The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 167: The Results of the Experiment and Noble Cuisine (3/4)

Personally, I’m hoping that there might be a way I can include the puke of the deodorant slime somewhere in the development of the unscented sugar scrubs.

Deodorant Slimes are slimes that evolved after cleaner slimes were fed charcoal. The liquid puked out by both, the deodorizing liquid, the extract odor component liquid, and the odor defensive liquid all have different effects, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all black, so I know that they all have trace amounts of carbon particles in them. I’ve also already confirmed that the liquids still take effect even when mixed with other liquids. The trace amounts of carbon particles might be useful not just for smell but also for cleaning.

…Alright, I think I spoke a bit too much now.

“I’m sorry for prattling on endlessly.” [Ryouma]

“It’s alright. We don’t really mind. I had fun asking you all sorts of stuff too. It sure is amazing that you’re able to think of so many things just with one experiment.” [Reinhart]

“It really was a huge help that everyone was so cooperative. It’s also been a long time since I’ve done something like this. It was really fun.” [Ryouma]

Although I’ve been intending on continuing my slime experiments, I left the forest, got a store…

“There are a lot more stuff I have to do now compared to when I had cooped myself up inside the forest. Inevitably, I’ve had less time to focus on just one thing. Ah, but don’t worry. It’s not like I regret leaving the forest or anything. Meeting everyone and all the things that happened have all become fond memories. So I definitely don’t hate leaving the forest.” [Ryouma]

I felt like I had to clear that up, so I said that in a hurry.

The madam and Reinhart-san smiled at me gently.

…I wonder why, but it’s kind of embarrassing.

“…” [Reinhart, Elize, Ryouma]

“Excuse me.” [Butts]

! Oh, thank goodness. It finally came!

I was relieved to finally be freed from that tepid silence. When I unintentionally glanced at the face of the madam and Reinhart-san, I noted that although they were quiet, they were clearly less tense than before.

“The menu for today is Albon Salad and for soup we have beef…” [Butts]

Perhaps because today is a testing for the noble cuisine, the head cheff, Butts-san, himself appeared to bring the food.

With his simple explanation of the food as the BGM, the maid started setting the table.

Before long it was finally time to eat. My first taste of true noble cuisine.

Without panicking, without making a ruckus, I followed the madam and Rheinhart-san’s lead and ate the salad.


This is… Actually normal. Avocado?

The flavor is a little different, but it’s actually a normal delicious salad.

Nothing really stands out other than the gold power that’s probably there for coloring.

“This salad is pretty good. It’s simple and the Albon is enjoyable.” [Ryouma]

“The albon this year have been grown well. They’re full of nutrients and are in season, so a plate can probably go as low as 10 small gold coins.” [Butts]

What!? …This plate is 10 small gold coins? …But it’s four or five mouthfuls at most. If your mouth is big, then you’ll probably be able to eat everything in just two. So does that mean the little portion I’ve eaten is already equivalent to two small gold coins? This is way too luxurious!

“Ryouma-kun, are you alright?” [Elize]

“Oh, don’t mind me, it’s delicious. I was just a little surprised by the price.” [Ryouma]

“That’s good then. But that much is normal in noble parties, you know? And enough serving will be needed to accommodate all the guests.” [Elize]

“How many guests are there?” [Ryouma]

“That would depend on the size of the party but it’s usually in the hundreds.” [Elize]

Just one plate of the hors d’oeuvre already costs 10 small gold coins. If you have to serve that to a hundred people… I just can’t imagine it…

“Fu fu. You look like you’ve seen something strange.” [Elize]

“Elize, don’t tease him too much.” [Reinhart]

The madam was teasing me?

“So was that a lie just now?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, of course not.” [Elize]

“Yes. I can more or less tell what you’re thinking. But it can be said that having parties is the duty of nobles. And with that the money will return to society.” [Reinhart]

It’s not like I don’t understand that, but the amount they’re talking about is just too big and I can’t quite imagine it.

…While I was thinking that, I’d already finished the salad. I was matching their pace, so I ended up finishing the plate before I knew it.

While finding it a little bit wasteful, the soup came next. This next dish appears to be a chili beef soup.

The color seemed dangerous, but it was actually a little nostalgic…

“!!” [Ryouma]

After filling my mouth with a spoonful of it, a piercing sensation filled my mouth. At the same time, it hit me.

Isn’t this… the spiciness of the very spicy challenge dish!?

“*COUGH!? Excuse, me…” [Reinhart]

“~~!!!!” [Elize]

Reinhart-san choked, while the madam seemed to be fainting in agony and could not say anything.

“Are you two alright?” [Ryouma]

“Ahh, it’s been awhile, so we were just shocked… Ryouma-kun, are you okay?” [Reinhart]

It seems he was more surprised by me being okay.






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