The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 168: The Thoughtfulness of a Coworker?(2/2)

“Right, that would probably be a good idea.” [Jill]

“I’ll talk to the people that come.” [Camil]

“In that case, please gather them by that corner over there. I’ll explain to them there what we’ll be doing.” [Ryouma]

“That area with various stuff like those mountains of sand? Gotcha!” [Camil]

“I’ll go there too then.” [Zeff]

“Doesn’t seem like I’m needed. Do you need help with your preparations? If there’s anything you need, just say it.” [Jill]

“In that case, there is something I need your help for.” [Ryouma]

And then we began working.

“The first thing I would like to ask everyone to do is to build the area for those participating in the wedding ceremony. The designated area has already been dug deeper than the rest of the lot and has been reinforced with brick. So, please start with the interiors.

First… In the inner side of the bricked area, mountains of soil have already been piled up in random intervals. Get some soil from the nearest pile to you and lay them over the ground and press it. Use the tool here to flatten the ground. The thickness of the soil is marked on the bricks surrounding the area you are to work in. Please refer to those. Start from the ends and make your way inside.” [Ryouma]

I had Jill-san help me to demonstrate to the people what to do.

Once the ground has been made even enough for people to walk on it.

“Once the ground has been prepared, you will lay out these stone plates.” [Ryouma]

That was a stone plate assembled using ‘H’-shaped blocks without any space between them. Taking into consideration that most of the people participating in this work have had no prior experience, I assembled one of the blocks beforehand and completed it using earth magic with the image of ‘one’. Since a single side of the area we need to cover is about 3 meters wide each, after leveling the ground, we can immediately turn the area into a beautiful venue if we lay down these blocks.

The blocks are heavy, but these people work as guards, so they should be confident in their strength and stamina.

“Put them together like this and line them up one after another. If you do that a space to connect the next block will appear. Please insert a different block in that space. When you place the block, you’ll be able to easily connect it with another one.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, that’s actually a lot easier than I was expecting.” [Man 1]

“So we just lay some of that soil of yours and put these plates over it, right?” [Man 2]

“Is that really enough?” [Man 3]

“For our objective this time, it’s more than enough.” [Ryouma]

Overdoing things will just lead to more work and it’ll make it a lot more difficult to return things here to the way they were before once the ceremony is done. Because of that I made sure to harden the foundation with earth magic. One day for both the wedding ceremony and the celebration. One week before and after should be more than enough.

“I’ve prepared a spirit level here. Please be careful with the height and evenness of the soil. A person could trip himself over a connection when drunk, and if the slope is bad, the food and the drinks might slide off. It’s simple work, but whether or not the party will be a enjoyable is all dependent on everyone’s work here!” [Ryouma]

“Ha ha, whether the drinks are enjoyable or not, huh.” [Man 4]

“When you put it that way, I get really fired up.” [Man 5]

“Please do get fired up. Also, one more thing, in the space between the bricks at the edge and the stone plates, please place the same bricks as before. If there are earth magicians here, please do help out—” [Ryouma]

“In that case, count me in. I’m affiliated with the magic squad and specialize in barrier magic, but I can use earth magic fairly well.” [Woman 1]

“I can use it too.” [Woman 2]

“I’ll do it!” [Camil]

I heard some voices coming from behind the wall of well-statured men.

The crowd of people opened up and a group of slender men and women came to view.

Camil-san was with them. They mentioned magic squad, so…

“Magic squad? You must be magic specialists then! Thank you very much! Please allow me to rely on you.” [Ryouma]

I was a little exaggerated when I thanked them. Because of that they made a quiet but satisfied wry smile.

“I still have something to explain to the mages, so please come here. Everyone else can begin working. Thank you.” [Ryouma]

“Alright, let’s get this work going!” [Jill]

“Yeah!” [Others]

Jill-san took the lead and the guards went into work.

Meanwhile, Camil-san gathered the people from the mage squad while Zeff-san told the people who came late where they should go.

It was in this way that the 3 people with many connections reduced my workload and made the whole operation go smoothly.

…As for the two leading actors.

“Let me help too.” [Hyuzu]

“Hyuzu? Is your stomach feeling well already?” [Man 6

“If you’re feeling better already, then why don’t you accompany your wife?” [Man 7]

“Just hurry and go!” [Man 8]

“I’m jealous damn it!” [Man 9]

“I hear there are women who get anxious before the ceremony!” [Man 10]

“Yeah! Yeah! And yet you’re working so seriously when it’s so out of character for you!” [Man 11]

“If Rurunez-san becomes anxious because of you, I’ll kill you…” [Man 12]

“Talk things over again properly. It’s fine if you change your mind, you know.” [Man 13]

“Anyway, hurry up and go!” [Man 14]

“Don’t you dare come here, traitor!” [Man 15]

“Wait a moment— GUFU!?” [Hyuzu]

“Sorry, sorry. Please take care of this guy.” [Man 16]

I can’t tell if they’re jealous or treating him well… The one thing I’m sure of is that after just recovering, Hyuzu-san was down for the count again and was with Rurunez-san once more. While Hyuzu-san was spending time with his soon-to-be-wife, all these people were watching him from a distance. In a sense, it could be said that he was either in heaven or hell.

…Everyone might have a good relationship, but the way they do things is too extreme.







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