The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 166: Experiment Preparations (2/3)

The way the slimes moved showed that they were already used to this. Although they moved slowly because they were slimes, they planted a lot faster than I would be able to on my own. They were very efficient.

“So slimes can farm too… Excuse me.” [Maid 1]

One of the maids accompanying the madam said inadvertently.

“Oh, I don’t mind. Slimes may not be able to carry heavy things, but they are more than capable of doing work.” [Ryouma]

And speaking of troublesome jobs after farm work, there’s weeding.

Technically, any slime could eat weed, but the weed slime that loves to eat weed will eat them all the way to the roots without being told, so they’re better suited for it.

If you leave them alone, they’ll release the seeds of the weeds from inside their body and the juice of the roots, so they’ll end up propagating the weeds instead. This is likely to ensure more food for themselves and to ensure that there’s a place for them to hide themselves in, but as long as I make sure to tell them not to do that, then the whole weeding process is really easy.

“There are others too. The acid slimes can do wood work and the drunk slimes have also recently started concocting fruit wine inside their body.” [Ryouma]

“You are talking about slimes, right?” [Maid 1]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

I made the alcohol from the drunk slime’s Produce Alcohol (Ethyl) skill to become thicker and concocted a fruit juice using it. It might be because I gave that to the drunk slime, but recently it’s started asking for fruits too on top of alcohol. It’s given me quite a headache, actually, as it’s almost winter and the variety of fruits in the stores are getting sparser and the prices are also increasing.

“Ryouma-kun has really good compatibility with slimes.” [Elize]

“I don’t think that’s the issue here, though.” [Maid 1]

“Madam, the way he talks about slimes, it almost feels as if he’s talking about a completely different monster.” [Maid 2]

I tried explaining all that to her, but unfortunately, it would appear that my answers couldn’t clear up the maid’s confusion. If anything I might have only made it worse.

“Takebayashi-sama, the others have arrived.” [Rurunez]

“T-Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

It was only when Rurunez-san called out to me that I noticed that the entrance to the training area has been opened and a great crowd of maids has gathered.

“Isn’t there too many of them?” [Ryouma]

There weren’t just 5 maids, there were 20. There were even 5 or 6 butlers… But why?

“Although the five maids from before were the only ones who directly made the sugar scrub, these girls were involved in leaking the information. The maid head says that she wishes to use this opportunity to teach the undisciplined maids a lesson.” [Rurunez]

Ahh… Unlike me, it would appear that Arone-san is really angry…

“The more subjects the better, I suppose.” [Ryouma]

While Rurunez-san and I were talking like that among ourselves, I noted someone from among the crowd of servants. It was a maid giving orders.

She was fairly tall, being a head taller than the rest of the maids, which in turn made her face very visible.

She had a masculine face about her just like that of a warrior. A nice body too. Wide shoulders and thick arms. Even from a distance I can tell that her upper body is bursting with muscles, but… She’s wearing a maid’s uniform.

!! Our eyes met… And now she’s walking toward me.

“…Rurunez-san, who is that person?” [Ryouma]

“That’s Riviola. A maid deeply trusted by the master, the madam, and the servants. She is from the Big Monkey Man Tribe. Her body and face might resemble that of a man’s, but she is undoubtedly a woman.” [Rurunez]

“So she’s from the Big Monkey Man Tribe— It’s a pleasure to meet you, Riviola-san.” [Ryouma]

“The pleasure is mine. I am Riviola from the Big Monkey Man Tribe. Head Maid Arone has entrusted the reeducation of these maids to you. I will be watching over them during the experiments.” [Riviola]

With her long legs and the space she covered with each step, by the time I finished asking about her from Rurunez-san, she was already right before me. I just went and greeted her then since she was here already, but the way she greeted me was truly full of grace.

…And yet at the same time, I can’t help but imagine she’d be really scary when angry…

“I’ll be in your care.” [Ryouma]

Let’s make sure not to get on her bad side.

“Will it be fine if I have them cooperate with me now?” [Ryouma]

“As you wish” [Riviola]

First, I’ll have them prepare the workshop to test the sugar scrub.

The servants appear to have brought the ingredients, so I designated the area some distance away from the fields for the storage area and workbench. While they’re working on that, I’ll finalize the contents of the experiment.

“Next, the ingredients…” [Ryouma]

“A list has been provided.” [Riviola]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

…! Just the vegetable oil alone has 7 variants! The perfumed oil have 20 variant!

Didn’t I just ask for these this morning? I can’t believe they’ve already prepared so many.

“The maids that receive the guests also use perfume, as it’s considered a part of etiquette. Because of that we have a considerable number stocked up.” [Riviola]






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