The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 150: For the Sake of the Future (1/3)

“I’m back!” [Ryouma]

“Welcome back.” [Fina]

It was already night by the time I got back to Gimuru. When I showed my face at the store, the employees were already having supper.

“Are you in the middle of supper?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Will you be having some too, Boss?” [Fina]

“I’m sure it must’ve been cold outside what with the rain and all. Please have some soup at least.” [Shelma]

Shelma-san and the rest of the women stopped eating to prepare my portion.

I took them up on their offer and helped myself to a mouthful of soup.

“Fuu…” [Ryouma]

I can feel my body warming up from inside.

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

“Please don’t mind it. You worked hard out there too, Boss.” [Shelma]

“What job were you working on this time?” [Fina]

“It was an urgent job.” [Ryouma]

When I went to the guild yesterday, there was a person there who was trying to post a search for a missing person.

I took that job. A lot happened, but in the end, I managed to find the missing person and save him.

“And so, after sending him off to Kereban, I took the opportunity to greet some people I know. After that I came back home.” [Ryouma]

“Thank goodness you found him~” [Maria]

“Indeed. It could have been a lot worse. We were also able to recover the goods and deliver them properly. The weapon shop was understanding too and didn’t make a fuss for the victim. He shouldn’t have any problems with future work. …Oh, right. ‘Item Box’ Carm-san. Take a look at this.” [Ryouma]

“? …This is a list of magic tools, I see. And by Dinome’s Magic Tool Workshop… That should be the workshop the Morgan Company cooperated with to make the music boxes for the Founding Festival. I hear they have been expanding lately and a lot of people are keeping an eye on them.” [Carm]

As expected, he’s well informed.

“That’s the acquaintance I was talking about earlier. We were acquainted personally in the past. He promised me that he’ll be accommodating with me regarding his magic tools…” [Ryouma]

I spoke to one of the craftsmen of Dinome-san’s workshop.

When I did, this is what he told me, “How should we thank you for the music box? It’s been selling so much that we now have more money than we know what to do with.”

I asked them to develop an alarm function, and surprisingly, they were able to take out a ready-made product from inside the workshop. I was surprised to see that they had already developed something I had in mind, but what was even more surprising was that apparently the idea came from none other but me. Apparently they heard about me talking about it from Serge-san.

Now that I think about it, I do feel like I said something like that to Serge-san when I showed him the music box before.

I happily accepted it, but just one brand new clock apparently wasn’t enough for them to repay me what with all the money I was able to bring into their workshop, so they asked me if there was something else they could make for me.

“But I already had the things I can use for camping, as well as any other necessary magic tools. None of them were broken too, so I really had no idea what I was supposed to get them to make… Because of that they gave me a list of magic tools instead and told me to let them know if there are any magic tools that my store might need. They said they’ll prepare anything that I think might be of use.” [Ryouma]

“Exactly how many tools are they willing to make?” [Carm]

“They didn’t tell me… They just said to ask as much as I want. Serge-san was around when we came up with our arrangement, so I just trusted them and left everything to them.

But I think they really do mean it when they say to just ask for whatever I want. I’m sure they’ll say it if my requests begins to become too overbearing. And besides, I can just pay for it if there’s really something that we need. …We have at least that much reserved funds, yes?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. If you consider it as investment for necessary equipment, then yes, there’s no problem at all indeed.” [Carm]

“That’s good to hear. Sorry to push this onto you, but please do get everyone’s opinion and pick out whatever is necessary on that list. Contact the branch store at Renauph too.” [Ryouma]

“Understood.” [Carm]

“Let me see! Let me see! Assistant-Manager please let me see!” [Jane]

“What sort of things are there~?” [Maria]

“Some magic tools that can be used for security would nice.” [Leelin]

“What she said. We can do without them, but it would be better to have them.” [Fei]

Looks like all the employees are interested. They passed the list around and everyone talked about which tools they were interested in.

“I’ve heard about this so-called ‘Stove’ magic tool. I’ve never had the opportunity to use it, but supposedly, it makes it easy to regulate the flames when cooking. I’d love to have the opportunity to use one. There’s also a lot of other cooking utensils.” [Shelma]

“I figured you’d interested in the cooking tools, Shelma-san~ After all, you’re always cooking everyday~ To be honest, I want to try them out myself~” [Maria]

“As for me… It’s starting to get cold, so I think something to help with heating would be nice?” [Jane]

“Having a magic heater would also save us the trouble of having to gather firewood.” [Dolce]

“Dolce-kun, you don’t have to gather firewood to use at the store. I’ll buy a heater. But depending on the unit, the magic tool might end up being the cheaper option… I need to look around first. I need to find a good heater.” [Ryouma]

We happily ate our warm supper.

When we finished eating, Carm-san informed me that he had a number of reports to give, so we went to the office.

…Looks like I ended up making him work overtime by coming back at a strange time.






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