the internet and the weekly publications made a big deal out of it, but at the time, there was no way for me to know about the state of society.

“By the time I came back to work again, I no longer had a place where I belonged.” [Ryouma]

The reason was although I was able to save people, everyone else just saw me as someone who tried to murder three people.

The senpais and coworkers that treated me warmly before no longer approached me.

Bad rumors started to spread around about a criminal who was able to live carefree without receiving justice.

Although the topic died out in society as a whole, with the subject of that topic right before their eyes, it wasn’t as easy for it to die out in the company.

And then less than one week after I started going back to work, my boss and I were called by the company director.

“It seems you intend to continue working for our company, but… I won’t say anything bad. This must be tough on you too. You should resign and find another path. …You have overdue work as well, right? I believe this is the greatest contribution you can make for our company.”

When my boss at the time heard that, he prostrated himself before the director.

But the director paid him no heed, and in the end, he said that the one to make the decision would be me.

Just that…

“The one who would take responsibility in the case of losses, as well as receive the dissatisfaction of your coworkers is the person who kept you from leaving.”

“In other words, the boss beside me… He was a really good person.” [Ryouma]

He bowed his head to clean up after the mess his subordinate made. He voiced out his opinion when someone above him gave an absurd order. Although he was really strict at work, he was a reliable and respectable person.

The reason why I wasn’t fired immediately after being detained, the person who pleaded for me to be released on bail, that was all him.

He was a doting father who would always show me the picture of his three children as if they were his treasures.

“That director is such a jerk… He could have just fired you if he wanted to. That would have been easier than doing things in such a roundabout way like he did.” [Kirillel]

“According to Japanese law, my actions were legitimate self-defense. The company can’t use the incident as an excuse to dismiss me. That’s why they needed me to retire on my own to be able to get rid of me.” [Ryouma]

It’s what is referred to as ‘Encouraged Resignation’. Of course, I could ignore it and stay in the company, but the people around me will remain hostile and unhappy. I hated that atmosphere, but that person accepted me. He encouraged me. That’s why I was thinking of paying him back by working hard.

But… Even my benefactor’s position started to be at a risk. The company was not loathe to such behavior.

As such, my resignation was decided after I left the room.

“Thank you for everything until now.” [Ryouma]

Those were the words I said to him in the end, but he appeared to be full of regrets and apologetic. Still, somewhere deep inside, he seemed to be relieved. I caused him so much trouble, after all. It was only a given.

“I looked for another job after that, but I resigned too quickly after employment, so I had to explain why I resigned. Because of that I just kept getting rejected. Before dying, I somehow managed to find work, but… My experience at the time was just like that of a former convict. It’s a bit late to be thinking about it now, though.”

The body I forged and the techniques I mastered were powerless before the laws and opinion of society.

I didn’t think I was wrong back then. And even now that hasn’t changed.

But it was also true that I heavily injured those people, so I thought it couldn’t be helped for others to treat me differently.

That was the result of my actions. I had to accept it.

But still, I regretted it.






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  1. Belkar Avatar

    Thank you!

  2. kotarou inugami Avatar
    kotarou inugami

    It’s really weird that Japanese people would be so soft on those drug addicts. Normally, I would expect even their parents to take a tougher stance on their children than that.

    1. WBeard Avatar

      Yes, a novels depiction of Japan is soft on drugs. In real life Japan (at least in the entertainment industry) you are fired for allegations of drug use.

      1. WBeard Avatar

        Sega delayed the game Yakuza because of a voice actors drug use allegations to remove his likeness in the game.

        1. digimaster6662000 Avatar

          Technically, that was Judgement, not Yakuza.

      2. Countrymage Avatar

        It’s about perception, a drug using celebrity is a scandal, but a big hulking guy beats up, and severely injures, three civilians at a convenience store….

      3. digimaster6662000 Avatar

        Remember, the God of Earth seems to have cursed Ryouma, as a result it became easy for uninvolved people to just “forget” that the criminals were on drugs and about to kill someone, and put more attention on Ryouma’s actions.

        1. miguelon Avatar

          Tal parece que el Dios de la tierra a maldecido a muchos oficiales de la ley en el mundo que si hacen su trabajo de capturar delicuentes , en mi ciudad están condenando a. Un oficial por herir a un delincuente y el fiscal pide cadena perpetua para el policía ja

    2. Countrymage Avatar

      Their actions reflect badly on the family, but it’s even worse to think that someone else disciplined them. That’s when you start whining about someone else abusing your family.

    3. Puiu Avatar

      don’t take to heart fiction. 🙂

    4. Schadows Avatar

      Japanese society is pretty unforgiving about drug. It is considered so shameful, that even celebs are having a hard time coming back after just being taken red handed.

    5. Cao Lương Bảo Lâm Avatar
      Cao Lương Bảo Lâm

      Do the writer even know about this? His life is too dramatic for a Japanese.

    6. lecora alzuras Avatar
      lecora alzuras

      It depends on the parents. Some parents can’t/won’t believe their kid to be bad even if there’s evidence against their kids proving it.

      If I remember vaguely, in the US there was a case about a parent suing their kid getting hurt from trying to burglarize someone’s home. The home owners did self-defense of course which hurt the burglar.

    7. Captain Caveman Avatar
      Captain Caveman

      Japan has a problem with retaliation. For example someone I know of, I was molested on the train, she retaliated shouted at him told him off and reported him.
      She got in trouble for retaliation, the advice was she should have let him do it and ignored him, as retaliation would feed his behaviour.

      From other stories of heard, bad behaviour tends to get it ignored by the majority and quietly reported to the police. If you are being assaulted, or robbed, for the most part you are expected to simply tolerate it. no matter what the situation resistance is always judged harshly.
      The reason I say this was confidence because I was looked after by a Japanese family for a few years, learnt a good bit of the language ate some of their food and was told many stories.

  3. Mikan Avatar

    [but I resigned too quickly after employment, so I had to explain why I resigned.]

    ppl, if you are in a situation where your employer encourages you resign without you doing something that merits it, then if in your next job interview you get asked for the reason, answer something between the lines of “my previous job wasn’t following what was in the contract, or that you was being assigned task out of your contracted tasks.

    because interviewers doesn’t take good when the candidate acts too humble, or when it isn’t clear about those kinds of things

  4. Philip Avatar

    This whole tragedy sounds very unrealistic, might be the doing of earth god. I really don’t think you can get so much trouble just by saving some women. Sure, it is possible, but more voices should arise for him, so I guess this is another one of the happiness steal events, or something like that.
    Thanks for the translation! Awesome as always! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

    1. neohelixphantom Avatar

      Actually, there’s real life examples just like this everywhere. Search it online. Its actually a common occurrence.

    2. Countrymage Avatar

      Very easy to vilify someone different to you, and manga makes him look like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Duke Nukem….

      1. DemonCooler Avatar

        Seriously!? LOL ok if he looks like THAT then yeah, despite the fact that it would have been VERY easy for him to have been killed in that situation, too many people would have thought things like “Oh, my god! He didn’t need to go THAT far!” Because movies and tv have made them believe that martial arts masters can easily disarm multiple gunmen in a fraction of a second. Without seriously harming the gunmen at that.

      2. Cadh20000 Avatar

        Link to the image please? :p

        1. Countrymage Avatar

          Page 5 of the first chapter


    3. Xk Avatar

      Or bad writing god

    4. 鵲ステイシー Avatar

      The martial artist couldn’t find a job after that. This is ridiculous.

  5. twinnnn100 Avatar

    thanks for the chapter

  6. sfcipher Avatar

    Thanks for the treat.

  7. JeKeBe Avatar

    Good for you, Ryouma, you got reincarnated to a world where you can help people and not be blamed for it. In fact you’ll get praised and rewarded.

    I guess his luck at the end of his life was pretty good after all.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  8. miranda Avatar

    Thanks for this!!!

  9. ~Traveling Chef~ Avatar

    I am a man of spite and vinegar, I;d have stayed at the hostile place of work and started crying out to the media about my rights.

    “I was being attacked by three armed drugged men and despite their attempts on my life and others I barely managed to stop the three individuals”

    you just gotta spin it back on them,

    “they were crazed, they had death in their eyes as soon as they entered the store. they didn’t want money they just wanted to harm others and I did the only thing I could think to stop the THREE CRAZED BLOODY HUNGRY DRUG ADDICTS from killing everyone in the store”

    if they are trying to paint you in a bad picture just do the same thing as them, stoop to their level. puck people.

    sorry got a little angry there at the end.

    1. mcdex Avatar

      I would also try to get compensation from the company threatening them to ruin its reputation

  10. kariageweb Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  11. dragonwarriorfreak Avatar

    This reminds me of the north St Louis incident a few years ago where a police officer (white) came to question a suspect (black) about a robbery and was assaulted by the suspect. He then shot the suspect who started to flee. He was let off by a grand jury for not breaking any laws. The public was outraged that a police officer was let free after shooting a criminal who resisted arrest that riots and protests were all over the place. The puck is wrong with people. If it weren’t a race thing, there would’ve been no riots or protests. All because a white police officer shot a black criminal.

    1. talkinghorsehead Avatar

      There are political extremists in every culture. They gain political power by spinning events to popularize their agenda and effect legal change. Most people lack enough critical thinking skills or even a stance on a given subject to realize that they are being manipulated by people who are pushing a specific agenda. Then there are people who just want to see the world burn. People can be messed up.

  12. Ang Avatar

    My view of this page on mobile isn’t full… It only views half of the page no matter what I do.

    1. Jigglypuff Avatar

      Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention. It’s fixed now.

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    You’d think the military would try to hire him after that. Thanks for the chapter

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    Thanks for the chapter, it’s crazy events

  15. Godric Kharg Avatar
    Godric Kharg

    We so need a side story of that director experiencing a stickup and being shot as a result… or maybe another dogooder does the same thing swing his life… lol. Make that director feel like shet.

  16. opus Avatar

    The Japan in this novel is so weirdly idealistic yet at same time illogical.

    It’s so far from reality that I suspect it’s thru the eyes of the MC who is having a fevered dream.

    1. silkerin Avatar

      eeeeeh…. not really, the situation he went through is quite common, at least in my country, the news, media etc, loooove to “glorify” thieves and even kidnappers, because it generates alot of views and buzz, showing their crying families saying that the person was a good one, he didnt deserve that and etc… and that reflects back on how normal people view and reacts to stuff like that. And this i believe extends to most of the world, as long as the news media needs views to stay afloat, it will work like that.

  17. Commonnerfer Avatar

    That’s kinda why the unspoken rule in America is if it’s in self defense and you shoot a gun. Shoot to kill because you can mostly avoid all that bs and the mugger/robber can’t sue you.
    Our court system here is weird.

  18. Geno Avatar

    Absolutely nonsensical. No one would defend armed robbers high on drugs, people would sooner criticize the elders of the family for failing to educate their family than accuse the hero.

    1. St.George Avatar

      People have defended a drugged up canniballistic murderer because he claimed that he met Jesus and that it made him change his ways. This is not that unbelievable.

  19. Random Avatar

    It makes me remember about junko furuta case, even though she kidnapped, rped and t*rtured until death, the parents of assailants is blaming her for destroying their sons life, even some of them vandalizing her grave. Some fcked up stuff

  20. Dancer Avatar

    It’s pretty much the same in US. The facts do not matter. The story as written by the news media is The Truth.

    If the media decides you are a hero, enjoy your fame. If the media decides to make you a villain, your life is going to be hell until the media outlets get tired of milking your story for profit.

    Now we have YouTube where the sensational stories linger on for many years after the media loses interest, so hero or villain, it is difficult to escape once you become the centerpiece of a profitable news story.

  21. Dancer Avatar

    That’s not the way Japanese society works.

    As far as telling your side of the story, the problem is the same worldwide. The news media decides what is printed or broadcast. If the story is that you are a villain and you are able to show otherwise. Your input will not be accepted. Instead there will be interviews with others and lots of talking heads giving “opinions” on their version of the story. Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch properties are famous for this in US, UK, and Australia. The Russian newspaper Pravda (Truth) is infamous for printing government propaganda spin on events with little attention paid to truth. In recent years there has been an epidemic of Russian news media people “committing suicide” shortly after saying something on TV or in print unfavorable to the government’s official version of current events.

    The news media controls public opinion by deciding what to publish or broadcast. This also happens in Japan.

    Not all outlets hide the truth, but trying to figure out who is warping the story is difficult without an expensive independent investigation.

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