The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 154: Reunion 2 (2/2)

“You can see the residence from the window already.” [Pioro]

“Huh?” [Ryouma]

I turned to the window to the right as pointed out, and there, were high walls and a moat… Isn’t that a castle?

“Serge-san, Pioro-san. This is neither a residence nor a mansion, is it not? This is clearly a castle.” [Ryouma]

Try as I might to look at it from a different angle, there was simply no other way to put the building in front of me but a castle. Moreover, it was not the beautiful white fantasy castle that the Land of Dreams had. Guards could be seen here and there on the highwalls. The head of a tower could even be seen sticking out from behind the castle walls just like a chess piece.

…This isn’t a house. This is a fortress.

My thoughts aside, the carriage continued along its way, eventually changing its direction toward a castle gates where soldiers were lined up.

“President of the Morgan Company, Serge Morgan, along with two others. The driver and the two people seated at the back are servants. The cargo is a small gift to His Grace. Please grant permission.” [Serge]

“I’m listening. Please proceed to the residence as you are. When you get there a person will guide you.” [Guard]

I thought the security would be a lot stricter, but that didn’t take long at all. We were back on our way before we knew it.

“?” [Ryouma]

What was that?

“Is something the matter?” [Serge]

“I felt something strange just now…” [Ryouma]

“Maybe it’s a barrier? A barrier to prevent bandits from sneaking in with dimension magic.” [Pioro]

“A barrier, huh.” [Ryouma]

“There are cases where individuals sensitive to mana will feel strange when passing through one. The residence of the duke’s family have several layers of barriers erected through the employ of magic tools and barrier mages.” [Serge]

I never felt like this when I used barrier magic, though…

“But enough of that, we’ve almost arrived.” [Serge]

Oh, right.

I checked my attire one last time and braced myself.


“Thank you for bringing us here.” [Ryouma]

I thanked Serge-san’s subordinate who drove the carriage and got off.

The first thing that caught my attention was the line of servants that came to greet us. There were twenty people! Twenty! They split into two lines on both sides, heads bowed, and cleared a path for us to go through.

…I feel like I’ve seen this scene several times in manga, but I never thought I’d be on the receiving end of such treatment.

But what was even more surprising was the building up ahead. Unlike the fortress from before, it was a splendid western-style residence. The outer walls and towers certainly gave the impression of a fortress, but the residence inside looked more like a proper guest house. Although it was made of gray stones and looked old, it was properly being maintained, so it did not look dirty. If anything it gave the place a personality that felt historical.

“Welcome.” [Butler]

A butler called out to us. He is probably the person in the highest position here.

The first thing he said was that we had to be moved to a waiting room before meeting the duke. Our three servants – this included Fei-san – were to wait at another room. The gifts were handed over to the attendants to be checked. They will be sent to the waiting room before we meet with the duke’s family.

“This way please.” [Maid]

We walked after the maid guiding us just as we were told.

“Please wait here for the time being.” [Maid]

“!” [Ryouma]

When we got to the waiting room, two women I’ve been acquainted with before were there waiting.

“Arone-san? Lilian-san too.” [Ryouma]

“It’s been a while. Ryouma-sama.” [Arone]

“We’ve been waiting for you. You seem well.” [Lilian]

The maid that brought us looked at the two as if asking if they were acquainted with me.

“Oh, they helped me out a lot in the past.” [Ryouma]

“Really? In that case, I’ll be taking my leave. If you need anything, please just leave it to these two maids.” [Maid]

When the maid tasked with guiding us left, I sighed with relief.

“Would you like some drinks?” [Arone]

“We have water, black tea, fruit juice, and light liquor.” [Lilian]

“I’d like some fruit juice please.” [Ryouma]

“Black tea for me.” [Pioro]

“Water will do. Thank you.” [Serge]

As expected, these two are used to this already and were acting perfectly natural.

“Here.” [Arone]

“Thank you very much… Fuu…” [Ryouma]

The juice was cold and felt good as it passed through my throat.

“What? Are you nervous?” [Pioro]

“Of course he is.” [Serge]

This might come off as strange, but I’m actually not that nervous to meet the duke’s family. It’s just that it’s my first time visiting a noble’s mansion. And while I won’t go as far as to say ‘proud’. As the top executive of a store, I feel as if I have to act with some manner of imposing here.

That being said, I was only an employee in my past life. I’m still new to this top executive thing, so I can’t quite calm down.

Gotta act imposing. Gotta act imposing… But if I overstep my boundaries, I’ll displease someone… The lines are vague, so it’s rather confusing. It’s different from manners or seating positions, where the angles and places have already been defined. I have to act according to the atmosphere or based on the personality of the person I’m talking to.

..Aren’t you always looking at others and telling yourself to have confidence? Now that things have started to change, don’t you think you’re lacking humility? Don’t you think you’ve been getting cheekier lately? Aren’t you becoming arrogant? Why do people say stuff like that?

If I become too conscious, I’ll end up being too humble again and just annoy others. How am I supposed to make this work?

“Ryouma-sama? Are you alright?” [Arone]

Oops. I was being needlessly frustrated there. It might be because of the suit.

“Yes. I’m just a little nervous.” [Ryouma]

“Really? Your eyes are dead.” [Pioro]

“It’s fine if you’re not sick, but… You don’t really have to be that nervous. If something happens, Pioro and I are here to back you up. To be honest, though, from what I’ve seen of you until now, I don’t think you’ll need it.” [Serge]

Arone-san and Lilian-san encouraged me, saying things like, ‘You look plenty calm’ ‘There were guests more nervous than you’.

I’m grateful for their sympathy. I’ll do my best.

After that we talked idly among ourselves.

The maids also talked proactively. Maybe they were trying to get my mind off of worrying.

They were so proactive they actually became the center of the conversation. We talked about recent news, such as ‘how we met’, ‘what happened after we parted’… All sorts of topics while we killed time waiting.






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  1. MrPriest Avatar

    I think I missed something… Is he meeting the duke family that he stayed with?
    If so, why is he being nervous..?

    1. Oozebull Avatar

      I would think it’s more the setting he’s meeting them in. To stretch an analogy imagine meeting your girlfriend for coffee vs for your wedding.

    2. psyque Avatar

      He isn’t nervous about meeting the family, he’s nervous about representing his company and the employees… Nervous to be a type of person here hasn’t gotten used to being.

    3. capitalized cronos Avatar
      capitalized cronos

      basically rather than being nervous to be meeting with the dukes family – because he already knows them – he is nervous about the surroundings and other peoples there – them possibly being judgemental and him having to find the right balance in how to conduct himself – that and the possibility of finding one of those stereotypical “hollier than thou” types if not more than one – causing him some anxiety – basically its social anxiety that comes along with dealing with high nobility.

      I mean put yourself in his shoes –
      even if you know the dukes family – you don’t know everyone else there to visit them –
      you who just runs his business and handles his own matters – now there at a sort of visit event for a high nobility – where your likely to run into other nobility –
      not all of whom will be as accomadating or accepting as the dukes family is.
      – you would probably be somewhat nervous too, wouldn’t you?

    4. Countrymage Avatar

      As he says there, he’s getting worked up thinking he needs to act accordingly to visiting a noble’s house, and as a businessman.

    5. Grizzlykin Avatar

      As he say it, it’s because he is meeting them as Ryouma the business man head of his company rather than Ryouma the kid they took care of and who got friendly with them. It’s just him putting pression on himself for no reason xD I know that part really well 😛

    6. Dancer Avatar

      It’s not casual interaction with a family he is traveling with.

      He is visiting one of the Kingdom’s Dukes at the Ducal Residence. A formal meeting watched carefully by outsiders & as noted he is not used to casual interaction with top executives in the executive offices.

      When he is alone in a private area with these old friends, then it will revert to visiting welcome companions and Ryouma will be able to relax.

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    Thank you for the update. I found one sentence irritating: “The cargo is a small gift to His Royal Highness.” You only use royal highness about people in the royal family that aren’t regents. In my country that would be princes and princesses. Kings and queens would be His/Her Majesty. I think, the correct words would be His Grace. Wiki had a nightmarish list of how to address people depending on their title.

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    Poor duke family, still not getting their healing time. I guess having to wait for long and with so many standards here and there, Ryouma can’t help but get nervous.
    Thanks for the translation! Awesome as always! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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      1. WillTell Avatar

        sorry, but castles are private homes.

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        The distinction between manor, chateau, and castle is defensive arrangements. Castles can be either military forts or a Noble’s home.

        Small Nobles such as Barons may live in a fort, but a Duke’s castle will be similar to a Stately Home inside the fortification. Think Windsor Castle, the country home of the British Queen in England.

  13. Dancer Avatar

    Even though the Ducal family consider him a close friend and candidate for son in law, Ryouma is still intimidated by their rank me and doesn’t understand his standing with this household.

    This is the first time he has been to their homebase. The short time he spent with them was out in the provinces.

    He’s nervous as this castle reinforces the impression he has of their power and authority. For him they are still Nobles who helped him until he was able to escape from their company. Now he is meeting them again, unaware of his status in their family😋

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