The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 152: Drinking at Home for the First Time (1/2)

“Boss. Your skills are really suited to be an assassin.” [Fei]

After working alongside the slimes and cleaning up the scene, Fei suddenly said that.

“What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

“I mean you have a lot of skills that are needed to be an assassin. Although, being strong is good, just being strong isn’t enough to be an assassin.” [Fei]

So I guess there are more important stuff to an assassin than us strength.

“Back when thugs were causing problems for us at the store, you left some medicine at the store then, remember? You must have some knowledge on medicine and poison then. Knowledge on those are really important to assassins. And awhile ago you used the slimes to clean up the scene. Cleaning up the corpses, the clothes and weapons covered in blood… Those are all important too. Also, the way you walked before the fight, the way you hid… Everything was really well done.” [Fei]

While he was saying that, he suddenly realized something.

“My bad. Your skills aren’t just suited to be an assassin, you’d make for a really good assassin.” [Fei]

“Ahh…” [Ryouma]

I think he’s trying to praise me.

“I’ve mostly gotten used to the language here, but from time to time, I still make mistakes.” [Fei]

“It’s another country’s language, after all. It can’t be helped…” [Ryouma]

I also had to deal with a foreign company myself in my past life. The language barrier then was really painful.

Especially, when I had to chat with the foreigners outside of work.

Right. Speaking of language…

“By the way, that magic you used a while ago. Was that Zilmar Empire magic?” [Ryouma]

“You mean ‘Ien’? It’s a poison-type spell. It means ‘smoke’.” [Fei]

So it really was the same ‘Smoke’ spell as this country’s. The only difference is the word used.

I asked about it some more, and as it turns out, Fei-san can use poison spells and wind spells a little. Creating a smoke screen, hiding his body, and killing people from inside the smoke is apparently his favorite trick.

When we cleaned the scene, I noticed that the corpses he killed from inside the smoke were finished off with a single stab in between the gaps of their armor. Also, the first four people he killed were killed with the use of non-glossy poisonous needles. He killed eight people with just one hit each.

…His methods are unscrupulous, but he neutralized them so quickly that he actually reminded me of the protagonist of a certain game.

“I only chanted out loud to get the enemy’s attention. Normally, I would cast my spells without saying anything.” [Fei]

“Chantless Casting?” [Ryouma]

Casting spells quietly… I’ve tried practicing it myself in my spare time, but not only are the odds of success lower, the resulting effects are also weaker. It’s not at a level that I can use in battle just yet… I wonder if he’d mind teaching me some tricks…

“Oh, we shouldn’t be standing here talking.” [Ryouma]

My house is just over there. There’s no reason to stay outside so much.

I collapsed the cliff with my earth magic and opened the entrance to my old house.

“Ho… So this is your old house.” [Fei]

Fei-san seemed impressed as he entered the house.

“Ahh… This is so nostalgic. It’s dusty, though…” [Ryouma]

I hear houses not lived in age quickly, but the entrance was blocked, so this old house of mine hasn’t changed much. It’s exactly as I left it before. The only thing that’s really changed is that it’s dusty now. And somehow, there’s a spider’s nest on the ceiling. I wonder where they came in from.

Well, if this is all that’s changed, then a little help from my slimes should bring everything back to condition.

For the meantime, I quickly cleaned one room so we could have a room we could rest at.

“That should do it.” [Ryouma]

The sticky slimes, the poison slimes, the acid slimes, the heal slimes, the scavenger slimes, and the cleaner slimes… The slimes that lived here before seemed as if they could remember their time here in the past, as they freely crawled along the places they usually crawled before.

It might be because we just came from a fight, but it’s so peaceful and relaxing right now.

We have lots of food, and the slimes are probably already full for the day.

So we can just take our time and relax.

I prepared some drinks and some light snacks, then I asked about chantless casting again.

“If you want to use a spell with chantless casting, then the most important thing is to keep using that spell. You should first start by learning how to hide your body and use your weapon, then get used to poison and medicine. You can gain experience that way and still continue your training. After doing that I was able to do it. Until then I didn’t really use spells much in assassinations. Medicines and tools are much more important. I don’t specialize in magic, so it’s hard to give advice.” [Fei]

I see… So, what about poison and medicine then? Speaking of poison, that poison he used on those needles and those truth serum he used on those thugs before… Just where did he get those anyway?

“Concocting your own poison and medicine is the basics of basics. You pay us and give us holidays, so I either buy the ingredients off the stores in town or gather them from outside. In our line of work, we have to go to various territories, so we know a lot about using different herbs to concoct medicine. Thanks to that, we can still somewhat make our potions even in this country.” [Fei]






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