The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 172: Interview (1/2)

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Orset]

After waiting at the waiting room for a while, Mr. Moulton came back with Mr. Ox Lord, whom he recommended, and the rest of the 9 slave candidates I picked out. For the sake of the customers’ safety, all the slaves were dressed in thin clothes, where no weapons could be hidden, and were unarmed.

The 9 slaves were made up of humans and beast tribe members. Although there was only one man from the minotaur tribe, he also had an aura about him that made him stand out from the rest. It was obvious in one glance that he was the man Mr. Moulton was talking about.

His well trained body had countless scars on it and there was a kind of pressure that emanated from his sharp eyes. The person himself probably didn’t intend to, but a weak-minded person would surely shrivel up before him.

The horns coming out of his head were smaller than I expected. They protruded out only a little despite his shortly cut hair, which was probably kept that way to avoid getting in the way of battle. Coupled with the intimidating aura from his muscular body, he looks more like an ‘oni’ than a ‘bull’.

I’m sorry for the rest of the slaves, but… As expected, they’re not in the same league.

The interview would have five of them sat in front of us at a time. So, a group interview, basically. He’s 10th on the list, so he’s in the second group.

He sat at the back of the first five. The chair he sat on that was close to the wall actually looked a little small.

“Please talk to them as you wish.”

I did as Mr. Moulton said and started by asking them their names.

When I did, a fierce battle of appeal started. They did remember to talk in order, though.

To them, being purchased here is one step to freedom.

But considering how that handsome man is looking at us so happily, he might have done something else.

…But whatever. For the meantime, I’ll just talk to these guys.

This is the second time I’m interviewing people, but technically, this is the first time.

When I hired Fei-san and the others, for some reason, everyone else left.

Since then I’ve been hiring people introduced to me, so I’ve never had to interview a lot of people officially.

I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my past life, but things are a bit different there.

There’s the continuing appeal battle too, but…

“At the age of ten, I entered the dojo of the famous adventurer, Belbios, and acquired a 3rd Dan diploma of the Belbios School of Sword.” [Candidate 1]

“Umm… As for me, I only have my status board to prove my abilities, but I’ve trained my skills on the field as an adventurer, and I’ve lived until now without dying. So…” [Candidate 2]

“I absolutely won’t allow you to make a loss! Please buy me!” [Candidate 3]

The difference in their speech skills was evident.

In my past life, about 70 to 80 percent memorized the ideal answers in interviews. The other 10 percent tried to appeal their individuality, but that was a fruitless effort. That or they had the wrong idea about individuality. There was only about 10% that really felt different from the rest.

Makes sense since most of the new graduates and midway-through college are throughly studying the key points to pay attention to during interviews and the different techniques, so they more or less learned the same techniques. And probably because people poor at talking were more reliant on those techniques… And they all practiced them throughly, the claims made were pretty much the same thing.

There aren’t any jobs you can’t do unless you’re in the company I worked at at the time and I highly doubt anyone would actually make it their first choice. It was an impersonal company, but I never really felt like asking why the people wanted to apply anyway.

I doubt these people have much of a reason to apply on their own volition either.

For people like them who don’t have a choice what work they do, the only reason they’re here is because they were told that someone was thinking of buying them.

Whatever reason they’re here for it’s purely because they want to be hired. That’s it. It’s not because it’s specifically my store that they’re trying to appeal so much.

But this world doesn’t have the internet.

There’s no way to study interview techniques here like a person can back on Earth, although there might still be places that teach them.

Maybe that’s the reason why they’re not relying on any technique and are just using their words to talk about their enthusiasm.

…Because of that there’s a clear difference between people good at talking and those that are bad at talking, but… I personally like it.

This way makes it a lot easier to understand them rather than if they were keeping up appearances.

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

After talking to the first five to some extent, I moved on to the next five.

The appeal battle started again.

The Ox Lord that Mr. Moulton and I were talking about was a man of few words. Moreover, he was looking at us directly.

He’s enthusiastic too, but the direction of that enthusiasm seemed to be different compared to the others.

“Do you have any questions?” [Ryouma]






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