The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 173: Three Choices (2/4)

The objective hasn’t changed.

After making them understand that, the slaves turned to Ryouma once again.

“Umm… The decision will be made according to the contents of the battle, but you’re likely to have a better result if you can secure the victory. If the gap between you and your opponent is too big, the battle will end too soon, and you won’t have much of an opportunity to show off your strength.

Please take that into consideration when you make your decision, and do be sure to show us thoroughly your abilities. Lastly, please note that the slimes you will be fighting aren’t normal slimes. They’re a higher variant, so please do be careful.” [Ryouma]

“Now then, please return to the waiting room. You will be given 5 minutes to decide your opponent, then you will each fight your chosen opponents one at a time.” [Orest]

When Moulton said that, the employee waiting by the wall took the 10 slaves away.

They immediately vanished into the other side of the door.

“I wonder what kind of answer will they arrive to. I’m really looking forward to it.” [Orest]

“Looks like you’re finally showing your true colors…” [Serge]

“Oh, please do excuse me. Takebayashi-sama proposed a very interesting exam, and I simply can’t help but let a dribble leak.” [Orest]

In response to Moulton, who appeared to have stopped hiding his true nature, Ryouma wryly smiled to himself and remarked that it wasn’t his fault.

There would be no end to it if the four adults reacted to every single thing, so they didn’t react.

“Giving them multiple choices and then telling them that the ‘victor’ will be ‘highly appraised’. With this the difference in skill will be clear as day.” [Orest]

“That’s not really why I gave this exam, though. It’s more that there’s simply no way of knowing what kind of person will come to the store. It could be just some drunks, but it could also be hired thugs like last time… Personally, I think it’s more important to see ‘how they act after identifying the targets as hired thugs’. The results are secondary.” [Ryouma]

“Oh? To be more precise, exactly by what standards are you judging them?” [Orest]

“First, before the battle begins, I will ask each candidate their reason for choosing their respective opponents. I need to know how they think and how they value things. The grading will be based on whether their thinking and sense of values match the role I need them to fill.” [Ryouma]

“I see, I see… Of those 10, I wonder just how many will be able to discern that… Still, I have to say, Takebayashi-sama, you are rather mischievous yourself, aren’t you?” [Orest]

“It’s no lie that I’m a D Rank adventurer.” [Ryouma]

“Are you really not aware that your actual abilities neither match your appearance nor your rank?” [Orest]

As Ryouma faithfully answered the jovial Moulton’s questions, eventually, it was time for the test.

“What did the candidates decide?” [Orest]

“Two chose to fight the three slimes. Five chose to fight Takebayashi-sama. Three chose to fight Fei-sama.” [Employee]

“Very well. Let us proceed as planned and start from the least to the most popular.” [Orest]

“Understood.” [Employee]

As Moulton instructed his subordinate, Ryouma opened his Dimension Home and took out three of his slimes. He lined them up right where the spar was to take place. Before leaving them, he covered them with a cloth to prevent others from seeing how they looked.

The first candidate to appear was a man wielding a practice sword. The blade of the sword has been flattened prior. Without hesitation he walked straight up to Moulton and the others and greeted them.

“I’ll be in your care.” [Candidate 1]

“Likewise. Before the match begins… Tell me. Why did you choose the slimes?” [Ryouma]

“It is simple. I chose the opponent where victory was surest! I will win! Without a doubt!” [Candidate 1]

“Thank you for giving a clear answer. Take your position.” [Ryouma]

Young and energetic. A good man.

But despite thinking that, Ryouma didn’t rate his reply highly.

(Choosing the most certain of the paths is a good thing. I wouldn’t want a gambler among the guards of the store. They have to protect the employees, who can’t fight for themselves, so what we need are reliable people. Of course there are times when you have to risk your life, but now is not such a time.

There is one problem, though. He says that he’s certain of his victory, but on what basis is he saying that? I’m guessing it’s because he’s fighting slimes… I mentioned prior that they were higher variants, but it would appear that even then, he doesn’t think much of them. It’s good to be energetic, but his judgment is lacking.

As for his personality, he strikes me as a bright young man who gets along well with others. He can probably hit it off well with the other employees. He’ll probably be fine if it’s just looking after the customers, but… It’s a little disappointing.)

When the man arrived at an area some distance away from where Ryouma and the others were seated, Ryouma roused himself from his thoughts and gave the signal. When he did, the slimes crawled out from the cloth that had been put over them.

“Huh?” [Candidate 1]

When the man saw the slimes, his eyes swayed a little.

The body of the slimes were dazzling as the light of the sun easily fell upon them from the clear sky.

These slimes were none other than the metal slimes that often lived as Ryouma’s katana or sheathe.


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  1. I hope one of the slimes turns into a katana and another wields him. The mental picture is amazing.

    1. Nah one turns into a metal spear and another wields it keeping outside the range of his sword meanwhile the third turns into the bladed wheel and rolls around the field attacking by tackle now and then making it to he has to pay attention to his surroundings as well

      1. I like this idea with a slight variant, the three combining into a chariot-like formation with one the wheels, one the body, and the last a spear. Or perhaps something a little more modern or whimsical considering Ryouma’s origins.

        1. While a nice idea it wouldn’t work even something simple like a bike didn’t work (believe he said the balance got thrown off or something) and slimes move as wheels by moving there core so two wheels shouldn’t be possible. Meanwhile a chariot would probably be to big and they would need a big slime to make the body, but it sounded like it was 3 “regular”(lol) metal slimes

      1. The WN probably isn’t based off the reboot, but the original story. The author restarted the whole storyline, and this is the new version.

  2. LOL the poor guy drew the short straw for sure. Can’t wait for him to be all “OMG WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SLIMES!?” XD

    Thanks for another chapter part~

  3. Ah, the common slime underestimation, but now he’s facing those lumps of heavy metal (yeah, still sounds really bad ass), even if they are made of some aluminum. Using a sword against a rock is a bad idea, but against a lump of metal, that’s even worse. Great pick, slave dude, no wonder he ended up slave, lol.
    Thanks for the release! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

    1. How? In compressed form not many people can tell it apart from a normal scavenger slime (well, as normal as a currently unknown type of slime can be anyway)

  4. metal slimes do have the highest natural defense (i think) since they are, of course, METAL. i don’t think these have their own combat skills (if i am wrong please remind me) like the poison/acid/scavenger/sticky slimes

    1. Once they get rolling (heh) they can do some serious damage just by bashing into people (they are pretty much solid metal after all)

  5. “ I will win! Without a doubt!” No one taught the poor guy not to sell the skin before he has shot the bear. Thanks for the update.

  6. Aw… I was hoping the slime party would have a heal slime… :V

    If there are 3 metal slimes, then they’ll just turn into balls and do a pinball death game vs any unsuspecting opponents!

  7. Well, pretty sure this is gonna go:
    Naive dude rebounds with the same “slime can’t be that strong, even metal slime” logic, slime snaps his weapon by forming a blade where it’ll get hit, other 2 zoom around to build up speed, then (as pancakes4EVER put it) they’ll just start the pinball game of death.

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